Chapter Fourteen

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Chapter Fourteen

When Bella woke up next it was to the sensation of moving.

“We’ll sleeping beauty has finally awoken.” A very familiar voice drawled out causing her to groan and snap her eyes open.

She knew from the view above her is that she was on the plane, thankfully and by the smell she knew that her pillow was Demetri. There is no mistaking the smell of smoke, gun oil and metal.

“Alec you bastard.” She grunted out causing the brute beside her to snort.

“Don’t blame him agapiméni, I was already at the airport on my way home when I saw him. Thought I’d tag along and see how the crew was doing, but what a surprise I got when I stepped off the plane to greet you and see that you were hurt.” Demetri replied as he helped Bella to sit up. “It also came to my surprise when Mastermind told me that you withheld the fact you were injured till you nearly collapsed and actually asked for pain medication.”

Everyone bar Blackout watched with rapt attention as the male they were told was Demetri or well Tracker chew out Little Foot. Steve frowned and cast a look between the two with suspicion.

“Are you two together?” He asked, bringing the argument to a halt.

The horror was reflected back on both Bella’s and Demetri’s faces. “Oh god no, no. Not only would she kick my ass, so would my missus.”

“Well I don’t know about Jade… She might even join in.” Bella replied, waggling her brows at Demetri only to earn a fierce scowl in return. Tracker didn’t even bother to reply before getting up with a huff and depositing himself next to Kono.

Jasper snorted from his spot at the back of the plane, a book balanced in one hand while he carefully flipped the pages with his broke one. “You know she likes to rile you up D, why you take the bait is beyond me.”

“No, D and I would never ever do that, even when he was single. He’s more of another brother from another mother to me. D taught me all I know in combat pretty much, he and I along with our supervisor was the first to join this team.” Bella explained with a wince as she tried to get comfortable in the chair.

“The codenames sound familiar.” Steve uttered out slowly.

Boomer snorted. “We’ve worked together before, well you and I have as well as Nomad.”

“Well we were there; we didn’t exactly work with his team until the end where they got backed into a cavern.” Garrett replied looking up over his own book.

Steve’s frown deepened as he tried to think back to his past missions, missions that should never be uttered out loud again. But there was one instance when he and his team were backed in a cavern, their cover was blown and they were there for ten hours till they were able to be extracted.

“Looks like they sent Blackout…”

“I wonder if Little Foot will be with them, I’ve heard she has…”

“Blackout… BLACKOUT!” He yelled, grimacing as his ribs ached and glared at his sister. “I was fine with you joining the Marines no matter how it pissed me off, I was worried when you started doing missions but being a member of Blackout!” He hissed causing a few to snort.

“Uh brah, she’s the team leader.” Kono supplied watching as all colour drained from her boss’s face.

If looks could kill then Bella would be six feet under, Steve was not happy but then again he never was happy with her job. Bella also knew that Blackout had a huge fanbase across the sectors, their missions well known, minus a few details of course. A cringe went through her, both from pain and from all the stories her brother would have been told about her getting hurt.

“Steve, can we please argue later when we are home. It’s bad enough I’m going to get my ass chewed out by Rose, I don’t need a lecture from you too baby brother.” She sighed out quickly as she saw him open his mouth in an obvious sign of an oncoming lecture.

Danny chuckled. “I like her; she shot Wo Fat in the ass and gets Rambo here to shut up.”

Chin and Kono shared a knowing look as they saw the way Danny looked at the Blackout Leader and were secretly betting how long it would take them to date, or even offer a date. It would be interesting of course, what with her being who she was and what she did.

“Wait home?” Steve asked once her words registered.

Emmett chuckled and cast SEAL a dimpled grin. “We live next to you, we’re usually there but sometimes we’re not. I think we were home for about a month till he called.” He explained, tilting his head towards Joe.

“How long have you been back in Hawaii? Why were you not at Dad’s funeral?” He demanded, instantly regretting it when he saw his sisters face shut down.

“I’ve been in Hawaii for a few years now, dad knew. We were on a mission when…” She trailed off with a grimace and turned her head away from her brother.

“We were on a mission when he as murdered and Little Foot here went all half-cocked and decided to find the bastard that ordered the hit.” Peter spoke up, his voice solemn.

Jasper grimaced. “She went missing and it took us two weeks to find her, by then your father was buried and it took her months to recover.”

Each member of Blackout, including Tracker wore grim expressions. Hell, as Steve looked around he could see his own team cringing and he knew then that he was the only one left out of the loop.

“I made a mistake and ended up in your lovely room for those two weeks.” Sabel explained blandly, never taking her eyes away from the window.

Steve blinked and then violently cringed as he realised what she had meant. She had been in his position but where he was only a few days of agony, she had it for two weeks, it made him wish that he was the one to kill Wo Fat, but then again Sabel had more right than he.

“Steve, when we get back and settled there are some very important things we must discuss, but for now can we just not think or talk about it?” Bella asked before grinning when she got a nod in return. “Good, now I’m starving and I want pizza, as soon as we land I want food. I don’t care what food, as long as it’s warm, not spam or covered in pineapples I’ll eat it.”

Danny chuckled once more. “I’ll ring Kamekona when we land to bring us some of his food.”

“Oh, yeah!” Garrett burst out happily. “Tell him that Nomad is with you. He’ll bring out favourites and enough to feed this beast.”

“Hey!” Emmett replied with mock hurt before chuckling. “It’s true, I’m always hungry.”

“I have a very bad feeling that my team and five-0 being together is a bad idea.” Bella stated as she watched Emmett and Steve tease each other about food before turning to Danny who decided to escape from between them to the spare seat at her side.

“I don’t know who is worse, those two or Kono and Electric. Maybe Mastermind, Tracker and Chin.” Danny explained, pointing to the two sectors of friends, each deep in their own conversation.

Bella chuckled and waggled her brows at Jersey. “Could be us Jersey, it could be us.”

Author Note: Well this is the end! Sorry folks.



2 thoughts on “Chapter Fourteen

  1. I loved the story wish we could have seen the development of Danny and Bella but it was good just where it was for me too. For those that complained it was too OOC um of course it would be it is a crossover with a series that has no paranormal in it whatsoever. Yes you could have tried to mash it in it but i prefered this BAMF Bella much better. Kudos to you.

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