Chapter Ten

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Ten

Bella could hear the familiar white noise of comm chatter in her ear as she made her way back outside of the bunker but unable to register the words being said.

“Guys, we’ve got eyes on the convoy. They’re a mile northwest of your position, headed deeper in country.” Lori’s voice jerked her back into the conscious world, though she knew she was up and moving Bella could not recall how she got outside.

“Try to slow them down. We got to move.” Joe yelled loudly over the comms before gesturing to the others to move on, they don’t have much time.

Jasper, Emmett and Garrett fell back in line with their leader, pushing Danny to Chin’s side, the three men boxing them while the others got ready for whatever they were using as a decoy. They knew Bella got hurt, they saw the blood dripping and the smears on the walls of the bunker but the boys also knew that she wasn’t taking the flashbacks of her two weeks in hell well either.

“Rosie is going to kick my ass.” Emmett muttered as he eyed Bella again. “I’m gonna be sleeping on the couch for a week.”

Garrett snorted. “I’ll be camping outside or at Little Foot’s, Mastermind and maybe Electric will be joining me.”

“You wish.” Bella grunted. “You’ll get your comfy beds and I’ll have Drill Sergeant Rosalie on my ass. That woman will be at my home day and night when she finishes sifts at Trippler till my stitches come out.”

“Wait…” Chin stated, his steps faltering slightly. “Is this Rosalie Hale you’re talking about?”

“You know my wife?” Emmett asked with wide eyes and no more than a whisper as they come to a stop near the road.

“Boomer, you’re up.” Bella interrupted as one of Seal Team 9 pulled the car to a stop on the side. Emmett grinned and cracked his fingers as he jumped down the slight slope and bent down grasping the bottom of the car before lifting with a grunt.

The others watched in a mix of amused bafflement as the brute lifted the car with little to no strain or asking for assistance before grinning and placed a small plastic device on the under carriage and diving out of the way. Everyone jerked in surprise as the plastic device, they now realised was a bomb, exploded and set the car on flames.

“A little warning would have been nice.” Wade grunted as he shook off the dirt from his barrel dive into the shrubbery.

All conversation halts as the familiar sound of an explosion and destruction reach their ears. Joe positions everyone and they wait, this was the only road in and only road out, and so they would wait for the convoy and hope that Steve was with them. Jasper placed his hand at the base of Bella’s back, just below her armour, and pressed hard once and then three times quickly; code that he was going to be her back up before signing to Garrett to get ready.

When the team first began to be created by Bella’s commander Marcus, back when the team was eight instead of five and many disaster attempts later as they all clashed and were brought in from different branches of defence, Bella had sat their asses down and began to make plans of communication.

It was Benjamin who had decided to use sign language as a long distance communication than Comms. It took a bit to learn all their nations sign languages and mishmashed it into one of their own creation, it was also Benjamin who came up with their Team Tattoo. It was Demetri who had trained them all in various forms of fighting and it was Zafrina who had taught them the languages they needed to know.

By the third year of being together, they were a well-oiled machine until Zafrina was gunned down in a failed mission and Benjamin had retired when his wife Tia announced they were having a baby, he didn’t want to risk bringing the job home with him. Demetri retired, being young as he was, a few years older than them all, his body couldn’t keep up with the strain.

Then it was only five… with various flowing in and out when needed or dying.

Jasper didn’t know what kept him going some days, but what was it that Bella called them? Ohana, they were Ohana, a word that went deeper than family and as much as Jasper wished to leave, he knew he couldn’t because it was the four of them that meant the world to him along with his sister and Angela. It had been a close call many of times for him, for leaving and yet he could never leave; no matter how many times Bella said he could if he wanted to settle down.

Angela, bless her supported whatever he wanted to do, she knew the risks and she too had her own working with the FBI. They barely saw each other but they always made time for holidays, truth of it was neither were ready to go from a full sprint to a dead stop just yet.

He shook his head sharply, bringing his focus back to the now, his eyes narrowing in on the first truck of the convoy with fury. He could remember Bella’s face when she received the info about her brother, the anguish and the hatred. The bastard that took her, took her brother and even though none of the Blackout team had met any of her family, especially where they lived… he was one of them.

The popping clack of a gun had him cursing along with the fact that he was once again not focused on the mission; thankfully it was just the beginning of the warfare but those short seconds between the smock grenades being thrown and the first clack Jasper lost sight of Bella.

“Shit!” He cursed, moving forward and more men poured out of the truck. “Little Foots AWOL, repeat Little Foot is AWOL!”

Bella ignored the voices over the comms, her eyes trained on the fleeting back of Wo Fat as he went deeper into the forest. She knew that her team and Steve’s would find him and make sure he was okay, for now she would follow the bastard who is currently wreaking havoc upon her family. She didn’t pay much attention to the bastard beforehand but she wouldn’t let him slip away now, not after finding out he was the reason her father was dead and her blasted psychotic mother was in hiding.

“I know…” Wo Fat began before cursing as he felt the impact of the unexpected blow. He had nearly forgotten that the Captain was unlike her brother, she’s hit first and ask questions later or never.

“I will not let you hurt my family anymore you bastard.” She snarled before attacking again, crying out as he dodged her swing and delivered his own into her side. Her vest protected much of her body but this; he got her where she was shot.

A snarl ripped from her lips as she jerked back, her hands going to the two knives that rested at the base of her back and pulled them free. The jagged side of her left blade pressed firmly to her forearm and she cursed herself for forgetting the brace but thankful she wore her leathered gear. She kept all her gear sharp and clean, so she knew that one false move or block the jagged edges will cut through the leather like butter and into her skin.

Wo Fat chuckled. “What is it they say? Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight?”

She didn’t rise to the bait and waited, her mind half focused on Wo Fat which she knew was a mistake but she needed to know that Steve was okay and they were still close to the road enough that she’d be able to hear their call.

“That may be true but I’ll be the one walking away at the end of the fight.” She groused back, shifting from one foot to the other. “Steve has no idea of Shelburne but if you want, I’ll gladly give it to you… I’ll tell you all of it before I kill you after all, I know who killed my father and you have yet to find out who killed your mother.”

Author Note: *grins* Bella is a BAMF! Seriously, Wo Fat is in trouble!


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