Chapter Four

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Four

Before anyone knew what had happened, the woman stepped forward and decked Joe across the face. “That is for being an asshole; I know all your secrets Joe.” She snapped before facing her brothers teem, the angry scowl washing away to a soft smile.

“I’m Bella and this is my team: Emmett McCarty, the best weapons and explosives expert you’ll find on this side of the hemisphere. Next to him is Garrett, just Garrett, he’s our eyes and ears everywhere. You want someone tailed without being spotted, he’s your man. Then next to him are the Whitlock Brothers, Pete here is our spymaster, is one of the top hackers in the world and Jasper is our tracker and bird’s eye view, also our Medic when needed…” Bella introduced, her boys giving cocky smirks or a mock bow at their introduction. “Alright Fellas, time for a little holiday to North Korea. MOVE OUT!”

“Wait, what just happened?” Danny asked, “Who the hell are they?”

Wade chuckled and slapped his hand on Joe’s back. “That Detective Williams is the team called Blackout, they’re who you send when the mission gets too tough to handle.”

“What he means is we clean up the fuckups, we go in, get it done and get out.” Emmett explained with a laugh as he lifted up one of the boxes with his toys easily. “This will literally be like a walk in the park for us, but this is important to the boss lady so we put our vacation on hold.”

“Can we trust her—them?” Lori asked concerned, her eyes shifting over the new team members and then back to Joe. “She did also hit you for no reason.”

Joe just smirked at her and chuckled. “Trust me; Isa is the last person to worry about when it comes to Steve.”

“Hurry up Uncle Joe; we need to get the show on the road.” Bella yelled out as they began to load the cargo, a hard smirk on her lips.

Wade blinked and turned to his friend in shock. “Did she just call you Uncle? Joe, how exactly do you know…?”

“On the plane, all of you. It’ll be explained then, you’ll get first row seats.” Joe explained in a hurry before picking up his stuff and making his way onto the plane, smirking as Team 9 was glaring at Blackout.

Once everything was settled and done, everyone took their seats as the plane began to move. No one dared to talk, each doing their own thing. Five-0 switched their gazes from Blackout Team Members and then back to Joe, while Wade spoke to his boys. Bella had her head back and eyes closed, her body slumped in a comfortable position but Joe knew better. He knew that she was awake and listening closely, her hands stroking the two guns at her sides.

“You know kid I haven’t done anything to warrant your wrath… well as of late.” Joe supplied after a few hours of silence.

Bella didn’t even bother to move as she snorted at the lie. “Oh so it’s not you who’s lying to my brother? I told you Joe, I know all your secrets.”

Danny watched with raised brows in confused silence, his eyes flickering to the now tense bodies of the newcomers and then to the relaxed pose of their leader. But it was the pose that struck him most of all, it was a pose he knew well and had seen it plenty of times, a string of curses left his lips and he tightened the harness.

“What are you doing brah?” Kono asked with raised brows and a smile.

“What am I doing? What am I doing?” He asked near hysterical. “I’m fastening my damn seatbelt, that’s what I’m doing. If she has the same amount of bad luck our McGarrett has then I need to be strapped in tightly.”

The deep booming laughter that filled the silence after Danny’s panicked rant had them a little more on edge; it was a laugh full of mischief and that said it knew more than they thought.

“How is this funny, I’m not as accident prone as Steve.” Bella replied with a mock look of outrage but inside she was surprised as all hell because no one has ever figured out who she was when it came to relating to Steve that quick. But then again, she read up on all the members of the Hawaii’s fine taskforce and it really shouldn’t have surprised her.

Jasper snorted from his resting place at the end. “That time in Bali.”

“Or China.” Peter replied in his thick drawl, never taking his eyes away from the screen in front of him.

Garrett looked up from his book with a frown, his blue eyes narrowing as Bella went to object. Nothing had gone wrong, they weren’t hurt or killed, and she did not have the same bad luck as her brother perse when it came to missions and getting hurt.

“Your foray into Korea too, took us two weeks to find you. Then there was Paraná River, we were stuck in Paraguay for a week. Emmett nearly missed his wedding, love.” Garrett exclaimed blandly before going back to his book, smirking as Bella threw her hands up in exasperation.

“Mutiny, this is mutiny and I can have you all court-martialled.” Bella teased to her team before turning her attention back to her brother’s partner. “How’d you know Steve and I were related?”

Danny raised his brows and chuckled. “You have the exact same ‘I’m pretending to sleep but really freaking out’ pose. Two years I’ve been Steve’s partner, he’s very predictable and readable no matter how much he denies it.” He turned his attention to Joe now. “Now I see what you meant.”

“I’m Danny; this is Chin, Kono and Lori.” He stated, gesturing to his small Ohana.

“I know who you all are. I’m thankful that Steve has a small family like you. I’ve been worried about him, since the Mom Incident and then Dad, he needed a family and as much as I wish that I could give that to him…” Bella trailed off pained, leaning into Emmett as he brought her into a hug.

Wade raised his brows at Joe who simply shrugged, now he understood how Joe knew the Blackout team members. No one but a select few knew their real names, always referring them to their Ops names. Little Foot, Boomer, Nomad, Electric and Mastermind… hell you were even lucky to just go on an Op with one of them or get given a nickname. They didn’t trust anyone but their team and a handful of people, if you’re on that list then you’re forever on that list until you fuck up, they’d go to hell and back for you.

Wade wondered how Steve or Joe got on that list, now he knew… They were family.

Author Note: Well I am glad some of you are enjoying this!




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