Chapter Three

FAGE 8: Soul Mates
Title: The Way You Are
Written for: CloeMarrie
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Beta: Lisa
Rating: M
Summary: She did not expect this, it started something casual and he just… broke down all her walls and vice versa. Cursed Wolf, Sweet Swan… what could go wrong?

Prompt used: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars/ They are screw buddies but she falls for him

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Chapter Three – Klaus POV

“Come on Love, wake up!” I yell, shaking Iza slightly as she went limp in my arms. I could hear her heart rate slow and something within me snapped, I kicked the door to my study down and rushed towards the closest bathroom near it.

“Bloody Hell Nik! Get out!” Rebekah screamed as I burst past her, but this could not wait.

“Shut up and help me!” I roared laying Iza gently on the ground before turning the cold water in the shower on full strength.

My darling sister just stared at Iza and me with wide eyes and raised brows. Useless, the lot of them are bloody useless. I groaned as I stripped out of my shirt and tore Iza’s jacket away from her frame, snarling as I saw how thin she was, before stepping under the icy water.

“Come on Love, don’t give up, I’ll let you hit me and yell at me all you like if you just wake up!” I yelled at her, shaking her softly to rouse her but even the cold water would not wake her from her slumber. Her heartrate dropped more and blank eyes stared up at me, eyes that were the most honest and expressive ones I had ever seen that should not be blank.

“Elijah!” I yell once more as I rush from my sister’s room to my own and laid her gently on the bed.

“Niklaus! What is the meaning of this?” Elijah demanded as he appeared at the doorway, Kol and Rebekah behind him.

I snarled and threw the table closest to me across the room. “Just help her… please.”

Elijah’s brows rose higher and I watched as he slowly made his way to my Iza’s side and began to check her over. A frown pulled at his brows as he came to a stop at the bites upon her wrist, growling softly.

“How did she come by this? How is she still human?” My brother demanded, ever the noble Elijah but now was not the time for such folly questions.

“Later, this is more important!” I hissed, gesturing to Iza. “She just went limp and her heart rate slows.”

“Nik, there is nothing I can do. I will make a few calls and we may need the help of the Bennett witch.” Elijah tried to sooth me, he really did and I could see that he was waiting for me to scream and rant or even simply dagger him in a fit of rage at even the mere idea of the Bennett witch being near Iza.

However, if that little witch could help her then “Fine, fine!”

The others left the room quickly with surprise on their faces and I began to strip Iza and myself out of the saturated clothing before throwing on a pair of pants and gave one of my shirts for her. My heart constricted as I lay down by her side and pulled her close to me, she was tiny more so than I last saw her.

“How could you think you are worthless? How could you think that I… You make me feel different Sweet Swan, it scares me sometimes how you make me feel. Our deal was casual sex, yet it seemed to turn into more and I was worried, terrified that someone would find about you and hurt you.” I whispered softly, pulling her closer to me as I tuned out the sounds of my siblings downstairs.

“I don’t know when it happened but one day I just saw you, you smiled up at me with flushed cheeks and a hazy gleam to your eye and it just made the world stop, I couldn’t tear my eyes away.” I confessed, remembering that night well.

It was after dick the Dick as she so eloquently calls him. She was upset and pissed off, I did not even stop her when she began to kiss me, and I knew the deal of the whole casual thing. My room needed to be remodelled after that night. My blood and hers mingled together as she scratched down my back, my name tore from her lips, and the taste of her blood on my tongue.

I collapsed next to her when we finished out climax, she had curled into me and I felt my heart skip as she grinned up at me lazily, her eyes hooded before she fell asleep in my arms. I did not know what happened that night or how to explain it but I felt different, everything after that was different. Everything about her called to me, the casual way she spoke to me and how she did not fear me, the way she laughed when I told her something hilarious or she saw something hilarious.

Her lips, her lips

I could kiss them all day if she’d let me

Her laugh, her laugh

She hates but I think it is so sexy

She is so beautiful

I didn’t trust her at first, in fact I was simply going to make her a meal as she smelt delectable but her calling me Cursed Wolf caught me off guard, her story caught me off guard too and I didn’t know how a 19 year old could feel the amount of betrayal and anger I felt.

Sweet Swan seemed to understand him and vice versa.

“Please Sweet Swan, you need to wake.” I sigh before snapping my head to the door as Caroline and Bonnie stood in the doorway. “I need you to help her.”

The little witch frowned and stepped into the room, Caroline matching her movement, one hand always on her friend.

“What makes you think I can help or want to?” The little witch asked, and it took everything within me not to snarl or even more to break her pretty little neck.

“Because she’s human, she’s a human who got hurt by the supernatural race and I cannot let… I cannot lose her.” I confessed, tearing my eyes away from the two Scooby gang and back down the Sweet Swan’s pale face.

“I don’t know if I can help her Klaus. There is nothing magical around her that is causing this.” Bonnie explained and my body sagged, grief decided to come and chase away any form of hope.

“Then go.” I snarl, burrowing my face back into Isa’s hair. I ignored them as they left the room in a shuffle, I even ignored Caroline as she tried to talk or offer comfort but I did not wish to deal with her. She had made her decision on where they stood, even if he had come to care for the blonde-haired woman, but his heart lay with the brunette in his bed.

It was an hour later when the idea struck me, why didn’t I think of it before. “I’m sorry Sweet Swan; you’ll have to forgive me.” I whisper before biting my wrist and laying the wound over her lips, coaching her throat to drink.

If she woke up, I would deal with the wrath of Iza, after all I knew she did not wish to be like us.

Author Note: I am… a little… awkward with writing Klaus.




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