Chapter Three

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Three

Pain rippled up Steve’s body as another fist impacted with his already fractured ribs. He wanted to succumb to the darkness that danced at the edge of his vision, but he ignores it and refuses to let it win. He could easily shove the pain of his body from his mind, but the emotional pain was worse.

Jenna, someone he considered a friend had betrayed him, led him directly to Wo Fat. Yes she did it to find her Fiancé, but she sold him out to the one Man who was responsible for so much pain in his life.

His body slumped tiredly as the man before him left, leaving him to dangle in the room alone. His head dipped low as he breathed through his mouth and out through his nose to regulate the pain.

That’s it Stevie, in through the nose, out through the mouth… or vice versa… We’ll be ready for our school marathon soon…

His eyes clenching shut at the regret that churned in his stomach and knocked the wind from his lungs as his sister’s voice echoed his head. She had been born five minutes before him but always looked after him and it was always her voice that got him through tough times. His eyes snapped to Jenna who sobbed in the corner and couldn’t find himself to care at that moment, he knew that he was going to die here.

No one knew where they were exactly.

“I’m so so sorry.” He whispered to the air as the face of his sister flickered across his vision, the older version of her. He hadn’t seen her since she showed up at his bunkhouse heartbroken over her divorce. They of course fought and he had said some terrible things to her and vice versa, and he hadn’t seen her since, not even at their father’s funeral.

He wanted to make it right and now he may not be able to.


The Five-0 Team got out of the car as one, their hearts heavy and determined. Joe had messaged them an hour ago saying it was all planned and now here they stood.

Danny raised his brows as he took in the supplies. “Joe, what’s with the medical supplies?”

“Can’t go on a humanitarian mission to inoculate villagers in South Korea without the proper supplies,” Joe explained, signing off the last of the forms that needed to make it official for their cover.

Danny had to give him that. “Ah. Humanitarian mission. Right.”

“It was either that or say that we were a band heading over there to entertain the troops. So unless you play a mean bass…” Joe teased once he finished signing the last page, smirking at Steve’s team as they laughed slightly, but still the weight was upon them.

He couldn’t be happier for Steve, he found a purpose in life again; he found a family.

“So what happens when we hit the ground in Seoul?” Chin asked, his eyes roaming over the supplies and staying locked on Joe.

“We’re on our own.” He explained, picking up the black bag. “I’m going to need your badges and I.D.’s. The minute this plane leaves the ground, we’re just civilians. That means no military supplies, fire support or friendlies in the area. If the mission is compromised, we go on escape and evade.” He finishes, closing the bag once the others put their badges in there and placing it on top of the cargo.

“And in the unlikely event that we pull this off, we could be charged with espionage, face federal prosecution and prison time for what we are about to do. That is, of course, if any of us make it back. So if anyone wants to back out, now is the time. No shame in it. Go with God and wish us luck.” He explained seriously, his eyes roaming over the determined faces of Steve’s Ohana proud that he didn’t see one bit of hesitance. “All right, that settles it, then. We come back with Steve, or we don’t come back.”

The team shared a look, one that they knew they wouldn’t come back without their fearless leader. He was their Ohana, their brother and friend. After all, Ohana means no one gets left behind or forgotten and they would rather be jailed than let Wo Fat hurt Steve again.

The sound of squealing tires had them turning around in surprise as they watched Wade step out of the jeep with a few others ready for a mission.

“All right, who’s ready to kick ass and take names?” Wade asked with a wide smile and clap of his hands. “Got room for a few members of SEAL Team 9 on this little, uh… what are you calling it?”

“Humanitarian mission.” Joe supplied with a smirk.

Commanding Officer Wade Gutches simply raised his brows. “Right. That’s what I thought. Load it up, ladies.” He ordered his team before facing the others.

Danny turned to Joe confused. “Okay, uh, I thought we weren’t gonna have any military backup.”

“Yeah, I mean, won’t you guys get in serious trouble for this?” Kono asked worried, them losing their career was one thing but them?

“Well, technically, uh, Team 9 had a few days of R and R coming, so we decided to do some sightseeing in Seoul.” Wade supplied. “Last I checked, we owe Commander McGarrett and Five-O a favour. About a little mid-air rescue, as I recall.”

“I also got a little more manpower than what you’d expect.” Joe supplied, turning his eyes to Five-0 and then back to Wade who was staring at him with surprised eyes.

“I didn’t think they’d come, it’s nothing too serious our crew can’t handle.” Wade supplied, thoroughly confusing the others.

The sound of another car coming to a sudden stop had the team once again turning around in wariness. How many people did Steve have that owe him favours or Joe? They watched surprised as one hulk of a man jumped out of the driver’s side before opening the back door with a wide grin.

Joe turned to Wade while the others were distracted. “This is personal for L.F. She pulled her team and got them ready for this, plus I’d rather…”

“Now, now Joe. The team was home, we’ve been home for about a month now.” A saccharine voice called out amused, Danny and Chin both felt their brows raise as they took in the woman. She was about Danny’s height, dressed in military grade armour, the stuff Steve had in the store rooms at HQ and loaded to the hilt with knives and other various weapons.

Author Note: Okay, to the Anon Reviewer who keeps flaming me, go screw yourself asshole, if my story is so OOC and all the other pathetic things you say then stop reading it and bugger off.




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