Chapter Two

Title: The Little Things

Pairing: Danny/Bella? Danny, Bella, Steve.

Summary: When Joe made the call he knew hell was about to be let loose, but to get Steve back Joe knew this was the only way. Here enters Isabella McGarrett and her team. Ki’ilua Re-write. The McGarrett Series

Author Note: I really wish I did own H50 or Twilight but I don’t.

Third POV

Chapter Two

Danny paced and paced in his office, his heart racing and he kept the urge to vomit at bay. Joe said he’d find Intel on the Op and Danny had to trust the man on that and his word. He could see Kono pacing in her office, a scowl upon her face while Chin just stared at the screens.

He heart jumped as his phone rang, his body jerked forward and out of his office as he saw the name on his screen. “Hey, hey, it’s Jenna. Get a trace up right now.” He yelled towards Kono.

“Hey. Jenna, it’s Danny. Where are you?” He asked, pacing a small line as he put his phone on loud. He gave Chin and Lori a look as sobbing filled the silent space.

“Danny… I’m sorry. I screwed up. I’m so sorry.” Jenna’s frightened voice cried out across the crackling line.

Danny felt his heart race in fear, his mind turning for the worst. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Just tell me, where is Steve?”

Jenna seemed to cry louder at the mention of Steve, causing all of Five-0 to stare at the phone in horror. “It’s Wo Fat. It’s Wo Fat, Danny. He has him, and I led Steve right to him.”

“Is he alive?” He asked feeling numb, never tearing his eyes away from the ground and missing the anguished looks of the others. Kono typed faster, trying to lock onto the signal before it disappeared.

We’re south of Kaesong— a town called…” Jenna tried to explain, cutting out into white noise.

“Town called what? Jenna, you broke up. Say it again. No, Jenna, I can’t hear you. Where’s Steve? Jenna, say it again. Jenna. Jenna! JENNA!” Danny yelled, praying to whatever deity he knew of that Steve was okay. He let out a scream of anger, hand s pressing firmly to his eyes before breathing out sharply and facing his team. “Keep looking and wait here, I’m going to see if the governor can help.”

When Danny left the room Kono turned towards her cousin with tears in her eyes, she couldn’t lock onto the location quick enough and now they don’t know where Steve is. Chin opened his arms for her, wrapping them around her as she let out a shuddering sob. He wouldn’t panic now, he’d be strong for the team and for Steve, and he just had to keep up his hope.

After a while Kono stepped back and leant against the door, Chin decided to pace while they waited. He was furious and terrified but if it was anyone that could survive North Korea, it would be Steve.

“The Governor has to do something.” Lori uttered.

Chin shook his head in uncertainty. “I don’t know. Steve went into North Korea on a completely unsanctioned personal mission.”

“He thought he was helping a friend.” Kono explained softly, exhausted.

Lori scoffed. “Some friend.”

Chin spun around as the doors opened to reveal Joe. “Any word?”

“No, we’re still waiting to hear if Danny can get the governor to help us,” Lori replied with a sigh.

“You make any headway with the military?” Chin asked hopeful.

“A little, I’m waiting for a call. I did get some interesting Intel about Operation Switchback that could help us.” Joe explained, he did ring his contact for Blackout’s team member as it changed near monthly. The group was the elite of the elite and a team that was in and out, their name was based off the cases they worked, all redacted and blacked out.

Kono pushed herself off the wall and made her way towards Joe with hopeful eyes. “What’d you find out?”

“It was a CIA op into North Korea that went bad, resulted in the capture of one Officer Joshua Hirsch.” The news had an instant reaction with Chin and Kono.

“That was Kaye’s fiancé.” Kono explained to both Lori and Joe.

“She took a leave from Five-O thinking he could be alive.” Chin replied, a sigh escaping his lips in understanding now.

Joe nodded hopeful, the Intel he got was better than he hoped. “Seems a reporter named Bethany Morris was asking all about Operation Switchback, specifically about Officer Hirsch.”

Lori frowned. “Why?”

“She claimed she had a source in South Korea that said he was alive. And since Jenna Kaye was listed as the Intel officer for the op…” he trailed off, looking at Chin.

It was slightly coming together for Chin and how Bethany was involved. “Bethany Morris went to see her to ask her about it.”

“Okay, so how does this help us?” Lori demanded finally losing her patience; she was tired of the run around, the lack of information and being left out.

“Because the unredacted Switchback file details the location of a bunker just south of Kaesong, and it’s suspected to be a cache for Wo Fat.” Joe explained, the name slipping off his tongue sourly but connecting the dots for everyone.

Lori nodded and turned to the others in urgency. “Okay, Kaesong— isn’t that where Kaye said she was when they got cut off?”

“Yeah.” Kono confirmed.

Danny entered the headquarters feeling drained and sick. He had spent the last hour or so arguing with the governor about going to save Steve or organising something to get him out of there ASAP. “Um, well, we can forget it, because even if the Governor appealed to the State Department about launching a diplomatic mission, something like that could take weeks, maybe even months, to get approved.”

The others felt fury at the words and worry, Steve won’t last that long. Lori frowned once again, her stomach churning. “We don’t have that kind of time.”

Chin nodded in agreement. “Something needs to get done right now or Steve’s as good as dead.”

“So what do we do?” Kono asked, her eyes flickering from her cousin, Danny, Lori and then to Joe.

Joe went to reply before pausing as his phone began to ring, his hopes raising and then steeled himself as he saw the blocked number. “Joe White.”

“I have my team; we’ll be with you there was no doubt about that. Figure out the transport and send the location and all the information to the number I just sent. You and I will be having a long discussion on the way to North Korea, White.” The female voice replied sharply across the phone, it had all the members of Five-0 on edge as they saw Joe cringe.

“I don’t doubt you or your team L.F. You were the first person I tried to call, when you don’t want to be found, you won’t be. Steve’s team members will be coming with us, I’ll send you the location when it’s organised.” He replied seriously, the others recognising the SEAL voice when hearing one. Just over a year with McGarrett would do that to you.

There was a long pause on the other end of the line before a sigh and a curse. “Better warn them then, it’s not going to be a pretty trip.”

“I will, I’ll be in contact soon. It’s good to hear from you Isabella, despite the circumstances.” He replied, a little softer this time but the others could see his emotions well and wondered who exactly the woman was.

“I wish I could say the same…” Joe sighed as she hung up before facing the others. “Go home and pack, I’ll send you the location in an hour or so. All will be explained then and only then, right now we have Steve to worry about. Time to bring him home.”

Author Note: Okay, people asked! 




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