Chapter Five

FAGE 8: Soul Mates
Title: The Way You Are
Written for: CloeMarrie
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Beta: Lisa
Rating: M
Summary: She did not expect this, it started something casual and he just… broke down all her walls and vice versa. Cursed Wolf, Sweet Swan… what could go wrong?

Prompt used: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars/ They are screw buddies but she falls for him

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Chapter Five – Klaus POV

The absolute horror and agony I felt when she had uttered those two words caused my heart to shatter. This was a curse, this was karma from all that I have done or caused.

“Nik.” I ignored the soft voice of my sister as I pulled Iza closer to me. “Come brother, you need to let her go. It is too late.”

“I refuse, I can’t…” I choke out, my words muffled by Iza’s hair. There was no pulse, no sound at all, and she was still. “I could not save her.”

I felt my body pushed back into a sitting position against the headboard but I could not tear my eyes away from Sweet Swans bloody face. She had done a lot of damage to her neck, face, arm and shoulder from where she clawed at them and those would never heal.

“Who was she Niklaus?” Elijah asked and for once, I did not feel like snapping at him.

“My saviour,” I confessed. “She knew me, know my torment for she had suffered along the same lines. She had fallen for a Cold One but he broke her, lured her in and left.”

“Is that how she got the bites?” This time Kol asked.

I simply nodded, brushing a strand of hair from Iza’s face. “They had a tracker after her, he lured her away and bit her, and her Cold One sucked the venom out. She was his singer; you can guess why he put her through that torture.”

“How old was she when this happened?” Rebekah asked hardness to her voice. Yes, we were monsters in the eyes of others but children we do not harm or use venom for torture on a human.

“Sixteen–Seventeen. They left the trackers mate alive and I tried to find her but cannot. I should have tried harder.” I hissed out, clenching my eyes shut to control the rage.

“The Cold Ones, who did this, will suffer when I find them. Did she tell you their names?” Rebekah asked sharply.

“Cullen’s? The name rings a bell but I can’t recall their faces.” I state, my fingers running through Iza’s blood soaked hair. I still could not let her go, nor could I grasp the concept of her being gone. Elijah’s eyes pinched and I knew that as a sign of him recognising the name.

“I have met Carlisle, seemed to preach humanity, I cannot see him allowing this at all but then again looks can be deceiving. I shall make a few calls and find their location as well as this… mate they left for a human to defend against; it could ease your mind.” He muttered while fixing his sleeves to his suit and giving me one last look. It was a first that I saw him share a look of sadness that did not involve pity or even a patronising glimpse.

I could not help but sigh, my heart clenching as I pulled Iza closer to me. “It’s too late for that but do it any way, if the Cullen’s are toeing the line then I would like to know about it.”

“She could be changing.” Kol spoke up my eyes snapped to his instantly. “She had venom in her system yes? Maybe your blood is trying to fight the venom and vice versa. It has been done before and the consequences for each change varied, but Nik if this is true then you won’t like the outcome.”

“And how do you know about this?” I ask watching as Kol’s face turned sheepish.

“Whenever you let me out of that blasted box I decided to have some fun, but really when you woke me and the sparkles walked this earth I came across a changing, I didn’t know what was happening and gave the poor girl my blood. The effect was the same.” He explained, gesturing to Iza with a worried frown. This had my interest, Kol was never worried about anything that did not concern him but that mattered not.

Rebekah was horrified. “What happened?”

“The change was maddening, not as painful as the original Cold One change nor as quick as ours. The girl woke up maddened, hungry and in a rage. She nearly tore through a small town until I killed her. She was a hybrid of both worlds, a Cold One and a Traditional; I had to snap her neck and burn her.” I did not know who was more horrified at Kol’s explanation, Rebekah or me.

“Out! Both of you OUT!” I snarled my patience and temper snapping. For the first time Kol and Rebekah left without an argument, leaving me with Iza.

“Oh Sweet Swan I do hope you have the will to survive this.” I sigh out before gathering all I need to wash away the blood.

I let my mind wander as I dunked the cloth into the warm water, there was no movement, not even a flinch as I began to wipe away the blood and I cannot comprehend it. Even in her sleep Iza was never still, she was always moving, in ways it comforted me.

If she were to perish then that would be the end of me, there would be no saving me, not if I lost her completely. She was my mate, I could see that now – no I could understand that now – I chose to see it.

Love you

Two words, two words she had uttered to me in her last waking breath with such honesty I did not know were possible. She built up my world and crashed it in milliseconds.

Love you

“Even now you taunt me.” I snarl, tossing the water bowl away letting it shatter against the wall. I let out a scream, my hands tugging at my hair as I tried to drown out her voice, her laugh and smile, the way her brows pulled down in thought and how she bit her bottom lip.

“No! It is a lie! You cannot love me! I am a monster!” I scream turning my back upon her, trying to deny it, to shut out the world once more and be the cold-hearted bastard they all knew. Before she tore my walls down and made me, feel again.

“But I do love you.” My head snapped around so fast that I heard a crack; there before me with open eyes cast with a red gleam was Iza. “Even a monster, I love you just the way you are.”

“Iza?” I whisper in disbelief, my hand outstretch to touch her face, to reassure me this was not a waking nightmare.

She turned her face into my palm and smiled, revealing her pointed teeth. “Nik.”

Author Note: That’s all folks… or maybe a sequel?

Big thank you to Lisa who beta’d this for me!



13 thoughts on “Chapter Five

  1. NOOOOOOOOO!!! You CAN’T leave it there! Maybe an epilogue to wrap it up? Maybe it could be the ‘kill the cullen’s’ chapter and it would have a few paragraphs that summed up her hybrid status and her mating with Nik?

    I really enjoyed the story. It was very entertaining and emotional

  2. I would definitely like to read more. Maybe some Cullen, Vicky and useless shifters revenge…. I would also like to read some happy, swooney, sexy mating times. 😉

  3. This was spectacular! What a chapter! Loved this short story!
    She changed into a hybrid. Is she scarred permanently because she’s a hybrid?
    Klaus realized how much she means to him finally!
    Would love to see an epilogue or sequel!! Need to see the end of the Cullens, Icky Vicky and how things go between Bella and Klaus.

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