Chapter Two

FAGE 8: Soul Mates
Title: The Way You Are
Written for: CloeMarrie
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Beta: Lisa
Rating: M
Summary: She did not expect this, it started something casual and he just… broke down all her walls and vice versa. Cursed Wolf, Sweet Swan… what could go wrong?

Prompt used: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars/ They are screw buddies but she falls for him

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Chapter Two – Bella POV

I did not even make it four steps outside until I found myself picked up and slung over Nik’s shoulder. I could not escape from his hold, seeming as though I was stronger than humans I was nowhere near as strong as a full-blooded wolf, vamp, or even an original.

Therefore, I did the only thing I could, kick and scream bloody murder while calling him every name under the sun that did not take it too far. Because even though he was an asshole who decided to go ‘hey fuck it I’m going to leave Bella high and dry’ I did not make any derogatory remarks, I knew how much they hurt and I still respected the man.

“Can she even say those things to him?” Damon asked as we came to a sudden stop. I felt my world tilt and a groan left my lips, as the vertigo seemed to catch up on me.

“Put me down right now Klaus or I’ll vomit all that booze I just drank down your back.” I warned before finding myself thrown onto a very comfortable couch.

“This is a first.” Kol replied and continued to utter nonsense by my eyes never strayed from Klaus. My body was tense and it took all my will power not to simply get up and punch him again.

“The deal was that if we ever wanted to end it, we actually tell the other. Not disappear in thin air with a sorry note and disconnected number.” I state blandly while sitting up, I could have sworn I saw Nik flinch but that may have been my imagination.

“Look Iza…” I cut him off real quick.

“Isabella, you have no right to call me Iza, Klaus.” I point out and now I know I did not imagine this flinch, it seemed his whole body recoiled at the iciness of my tone. “But that’s beside the point, I don’t want to hear it, I just want to go back to my hotel and sleep.”

The moment I moved to take my leave, Nik was in front of me again, with his eyes wide, and his hand gripping my arm comfortably tight. The fire that always ignited whenever his hands were on me lit and flashed down my arm and all through my body, that I could not hold back the shiver this time.

“Let me explain Sweet Swan.” He whispered, his nickname for me causing my heart to stammer and breathe to hitch. The wall I built to protect my heart once again crumbled a little, I could not say no. He led me through the house and into another room, slamming his door in Damon and Kol’s faces before lighting the sage in one of the draws near the door.

I did not bother to look at him, my eyes never leaving the plush red carpet. “Explain Niklaus; explain to me what I did wrong for you to toss me away like that to make me feel as if I was worthless all over again. I had thought you respected me enough to tell me that our deal was over and you wished to never see me again.”

The noise I heard was nothing short of a hiss and a growl before I found myself staring into Nik’s blue eyes once more, his fingers gently resting on my chin.

“You believe that?” He asked with a frown.

I jerked my head free and walked towards the windows, my arms wrapping around me as the façade and wall I built crumbled. I had only ever shown Nik the real me since the disastrous incident, I trusted him enough with the real me and now… now it was easier to just show him how tired and hurt I really was.

“Of course I do, I respected you enough to tell you about when I started dating that dick Dick.” Yeah, Richard was one of my co-workers in the shitty diner I worked at in Seattle when I was twenty-one. I thought he was a sweetheart, he treated me like an equal and I had thought we were going places until I found out that he was already engaged to another woman. Yeah, waking up and being slapped and scratched was not fun.

I told Nik and I never saw Dick again.

“You were in danger, Iza.” Nik explained as if this would make me instantly forgive him. “My father was close and I couldn’t risk him finding about you and hurting you to get to me.”

“Bullshit.” I replied, turning to face him once more.

“It is the truth!” He spat out as he began to pace, I knew Nik; I knew that he defaulted to anger whenever he felt overly stressed or well overly anything really.

I picked up the closest thing in reach and chucked it at him, the shattering of the pencils went everywhere causing him to stop and whip his head around with an angry snarl. “I’ve killed people for less, don’t push me love; I’ve already let you hit me and scream at me… throwing my art supplies goes too far.”

I stare at him blandly. “Go for it, I don’t care; got nothing else left to care for.”

This drew him up short. “Charlie? Renee?”

“They are dead! Almost four months ago. Vampire.” I inform him, the gaping wound in my chest bursting open once again. I had found Charlie torn to shreds and his blood dripping from the walls and roof when I came home for a visit and a call from the police in Jacksonville informing me of my mother’s death.

I knew it was Victoria, I could smell her and the wolves had told me they tried but she snuck through, lead them on a chase with two others and in that time they must have slipped past and killed Charlie. I called bullshit because the smell of my father’s corpse told me he had been there for two days. That is when I packed up all my stuff and kept moving. I did not stop in a town for longer than a week at most.

“Why didn’t you ca… I’m sorry love.” Klaus stated while pulling me into a hug and I was so done, there was just too much strain. I could feel the pain burst, the memories of everything, the harsh words the feelings… it was too much.

I felt the darkness creep up and I could hear Klaus calling my name through a haze but I did not care, I just wanted the pain to stop, wanted it all to stop… so I welcomed the darkness and the numbness that came with it.

Author Note: I have no clue in which I am writing but this is really where the prompts took me, angsty gush and mush.




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