Chapter One

thewayyouare PENNAME

FAGE 8: Soul Mates
Title: The Way You Are
Written for: CloeMarrie
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Beta: Lisa
Rating: M
Summary: She did not expect this, it started something casual and he just… broke down all her walls and vice versa. Cursed Wolf, Sweet Swan… what could go wrong?

Prompt used: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars/ They are screw buddies but she falls for him

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Oh you know, you know, you know

I’d never ask you to change

If perfect’s what you’re searching for

Then just stay the same

So don’t even bother asking if you look okay

Chapter One – Bella POV

It was three years, four months, twelve hours and 53 minutes to the day, when I first met Nik. It was two months after the disastrous incident that no one shall ever mention again after the last fucker who decided to rub it in my face.

Yeah, he took a little tumble down the stairs or two and had a nice stay in the hospital.

That was the first time I ever met Nik. He caught my little show, and compelled the asshole, so I would not get my pale ass put in jail. I was thankful of course, since Charlie was police chief and Mikes mom the town gossiper and knew exactly what he was the moment I caught his eyes.

“Well are you going to kill me or what cursed wolf?” I asked that as I began to make my way home, he of course was not going to let her escape after that comment. This of course I knew the second the words were out of my half-drunk mouth.

“HOW do you know that?” He had replied, lifting her off the ground by the throat.

I really did not know what I was doing nor did I care for a fact, the pain was too great and the anger just would not leave me be, so I lifted up my arm and showed him the bite. “Took a little misadventure with cold ones, got bit, got the venom sucked out… got a shitty gift in the process.”

Really, that caught the original’s interest. Nik did not really trust me at first but he wanted to hear the story so to speak before he killed me, unless I was useful to him somehow. I explained to him how I fell in love with a Cold One; the whole incident with James and knew the feeling of Venom searing my veins before being sucked back out of my system painfully.

Ironically, that did not settle well with Nik.

I told him how my life after that was me being turned into a submissive little mouse, being told when and what to eat, who I was and wasn’t allowed to see and even in the end they tried to keep me from my father. I explained in full detail, what happened the day of the disastrous incident, I just could stop.

The full amount of pain and betrayal washed through me when I started to withdrawal from their presence. My mind taken from me before returning with a vengeance and clarity I had not had since the moment I met Eddie.

I do not know what I did but Nik began to explain to me his life, the curse upon him and everything that happened from the day his mother turned them. We grew close and began to trust one another more; this of course led to drunken night fling that just kept on happening.

Hey, I did not mind that bit at all. I lost my virginity to one of the shifters, Paul to be precise and that was one hell of a ride to heaven but it was nothing compared to Niklaus. Nik made me burn in ways I didn’t know happened, made me scream in pleasure to the point I saw heaven and then crashed all the way down into hell with one fantastic trip that left me breathless and jelly.

It always amused him and yet there was another emotion hidden behind his cerulean blues I could not pinpoint.

However, that was a while ago now, it had been one year, four days and 36 seconds since I had seen or heard from Nik. I woke up one morning with a note from him saying he was sorry and that was the end. When I tried to call a few days later, I found out the phone number was disconnected. It hurt me in ways I did not know was possible. Our mutual agreement to call one another when we needed to scratch the itch but nothing more seemed to change.

I grew to care for the bastard and daresay I… No Iza, bad… we do not go thinking about things like that anymore! Remember? This is how we stop from being hurt.

“Well what is a pretty thing like you, doing in a dump like this?” A cocky voice asked from what was once the empty stool beside me.

“Bugger off.” I replied while throwing back the remaining bourbon in my glass and gesturing for another.

“Don’t be like that Sweet cheeks; I was just trying to be friendly.” The voice stated once more, this time daresay a little shocked.

With a huff, I roll my eyes. “Yeah and hoping for a little tumble in the sheet? Sorry pal isn’t going to happen.”

When I heard the bartender laugh, I raised my eyes and turned to look at the bloody asshole beside me. Just Great! Another vampire! His blue eyes were wide and he just gaped at me in disbelief. This caused me to snort again. “You’re used to getting what you want don’t you? Afraid to say, you really aren’t my type.”

“Well this is truly a first, is the great Damon Salvatore being turned down?” My eyes snapped to the amused teen – Original – that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and wedged his body between me and Damon, a cocky grin on his face that I am sure he thought was charming.

“I’m sorry for my friend, the name’s Kol and you are?” He introduced, causing my brows to rise. There was no way I was getting involved with the little brother of Nik, I have heard stories of Kol and unfortunately, he is not my cup of tea either.

“I’m going to need another drink, something stronger.” I told the Bartender, completely ignoring Kol. I watched as he simply raised his brows and nodded before going to get me a stronger drink, this time it was Damon who I heard laughing.

She snubbed you pretty boy, aren’t so lucky either.”

“I’ll have her in my bed screaming my name before you.”

“Do you mind?” I sigh out, turning my head to scowl at the two. They turned their eyes to me quickly, stopping mid argument. “I am pretty sure I turned you both down, now if you don’t mind… bugger off and let me drink in peace.”

A deep chuckled reached my ears, causing a shudder to run down my spine and stir up the embers of my anger. My body drooped and tensed at the same time as my hand curled tightly around the glass making it groan. I waited until the bastard got closer to me before turning around and punching him in his goddamn handsome face.

Nik clutched his face in surprise while the other two sat stunned. “Well I didn’t deserve that love.”

“The hell you didn’t Niklaus.” I hiss before throwing a couple of bills on the bar top and storming out of The Grill.

Author Note: Chapter One complete, four more to go! Hopefully.




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