Chapter Seven

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Seven

After they threw back the shot Joe and Frank went a head while Danny and Bella followed, she had told her team to take them back to Franks where they found him last time and that she would meet them all there, but not to go past the gates in case it was booby trapped and she didn’t want Emmett to get explosive happy.

“Are you going to explain the again part?” Danny asked with raised brows, earning a smirk from the woman and then a sigh.

“I was doing a mission with Nomad and we got separated, the next thing I knew I was hanging from the roof of a bunker. I can’t remember much of that time only that Wo Fat was there and asking me questions, telling me things and pain. My team found me two weeks later in the same place we’re going.” She explained softly with a grimace. “They tried finding him but they couldn’t, we looked and then we had other missions to deal with. The bunker has seemed empty since then, until now.”

Danny felt his heart clench painfully in his chest and snapped his head around to stare at her gobsmacked, it was then that he saw the smattering of tiny white scars across her neck and jaw that made the tattoo under her ear and framed her jaw stand out. But it was the jagged red wound that peaked out from her collar and up the side of her neck that stood out the most. He decided not to ask or point out and received a thankful smile in return.

“Oh the whole team is here again. Good to see you Boomer, Nomad, Electric and Mastermind, same circumstances again I see.” Frank greeted not even bothering to stop as he began to lead them all towards Tangerine. He knew this was important for both Blackout and Joe to be here so there was no use for pleasantries.

When the helicopter came into view Danny and the Five-0 team became worried. “This is Tangerine?”

While the others sorted out and bantered about Tangerine, Bella pulled Peter to the side and towards the house where he could set up. “I need you here with one of the others; you can give us help using the satellite.”

“Are you doin’ okay Darlin’? This can’t be easy for you and don’ be giving me the ‘I’m Fine’ excuse.” Peter asked as he placed his computer down on the only sturdy table out on the deck.

Bella felt her body stiffen, her head jerking back and away as pain and memories she didn’t wish to relive shoved their way to the forefront of her mind.

“What is Shelburne! Where is it?” Wo Fat demanded.

“I don’t know!” She screamed as the electric current ran through her body, followed by the crack of a whip and burn on her back.

“TELL ME! Your father is looking and now your brother, you must know!” He screamed once more, sending a torrent of hits to her abdomen.

A cry escaped her lips, a haze as she felt something break. “I don’t know…”

“WHAT DID YOU DO? Bella!” The yell was sharp and Bella found herself staring into the stormy blue eyes of Detective Williams. She could hear the others around her arguing, Jasper’s voice louder than Danny’s as he tried to get her attention and make sure the Five-0 team and Team 9 were far back.

“What happened?” She asked softly, watching as the concern washed away into relief, the scent of sweat and a hint of something that made her think of home as her face buried itself into the crook of Danny’s neck.

“Back up!” Jasper ordered, causing the others to step away from her space. “Get your gear together and we move out in ten! Jersey, get her to calm down, she seems to trust you the most at the moment.”

Bella dared not to say another word and let Danny manipulate her into a more comfortable position, one hand on her lower back and the other holding her firmly to him at the base of her neck, his warmth burning her pleasantly. Danny on the other hand was worried, he had watched while the others bantered as Bella and Peter or Electric uttered, he watched as the spoke and then he watched as she paled before collapsing.

He didn’t know why he was so worried, why he was paying close attention to her or felt pulled towards her but he tried to convince himself it was because she was his best friend’s sister, but a little voice screamed loudly that wasn’t it. He was surprised when she lashed out at Peter, eyes wide and delirious, a look he knew too well and has dealt with before, she was reliving something painful and everyone was the enemy. That’s why he and everyone else were surprised when she allowed him to calm her.

Oh, but he was pissed off at whatever Electric said that set her off.

“What happened?” She asked again, ignoring the shiver that ran down Danny’s spine as her lips brushed against his neck.

Now was not the time Danno… he chastised himself.

“You collapsed, strain. We’ll get Steven back, he’ll be fine, worse for wear but fine and then we have the wonderful task of keeping him in the hospital.” Danny explained just as soft, smiling as he heard the small huff of laughter. “Doing better?”

“Yes thank you, we better get ready so I can get my brother back and take out my stress and anger on assholes.” Bella grunted while pulling back, Danny nodded and gave her a bright smile before getting to his feet and pulling her with him.

Emmett smiled softly from the edge of the helicopter a big grin on his face. “You two comin’ or not?”

Bella shook her head as she saw Danny open his mouth to reply. “If you say we’re coming he’ll make a rude joke. Let’s go Jersey; Boomer gets an itch when we go to war.”

Author Note: dunn dun duuuuun





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