Chapter Five

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Five

“Why weren’t you there for Steve? I didn’t even know he had another sister.” Kono asked after an hour of tense silence, wincing as she realised how bad that sounded.

“When Mom happened and Dad sent us off to the mainland, I left to Uncle Charlie’s – Mom’s brother – and joined the Marines. Steve never really forgave me for that, we made a promise and to him I broke it. He joined the Navy of course and well… We argued a lot, he said some things that hurt me and I said some things I swore to never use against him.” Bella explained tiredly. “Last I saw him was about five years ago when…”

“When her bastard of a husband cheated on her with a supermodel.” Peter supplied with a scowl the same time Garrett grunted his answer. “With my ex-missus’ sister, the wench.”

“…when that happened— Steve and I fought. He doesn’t know about this.” She gestured to herself and then her team. “He was worried enough when he found out I was doing field work even though I’m the eldest.”

“Eldest?” Chin asked with a grin, he knew that John had another daughter but he also knew that she was not to be mentioned to both McGarrett’s. He had asked Steve a while back how she was going but earned a violent cringe that Chin knew Steve didn’t realise he did, so he didn’t mention her again.

Bella raised her brows towards Chin. “Don’t think I don’t know you know Kelly. But yes, Steve and I are twins, fraternal of course, I’m five minutes older.”

The sudden light atmosphere turned serious when the smile disappeared from Bella’s face and her eyes turned towards Joe. The Blackout Team sensing their leader’s sudden change of mood jolted to alertness, not that they were before but now it was mission run down time. This wasn’t a holiday, it was a mission and a mission they had no clue about beyond going to get Steve.

“Tell me about everything, I want to know how Steve ended up in this mess.” Isabella demanded her voice sharp and full of authority.

The team members shared a look before each beginning the tale, they explained to her all they knew from Danny’s first meetings, the investigations and then everything after that. They watched with each tale as Bella’s face grew darker and darker to the point that it concerned all but knew her on board.

“When we find Steve and he is safe, I am personally placing a bullet in Wo Fats head.” Bella snarled viciously, jumping to her feet and moving towards the back of the plane. She knew all about Wo Fat, being under his radar was good for somethings but she didn’t know about his hatred for her brother.

“It’s your turn.” Emmett muttered after a few minutes of silence towards Jasper.

Jasper groaned and got to his feet, placing his Stetson on his seat and saying a quick prayer before he faced his brother. “Tell Angela that I love her.”

“Stop being a drama queen bro, she’s not gonna’ bite… much.” Peter chuckled before frowning at the information on his screen. He had been looking since they got on the plane for the location where they were keeping Steve and the woman who had lured him there with no such luck, but dread began to pool in the pit of his stomach when he seemed to be looking at a familiar looking landscape and cast his brother a look.

“I think I found the location.” He drawled out softly so only Jasper and Garrett could hear. “It’s the same bunker we found her.”

Jasper cursed and sighed before steeling himself, pausing when the members of Team 9 snickered at him. “I wouldn’t be laughin’ if I were you Navy boy, Lil’ Darlin’s got a mean right hook and we’ve seen her take out ten of ya’ll before at a bar— in heels.”

The Seal team snapped their mouths shut as they watched the Texan walk to the back of the plane and the nods of confirmation from the rest of the Blackout members. Sure they’d take the piss out of them for fearing a 5’5 woman but they knew how the Marines were, especially for women. She’d have to be tough to get her own team, especially if the team was Blackout.

Jasper raised his brows and stepped back a little as he made his way to the end to see his sister for all intents and purposes talking with her brother’s partner and not in a vicious battle of wits. With a soft smile he stepped back once again and took the seat at the end just in case she did need to vent and lose her cool, he’d let the man deal with it for now.

“My brother’s suffered enough dammit.” Bella hissed before slumping tiredly against the medical crates and sliding down to sit.

Danny hummed and decided to join her, trying not to think about the fact he was now unharnessed in a plane that was getting smaller and smaller to him.

“I agree with you.” Danny replied. “He’s better than what he was but this case, working on finding out everything and tracking Wo Fat? It’s making him shut down again.”

Bella smacked her head against the crates, fury building in her chest once again. “I know what he’s looking for and I really wish Steve would leave the past where it belongs. I’ve been down this rabbit hole and it’s not a good one, but he deserves to know… so when he’s better and safe, I’ll tell him and then go pop some caps in someone’s ass.”

“Really, did you just say pop some caps in someone’s ass?” Danny asked with a laugh.

“Why, is my gangsta’ not good enough for you Jersey?” Bella asked in a mock New Yorker accent that had two reactions, a loud laugh from Danny and raised brows from Jasper.

With a sigh Jasper got to his feet again, his back tense as he realised that he would have to be the one to break the news to her about Steve’s whereabouts. His eyes flickered to the two before setting his face into a mask, one that alerted Bella immediately.

“I need to speak to Little Foot, Jersey.” Jasper drawled out, letting his sister know that he had heard her and it was now official.

Bella raised her brows and got to her feet, pulling Danny up with her and giving him an amused apologetic smile. “Welcome to the List Jersey, we’ll be back soon.” When Danny was back to his seat Bella turned to Jasper with a hard face. “Report Mastermind.”

“Pete found the location, I figured Lieutenant Commander White already knew – or has the information to track it – but we got the exact location and you’re not going to like it Captain.” He reported before closing his eyes. “It’s the same place we found you.

Author Note: *grins*


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