Chapter Eleven

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Eleven

The fire that burned behind Wo Fat’s eyes at her taunt and as he struck out caused Bella to smirk inside. She knew that the information would send him over edge; she had Peter dig and dig until he found what she was looking for. It took him a good month to get everything and then Bella had left to Japan in a rage to confront her bitch of a mother. Who leaves and abandons their children and never see them again? Oh, she hated the woman who bore her more than the man who planned her father’s death.

A sharp hiss escaped her lips as she felt the bullet hit her right side, the crack of a bone and she knew instantly it’s her collarbone that gave under the close range shot. Thank the lords that everyone in her team were anal about their protective gear or she’d lose all function of her arm.

“Shelburne isn’t a what but a whom.” She chuckled darkly as they circled, kicking or slashing out with their chosen weapons. She watched as something the akin to confusion flickered across the man’s face. “Oh yes, think back Wo Fat, when you were a babe.”

A hazy image of hazel eyes flickered across his vision bringing him a sense of love and warmth, it was a memory he had shoved to the deepest parts of his mind and now… now he was looking at the mirror image of his adopted mother’s youthful face. He staggered back, just missing the blade slashing at his throat and his eyes locked onto the feral snarl of the woman before him.

“Doris Swan, or back then she was Doris Leighburn aka Shelburne of the CIA. My birth giver was a little over her head then no? Yeah, the woman who raised you and loved you killed your birth mother, but it was your father who she was aiming for.” Bella snarled before moving, her legs and arm twisting as she dove for the asshole and when they landed, her arm screaming at her she drove the blade into Wo Fats skull.

She laid there breathing harshly as the adrenaline began to wear off and the pain began to burn white hot, tinting her vision white. She just laid there in the mud with her arm haphazardly still wrapped around the assholes neck, her knife buried to the hilt in his skull, it was satisfying to get revenge for her father.

“Little Foot?” She heard her name being called and knew it was Garrett; it was hard to miss his deep northern accent.

“Gare?” She called back, a rasp really. “I need help.”

The sky above her turned dark and she found herself staring into the dark grey eyes of her friend, a smile tugged at her lips as she caught the familiar blackout tattoo under his right eye. Garrett though was not happy; his eyes scanned the scene quickly before hoisting up the dead body and yanked out Clarice from the skull of her victim and sheathed it in his own missing blade spot before hauling up Bella.

“How badly are you hurt?” He asked gruffly.

“Can I borrow your gun?” She asked before smirking as he handed her own that was left discarded at the roadside and turned it towards Wo Fat, smirking as she shot him in the ass like she sort of promised.

Garrett stared and then snorted. “Really? Now how badly are you hurt?”

Bella grimaced at the tone and the pain. “Uh, it’s manageable. I can deal with it until we get somewhere safe, did you find SEAL?”

“Yes, Jersey found Seal and they’re on their way to pick up. Mastermind has a broken finger and three fractured ones, idiot smacked the side of a truck instead of the target and Boomer’s going to have a nice scar on his chest from a knife wound.” Garrett explained with a grunt as he made his way up the embankment. “I on the other hand missed out on the fight looking for you, where is your comm?”

“In my pocket I think.” Bella replied instantly. “I can walk once we get to flat ground but I uh… I can’t hold my gun up.”

Garrett paused for a second before cursing in Russian, his scowl deepening as he picked up his pace and when they finally got to the road he came to a stop and began to look over his leader with a critical eye. He knew she had a gunshot graze just below the hem of her vest but now he could see she had a few cuts and bruises, the one on her shoulder very noticeable.

“I got shot, close range, the vest took the brunt but I have a broken collar bone… again.” She reported to her friend once he took out his comm. “Keep it to yourself until we get somewhere safe and Mastermind can look it over, for now my arm like this is fine.”

“NOMAD!” Both Bella and Garrett cursed up a storm as Jasper’s no nonsense furious bark echoed from the comm. They quickly placed the comms back into their ears and reported in.

“Got Little Foot, she was half a click from the road. Have you reached the drop down point?” Garrett asked, his eyes scanning the tree line and began to move.

“Step on it Nomad, Little Foot, you got some distance to chew and not a lot of time to do it. Seal needs medical attention and preferably across the border.” Mastermind barked, his shoulders stiff as he eyed the tree line for his team brother and sister.

“Bro you need to calm down.” Boomer replied sternly. “I’ll stand guard and you deal with Seal, he needs medical.”

Jasper sighed harshly and ran his uninjured hand through his hair and hopped up onto the helo and pulled out the flashlight. “Can you tell me your name Commander?”

“Steven McGarrett, I don’t know the day or time.” Steve replied with a frown, he had been rescued by familiar faces of his team, Joe and Team 9 but he didn’t know the Soldier before him or the one that was called Boomer.

Something niggled at the back of his brain though as he leant against Chin’s legs, he had heard those names before: Little Foot, Nomad, Boomer and Mastermind. Steve knew there were names missing and why the fact that everyone was calling Chin Happy Turtle, Danny Jersey and him Seal.

“He found her? Is she hurt?” Danny asked loudly and that was another thing Steve wanted to know about, he knew his partner and he knew when Danny was nervous or worried and he was both and pissed off. He had expected to receive a rant from his best-friend but instead he was calm and half in the conversation.

Jasper nodded as he prodded and wrapped Steve’s injuries quickly. He’d have to do it later with the help of Peter until they got back to Oahu where his sister could patch them up. “They’re on their way back, she was hurt at the bunker and I don’t know what else that happened when Little Foot went after that bastard.”

“Wo Fat?” Steve asked and jerked as he body screamed at him when he jolted up. He could feel three sets of hands upon his person as the haze settled and disappeared, Masterminds, Danny’s and Chins.

“Yes, we will…” Mastermind trailed off before snapping his head to the right and cursing. “What did you do? What is broken?”

Steve blinked and blinked and blinked again as he took in the two newcomers. He didn’t know the man but he knew her, he’d know that face anywhere and a mix of emotions slammed into him as familiar cognac coloured eyes locked onto his. Relief was the first and main dominant emotion, he knew she was alive, he would have felt her die, he would have known.

Author Note: Not many chapters left now!



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