Chapter Thirteen

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Thirteen

The rest of the ride back to Franks was silent and when they finally touched back down to earth Bella was pale and Steve was out. Jasper cursed up a storm as he went to move her with the help of Danny when Garrett stopped them, his mouth in a grim tight line.

“She has a broken collarbone and a bullet graze to the side.” He explained slowly. “She was still bleeding when I found her. Get Peter to patch her up while you look over Seal, he needs tending to first.”

The words out of Jasper’s mouth the second time had raised a few brows, mainly from Frank, Gutches and Joe. It was a mix of several languages that blended into one amazing insulting curse.

“What did he say?” Kono asked Peter as the man smirked while gathering first aid supplies.

“My brother is not a happy man; he cursed the gods and questionability of her parents and birth while giving brotherly affection. No one likes it when one of us gets hurt and especially when Bella does; she did so much for us and half the time her injuries are from protecting us. This time she got hurt and didn’t tell anyone but Garrett,” He explained as he got up and made his way to where Bella now lay on the ground.

Kono followed him and helped while Danny and Chin were with Lori and Steve, her eyes widening and it took all her power not to blanch as she saw the purple flesh and jagged spike of bone against taut skin and bloody abdomen.

“Dammit Isabella,” Peter grunted and for a second Kono thought it was his brother who spoke.

The rest of the Blackout team bar Jasper moved closer to their leader and sat down in what Kono thought were relaxed positions but she could see they were on edge, half their focus on Bella and the other on their surroundings.

“We’re having a long holiday, a long fucking holiday.” Bella grunted out as she clenched her hands tightly. “I’m calling in HQ and telling them that for the next few months we’re BLACKOUT and unless the president’s life is at stake we’re doing jack shit.”

“About time, we’ve been back to back.” Emmett muttered. “Anniversary is coming up and I wanna take Rosie to Maui, can’t keep giving her diamonds.”

Kono raised her brows. “Dog house often?”

Peter snorted as he finished the bullet graze. “We miss a lot of our family’s lives, birthdays, anniversaries; commendations and so on… thankfully none of us have kids yet.”

“Every girl loves diamonds.” Emmett replied simply.

“Not all.” Kono and Bella replied together before smirking.

“Alright, Steve’s not in pain or a risk of dying we need to make out way back to Oahu.” Joe called out. “Wade and his boys are staying here and leaving a trail of their little holiday.”

Bella got up with the help of Kono and groaned. “Do we have transport back or do we need to find one?”

Joe frowned for a second before sighing, they didn’t have a flight back their supply drop was their way in but the plane flew back after refuelling and he couldn’t hold them here without gaining more suspicion. “No, we will need a ride back.”

“Alright boys, who’s gonna call?” She asked and watched with a wide smile as her boys began to bicker over who called in the ride.

Kono watched this all with raised brows and chuckled silently as she watched Bella pull out a SAT phone from her vest pocket. Even when the boys lulled in arguments for a few seconds they didn’t even notice that their leader had one upped them again.

“This better be good, waking me up at this time.” The gruff voice exclaimed over the gritty line.

“But Alec, I missed you.” Bella chuckled out in a coo.

The sigh was heard by both Bella and Kono. “What can I do for you Ella? Some people do have day jobs or in my case a boring ass night job.”

“Are you still in Japan?” She asked slowly watching with an amused smirk as her boys come to a complete stop and pout at her. ‘Should have been quicker.’ She signed before waggling her brows.

“Yes, you know this. Do you have a job for me? Please tell me you have a job, I’m bored Stella and Jane is on a holiday with Felix.” Alec asked excited, hopeful and Bella couldn’t help but laugh drawing the rest of the group to her.

“The boys and I need a pickup, we’re in South Korea, we need a lift home.” She explained before getting to her feet and let Jasper put her arm in a sling.

“A pick up? SOUTH KOREA! Stella why the hell, you know what no. Tell me how many are in your party and if I should bring Shelly or Blue.” Alec demanded and Bella smirked as she listened to the frantic movements across the line with the shattering of something.

“Slow down Alec, Jane will kill you if you break anything else. Meet us in Seoul at the military airport, give em our landing codes and lecture us then.” She explained, her eyes trailing over the group. “Maybe bring Blue, we have ten overall and two of us are hurt, we might need comfort for the flight back to Hawaii. Usual price.”

Alright then, see you in a few hours Elle.”

When the call finished Bella sighed and looked up to the others, mainly her brothers Team. “We have a ride home, thank you Frank for the use of Tangerine. We need to get to Seoul; I have a friend picking us up.”

“A friend?” Her brother asked in a slight slur between Danny and Chin.

“Yes Stevie a friend, he’s the baby brother of one my team members, now you just sleep and we’ll be home soon.” She crooned smirking wide as her brother lazily flipped her off. Her eyes turned to Jasper and cringed. “Please for the love of god make me sleep.”

Jasper’s brows rose high. “You usually hate it when I do it.”

“Well when one has a broken collar bone nearly protruding from their flesh and have to make a bumpy ride back to Seoul, one would like to be blessedly asleep. I also want to get home.” She snapped back before groaning, her arm coming up to support her dangling one. She really should have put it in a sling but dammit.

Emmett chuckled and smacked Jasper on the back. “Better do as the boss says, she’s looking a little green.”

He didn’t even hesitate after that, there was no use in arguing nor delaying time to find out answers or to lecture his friend because god and Jasper both knew that she would change her mind if he didn’t hurry his ass up. He quickly gathered the pain medication and raised his brow before jabbing her in the arm when she nodded and clenched her eyes shut.

Peter and Kono quickly steadied her as soon as the medication kicked in and Kono quickly stepped away when the other members of Blackout stepped in to take Bella off her hands, plus she would be of no use carrying the deadweight of her boss’s sister.

“Well, let’s get the show on the road.” Joe stated clapping his hands together and jerking his head to the truck that Team 9 was already waiting in.

Author Note: One more chapter to go!



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