When the Ash Settles


Title: When the Ash Settles
Pairing: Clint/Bella
They survived the Chitauri and all that came after that bringing the team closer than ever, but now friendships will be tested and boundaries pushed. Sequel to HOTFG.

Chapter One


6 thoughts on “When the Ash Settles

  1. all these fics are great hope you do more.

    2 questions if i may: 1) why aren’t the hobbit crossovers here (or haven’t i seen them on here) one of the pics in the greetings bit is bella and fili so i’m curious….
    2) any chance of a bella/ heimdal fic??? got that thought while reading the first chapter. though i was thinking she’s human not a goddess, Odin would probably flip at that.

    UPDATE or new fic SOON

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