Chapter Six

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Six

Steve stared listlessly at the floor, he no longer felt cold and his arms no longer burned from supporting his weight. In fact the only thing that hurt was the emotional pain and betrayal. He asked her Jenna why and she gave him some romantic spin, she just wanted her fiancé back.

His eyes slipped shut once more, a sigh escaping his lips.

“You said you were sorry before,” Jenna brought up softly, keeping her eyes downcast from Steve’s. She just had to wait for the right moment to give him the pin from her husband’s knee, she just had to stall for time so the Five-0 team could come or send help.

Steve didn’t even bother to open his eyes. “To my sister. I was saying sorry to my sister Sabel.”

“I thought your sister’s name was Mary.” Jenna replied softly, curling tighter around herself to get warm.

“I have another sister. I promised myself I’d make it up to her and now…” He trailed off, moving his bound hand to gesture to everything. “She’ll drag me from my grave and kill me herself.”

Jenna huffed a pained laugh, her body cold and in pain from her own grief. “She is older then?”

“…yeah.” He replied his eyes downcast once more.

Steve! Steve! Look, it’s a starfish! SABEL!

I’ll always be there baby brother… SABEL… remember that…

TRAITOR…I don’t want to go Steve but I can’t… I need to go..

STAY WITH ME! … I can’t Stevie.

Please Steve… just… I HATE YOU.

Bella?… I don’t know what to do Stevie… he broke my heart, he… I loved him…


…goodbye then Steven….

A cry escaped his lips as he was jolted out of his memory with white hot agony, his muscles convulsed with the electric current, his jaw locked and heart stuttering. When the pain left, his whole body quivered and his eyes locked onto Wo Fat’s.


The transport truck shook violently with every bump in the road of Saju.

“I’ve been looking over the old Op and its files before looking at the satellite images, we know where we’re going but it’ll be a little tricky. Last time we were here there wasn’t so much foot traffic and the latest thermal imaging say now there is.” Peter explained to the others while he got his gear ready.

Lori frowned. “What does that mean?”

“Well it’s like this Suga’, activity in an area where there shouldn’t be any activity, and border crossings where there shouldn’t be border crossings.” Jasper drawled out. “All on foot, all in the last 24 hours.”

Danny didn’t like the sound of this but he knew it was good news as well. “You think it’s Wo Fat’s people.”

“Electric is never wrong, but we’d bet our lives on it.” Joe explained honestly, he had seen the images that Electric had pulled up and agreed with their assessment Wade too.

“Thing is, there’s no roads in. The quickest way to this compound’s by helo.” Gutches explained, glancing at the others.

“Anyone know where we can find one of those?” Lori asked with a sigh, slightly annoyed and worried.

Chin huffed a laugh. “Yeah, along with a few automatic weapons?”

Emmett laughed and slapped the man on his back. “The weapons we have Laule’a Honu, plenty of them and my babies.”

“Are you kidding me right now Boomer? Are you saying you have explosives in that box on this forsaken bumpy ride?” Garrett demanded before moving away from said box and to the back of the truck. Emmett just grinned and waggled his brows before unlatching the weapons box and flipping it up.

Kono leant towards her cousin who was staring at ‘Boomer’ with a slightly horrified look upon his face. “You okay Cuz?”

“He called me Happy Turtle.” Chin stated slowly still in shock causing Kono, Danny and Bella to chuckle.

“Sorry ’bout that, means he likes you Laule’a Honu.” Bella explained with a smirk before kicking out her foot and connecting it with Emmett’s knee. “You know the rule, no explosives in the truck it makes Nomad nervous.”

“One time! It was one time!” Emmett shouted back.

“Guys, this doesn’t help, we still need to find transport there.” Lori interrupted with a scowl and Bella still instantly disliked her. Oh, she knew all about Lori, knew that she wasn’t chosen for the team but placed there as a punishment by the Governor.

“I know a guy.” Joe replied with a smirk.

Danny raised his brows. “What guy?”


Bella let out a grunt as she pulled on the borrowed dress, it was ugly as all hell but at least it covered her gear since she didn’t want to take it off and she also didn’t want to upset the locals.

“Say a word Jersey, I dare you.” She grunted out as she saw the smirk. Danny raised his hands, the smirk still on his lips, chuckling as she mock swung at him.

Joe sighed and turned towards them. “Are you kids going to behave or do I have to send you back to the truck?”

“We’ll be good.” The both replied in sync before laughing hysterically. Joe simply sighed and pushed open the door to the small run down bar, he waited until Bella was inside before scanning the area and making his way towards Frank who seemed not to have moved since he was last here.

“As I live and drink.” Frank slurred out while greeting his friend. “Funky Joe White.”

“It’s good to see you, Frank.” Joe greeted, giving the man a quick embrace.

Danny raised his brows at that. “Funky Joe?”

“What, no hello for me Frank?” Bella asked with a slight put out voice causing the elder veteran to turn and face her with a surprised smile, pushing Joe and Danny out of the way to greet her.

“I didn’t think I’d be seeing you for a long time Little Foot, take a seat and tell me why you and Joe are here.” Frank stated, pulling out the chair for Bella to sit in, Danny moving to stand at her back.

“Frank, this is Danny Williams, friend of mine.” Bella introduces, gesturing to him with her head.

“Pleasure. Drink?” Frank asked while pouring three shots.

Danny shook his head. “No, thank you. I’m a… I’m more of a margarita guy myself.”

“Can’t argue with you there. Sit down.” Frank chuckled, gesturing for Joe to take the free chair.

Joe sat and smirked at his long-time friend, “I would ask how you’re doing, Frank, but I see you haven’t moved in 15 years.”

The smile was honest, slightly buzzed and confused. “Hell, what brings you to this neck of the forest?”

“Business, unfortunately.” Joe replied seriously. “I’m afraid I’m gonna have to collect on our debt.”

“Come on. 14 years? Got to be some kind of statute of limitations on that.” Frank asked as he threw back a shot, a slight hysterical laughter of disbelief on his lips.

Bella leant forward then, the smile dropping from hers and replaced with a hard serious frown. “Frank, we’re going to need Tangerine again.”

Frank raised his brows before frowning himself, he could see this was serious and he could see that Joe and Danny had no clue about why she was asking for Tangerine again but instead of her asking for it last time it was one of her Team Members, Mastermind.

With a sigh he leant back into his chair. “Where to?”

Bella cast a look towards Joe and Danny before facing Frank once more. “Same drop off. I got a man in trouble…”

“Alright.” Frank agreed pouring another drink and raising his glass, Joe and Bella doing the same. “Tangerine it is.”

Author Note: *grins*




3 thoughts on “Chapter Six

  1. Love this cross-over. I am really interested in seeing where it goes, especially once Steve is rescued. Will everyone end up back in HI? What about Grace? Ooo – the possibilities! Thanks for another great story!

  2. I don’t even watch Hawaii Five O, but this story still has me really interested. Even though I can’t picture any of the characters or know even a smidge of their back story, I’m still following and enjoying it a lot. 🙂

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