Chapter Four

FAGE 8: Soul Mates
Title: The Way You Are
Written for: CloeMarrie
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Beta: Lisa
Rating: M
Summary: She did not expect this, it started something casual and he just… broke down all her walls and vice versa. Cursed Wolf, Sweet Swan… what could go wrong?

Prompt used: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars/ They are screw buddies but she falls for him

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Chapter Four – Bella POV

I felt cold in this darkness, cold and warm at the same time. Why were there no numbness and no nothingness? This was not right! I had hoped to finally just give up and fade but I am stuck in purgatory.

Existing and not existing in the same moment of time. It was torture and I curse the gods who caused this because it was unfair. Even in death or stasis of death, I was still hurting still living in hell and cold.

“Just help her… please.” That certainly was Nik’s voice!

Great, even in hell I cannot escape him…

“…this? How is she still human?” That was a new voice and I could tell he was pissed; it also aggravated me as I could feel his fingers probing my neck and wrist. “…may need the help of the Bennett witch.”

A witch, a witch will not be able to help me because this was my own bloody doing, I wanted the pain to stop and so I just gave up. The cold vanished and I found myself surrounded by warmth and the smell of leather and the very distinct scent of Klaus.

What on earth! Why is he here? Why is he even holding me the blasted cursed wolf?

“How could you think you are worthless? How could you think that I…” If I was awake, I would be sure that I would have the look of utter surprise and disbelief on my face. “You make me feel diff… Swan, it scares me sometimes how you make me feel… terrified…me one would find about you and hurt you.”

I—I did not know what to think about that, I had never seen this side of Nik, sure I have seen his friendly side but this? This was raw and emotional, something he guarded closely to his chest so he would not get hurt again. I had hoped I’d see it, if lucky even experience a little bit of that when we were together instead of the primal closed off Cursed Wolf, but I loved him just the way he was.

“I don’t know when it happened but one day I just saw you, you smiled up at me with flushed cheeks and a hazy gleam to your eye and it just made the world stop, I couldn’t tear my eyes away.”

What? No! I must have heard that wrong, but then again… No Bella, he could be lying… or he could be telling the truth and I will not be hurt again.

He already left you once for your own protection, what makes you think he would not do that again… okay, so my conscious was a bitch but she did have a point. He did leave me once for my own protection. It was such a move that I could not help but compare him to Dickward.

I argued with myself for a little bit longer before I felt the sensation of being… hmm… I could sense someone trying to reach into my mind, but had no such luck. Since James bit me and Edward sucked out the venom, my shield seemed to intensify. Thankfully, that sensation did not last for long, and whomever that was trying, gave up.

Though Nik and I would be having words if I wake up about allowing the person to attempt to breach into my mind, he knew how much I hate it because of Dickward. He also knew that mental powers of any kind be it witchy, Cold Ones or even compelling could not work on me. So why did he think that allowing someone would work?

“I’m sorry Sweet Swan; you’ll have to forgive me.” Nik whispered and it set me on edge, something was not right… Why would he be apologising to me? This was not right, something was wrong.

The taste of something metallic and rich exploded on my tongue, jolting my body at the flavour only when I got over the confusion and shock of it I let the rage consume me as I realised what he had done. The bastard, he knew I did not want to be a vampire, I would have changed my mind surely, if there were a chance between he and I but this… this pissed me off! When I get my hands on him…!

A scream tore from my lips as the chains holding me in this purgatory broke and pain exploded in my wrist. It felt like the Cold One change all over again but worse if that was possible. I could hear yelling over my screams as I tore myself from whatever was holding me to claw at my wrist and arm as the venom spread.

“Iza you need to calm!” I heard Nik yell causing me to snap my blurry eyes around to him as the pain bloomed up to my neck and the side of my face. I could make out the others and their horrified faces.

“VENOM!” I screamed as I clawed at my neck and face. I felt hands on me, holding me still and from stopping my clawing but it did not stop the scream as the venom began to wash over me, burning hotter and hotter to the point my flesh was burning away. Why did this hurt more than the first time, more than the moment Edward sucked out the venom? This was torture beyond hell even and it was maddening. No wonder there were fucked up vampires! If one had to sit through this agony, and to feel the burn of every cell and molecule before being created once more! Well, I might even feel a smidge of sympathy for them.

My eyes snapped open as it reached my heart, locking onto the frantic desperate eyes of Nik. There was really only one thing I could say to him, confess really. “Love… you.” I gasp out before clenching my eyes shut as my heart thudded painfully in my chest and darkness took me once more.

This time, I did not expect to wake up.

Author Note: The story has run away from me now…




One thought on “Chapter Four

  1. Wow! What a chapter! So much going on in Bella’s mind even though she tried to shut it all down. Loved that she could hear some of what Klaus was telling her.
    So she still had a lot of venom left in her? How will this effect her change? Will she even change?

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