Outtake One

Author note: *gasp* an outtake!

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


It had been five months since the disaster of the New York and the Chitauri, a month since I had been back in my husband’s life and couldn’t be happier. Thor had managed to come back, promising that he had kept my secret and so had our brother.

“So where are we going?” This was Tony, the Man of Iron I had adapted to calling him. He was a brilliant man with a deep seeded pain; it drew me to him like a moth to a flame. I had tried to heal him, take some of his burden but he refuses and I had come to accept that his pain simply made him, Tony.

“To a family dinner, you are all invited and it is required for all of us to attend. I thought a one night away from Shield’s prying eyes would make you all happy.” I explained with a smirk as I looked over to the man-child.

He held up his hands in defeat. “I’m not passing up on a good home cooked meal, I was just curious because I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t uh – think that Legolas had any family left.” He muttered, eyes shifting between my husband and I.

“Tony!” Pepper scolds, causing the man to apologise quickly.

“I too am curious sister, but you know I am not one to turn down a feast.” Thor booms causing me to cringe and cover my ears, which caused my brother to frown.

“Thor, what have I told you about using your inside voice, I know it has been many years but you must surely remember my hearing, thank the gods that Clint has his aid turned down so he cannot hear your booming voice!” I scold, this time in our native tongue causing him to apologise quickly.

“Are we going to see Lauren and Alex?” Bruce asks, speaking up for the first time, causing me to grin. He had been told of mine and Clint’s story and I had told him of them still being alive.

“Yes, Charlotte, Peter and Jasper will be joining us too, though they cannot eat. The boys have taken their sisters to Disneyworld thanks to Tony, so it’s an adult night. A normal night with tales and drinks.” I state carefully, I was still trying to get used to the lingo of today.

“Well I for one am glad, thank you for inviting us.” The Captain – Steve – states. I still didn’t like him and his thoughts, even more so when my assumptions were proven correct when Tony gave me his file to read. He didn’t feel normal to my senses because he was an experiment and he was trained under a woman soldier, a woman he fell in love with.

“We’re here, but before you say anything we need to tell you something. Alex is a shape shifter, immortal if he continues to shift, his mate Laura is a human but has the same immortality, she will stay young as long as he shifts and well… Charlotte, Jasper and Peter are vampires.” Clint explains as he finishes landing and opens the Quinjet’s door.

“Isa!” Lauren cries as I rush out and pull her into a hug, laughing as Alex swoops the both of us up.

“It is good to see you again Laura, Alex!” I greet once my feet were back on the ground.

“You were here a month ago Isa, now introduce us to the Avengers formally. Mind you Clint and Earnan are jealous they couldn’t be here so they want plenty of pictures and autographs from everyone.” Alex chuckles as the others step off the plane.

“I would like to introduce you all to Alex and Lauren. Alex, Lauren this is Bruce, Natasha, Steve, Tony, Pepper and my brother Thor.” I introduce, my eyes scanning the open space for Peter, he tries to sneak up on me each chance he got.

“Nine O’clock, in the tree.” Clint whispers in my ear amused.

“Thor, may you do me a favour, my brother?” I ask simply in our native tongue.

“Anything you ask for Isibel.” He replies quickly, he was still eager to make up for everything.

“I need you to throw me up high into the tree to the left of you.” I reply, stepping out of my husband’s arms and up to my brothers. He looked down confused but grasped my waist before throwing me up, a laugh escaping my lips as I collided with Peter’s surprised frame, sending us tumbling to the ground.

“Dammit, I still can’t get you.” Peter groans out as the dust settled around us.

“PETER WHITLOCK! I told you not to sneak up on Isa, now you get your ass inside and help me! You too Jasper!” Charlotte yells angrily from the door, the setting sun causing her flesh to shine. I turn around my eyes locking onto Jasper who was trying to sneak up on me, Charlotte’s voice drowning out his steps.

“Uh, comin’!” He mutters quickly before dashing towards the stairs eagerly and away from my raised brow.

“That, was Peter and Jasper, kids trapped in an adults body.” Clint explains as everyone began to open their mouths to ask.

“Peter and Jasper, mainly Peter tries to sneak up on Isa, see if they can confuse her senses. Now come, I can hear stomach’s rumbling from hunger.” Alex explained with a chuckle before leading us inside.


Laughter filled the room as everyone gathered around the living room, drinks and snacks scattered everywhere while Jasper, Charlotte and Peter tell a story. Though it soon turned into a match of blames as the story progressed about how they got busted.

“We were all fine and dandy till that prissy boy decided to fuck up our plans and tell the good ol doc.” Peter mutters bitterly.

“Well what do you expect? Edward read your mind about playing that prank on the humans, I told you to think of something else!” Jasper yells frustrated, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

“Fuckin’ Edward.” Peter bitterly mutters before rambling off in nonsense as he throws back another drink.

“Wait, wait… Who the fuck is Edward?” Clint asks in a slight confused chuckle.

“My mind reading adoptive brother.” Jasper replies in a flat tone. “Ruins all the fun.”

“Fuck off, no way!” Tony blurts out, his voice slurred slightly from his bourbon. I just shook my head with a laugh. Midgardian’s, couldn’t handle their liquor.

“What is this fuck you speak of?” Thor asks confused, causing all heads to snap his way. I couldn’t help but laugh at the question, of course he wouldn’t know the swear words, though we have our own nothing compares to the humans one.

“Why doth they say fuck off? Am I meant to find a fuck to off?” He continues and this time, the room explodes in laughter while Steve just sits back uncomfortable at the curse words.

“Thor, it is a swear word, a curse word. Fuck off can mean many things, like go away or no way, you’re lying… it depends on the context.” Natasha explains after her laughter died down.

“Oh! You little midgardians have such odd words.” Thor mutters in a slight laugh.

Author Note: Here is a small outtake for you all! I think the next one will be based in Thor 2, Bella getting told about her mother’s death… yeah it’ll be really sad.




6 thoughts on “Outtake One

  1. it’s good for Isibel reconnecting with her family. and being friends with the Avengers adds a whole lot of fun. poor Thor…he’ll learn our way of speaking soon enough.. 😉

  2. dude seriously fell outta my chair when i got to the thor part where he didn’t know what fuck meant! hilarious. ur ideas and ur mind is awesome and beautiful! cannot wait till next outtake activation. will be sad for bella tho.

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