Chapter Eight

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Eight

The sudden clack of a gun had Steve jerking awake, his eyes shooting to Jenna in horror. Her eyes were blown wide in surprise, a trail of blood escaping the corner of her mouth as her hands clutched at her chest, red seeping through her fingers.

“NO!” He screamed, thrashing from his dangling place as he snarled and cursed at Wo Fat! He may have felt betrayed by Jenna but she didn’t deserve this, she didn’t deserve a slow death to two gunshot wounds to her abdomen.

A cry of pain escaped his lips as he felt the jolt of electricity once more, Wo Fat staring at him blandly. “Tell me about Shelburne.”

“I don’t…Ah— I don’t know what the hell Shelburne is, okay?” He screamed, panting heavily.

Wo Fat didn’t believe him; his father had researched consistently on the matter. “Your father spent a great deal of time investigating the meaning of Shelburne. I can’t imagine he didn’t share any of his findings with you.”

“You’re wasting your time.” Steve groaned out, pushing the pain away the best he could but everything hurt.

“Pity, your sister said the same thing.” That got Steve’s attention immediately and Wo Fat smiled as he saw the horror and fury behind his eyes.

Sabel? Isabella doesn’t know anything about Shelburne! She hadn’t spoken to our father in years!” Steven yelled, shaking furiously and struggled once more with the little energy he had left. Wo Fat nodded and grinned once more while rolling up the sleeves of his button down.

“She told me that as well, I was impressed that she was able to stay under my radar for this long. She was stronger than you; she was here in this very spot for two weeks.” He explained, not telling his prisoner that she had been rescued before he could kill her, but he wasn’t about to say she was alive either.

Steve felt his heart drop in horror, his chest heaving as anguish and disbelief warred within him for the dominant emotion. His sister, his strong, beautiful sister couldn’t have been here… couldn’t be dead. No, he refused to believe it, she can’t… “No.”

“Yes.” Wo Fat corrected, turning his back upon Steve as the door burst open.

The grief nearly tore apart Steve, why did no one tell him his sister was missing for two weeks? Because you never answered her calls or cared about what happened after the last time you argued with her. Still hung up on the things she said and pointed out… His treacherous mind whispered and it sapped the last of his energy to free himself or pay attention to the arguing before him.

At least all of it, he could hear that they found Jenna’s satellite phone and that help may be on its way if they were able to track the location. His team would find them if she was able to reach one of them, there was no doubt about that but he didn’t know if he wanted to be if his sister, his twin, was gone and no one came for her like Jenna’s fiancé.

“They could have gotten a trace. Prepare the men. We’re moving.” Wo Fat ordered, turning his eyes angrily back to Steve McGarrett.

Steve laughed and spat out the mouthful of blood as Wo Fat hit him again and again in his anger, the laugh was slightly manic in sound as he watched Wo Fat leave in a furious calm rage. “We’re getting on a plane in one hour, and you’re taking me to Shelburne.”


The helicopter roared loudly as they made their way to the destination, the wind ripping through and chilling them to the bone. The Five-0 team were the only ones nervous, unsure on what to do and how to do it while trying to keep feeling in their fingers.

“All right, listen up. This compound is basically a bunker surrounded by tunnels. Frank’s gonna insert us six clicks to the south.” Wade informed them over the wind, his boys knew what to do, Blackout as well but not the others.

“Alright Ladies!” Bella called loudly from her spot on the floor next to Danny, Emmett on the other side with one foot on the skid. “Frank will circle the LZ with Agent Weston and provide cover fire for the extraction.”

Garrett nodded and locked his eyes on the civilians before cocking his gun. “You make contact with any opposition, eliminate the threat.”

“Any questions?” Joe asked, looking at all of them. “None, good! Here we go!”

Isabella, Garrett and Emmett jumped off before the helicopter even touched the ground, Jasper and Team 9 joining them. The field was clear, the route forwards free of explosions and Bella waited until the last member of their extraction team was past the trail before following, her eyes sharp as she scanned the forest for any kind of danger. She knew Jasper and Garrett had pushed off in a sprint before the others once they reached the forest.

“Check in Mastermind.” She ordered over the comm’s, giving Danny a nod as he slowed down to her side and made sure she was covered.

“Routes clear, no sign of anyone.” Mastermind replied, Danny and Chin both were surprised to hear it when they saw that no one else but Boomer did. Their eyes sweeping across the crew and realising that Nomad and Mastermind were completely gone, they didn’t even see them leave.

“I’m near our destination Little Foot.” Nomad piped up across the comm line and they could clearly hear something was wrong. “You better hurry; you’re not going to like this.”

“There are more heat signatures than an hour ago.” Electric’s voice explained.

“Kono?” Chin called, more of a question to confirm what they were saying.

“He’s right Chin, there are more heat signatures than before maybe double the amount, be careful.” She replied worried.

The group instantly picked up pace, Bella sprinting to the front of the line, avoiding every fallen branch and tree like a pro to reach Emmett who was heading the team with Wade and Joe. “We have a problem.”

Wade raised his hand to halt the others and turned towards Little Foot, her brows pulled down into a frown. “What’s the problem?”

“We have more Deadlies than expected ahead. It’s been confirmed by three of my team and Kono.” Isabella explained, her hand clutching her gun tightly. She needed to go and get her brother but she had to control her impulse to charge head first into danger as she’s prone to do. She didn’t want to risk his life if he was still there and she hoped he was still there and not somewhere else.

Author Note: Slowly getting there!




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