Gardens Bare

Pen name: TheDarkestFallingStar

Picture Prompt Number: #17

Title of story: Gardens Bare

Word count: 516

Pairing: Original

Story Rating: M

There was an old story that was whispered behind closed doors, a story that had been proven true too many times by locals who even dared to prove the tales wrong or tourists who didn’t believe the tale in the first place.

Deep in the woods on the outskirts of town sat a little shack; it had been there longer than anyone could remember. Those who had seen it described it as dilapidated, eerie and wrong but they knew once upon a time the home would have been stunning with freshly turned flower beds and song.

The rumours say that it belonged to a young newly married couple; it had been built for the bride before their wedding day. They were to be wed on the land but the groom never came. Now, there are rumours too about the groom, that he had a mistress or he had changed his mind. But the town knew the truth all too well and it was worse than the lies.

The bride had come from a wealthy family and he was just a commoner, it was a forbidden love, a dangerous love and it had killed her.

No, it was not her groom who she adored; it was the father of the bride and the man she was promised to. They had tracked down the groom and beat him to death for the location of his bride the night before they were to wed and the bride had waited, waited for her love to arrive.

Even now she waits.

And if you’re not careful, if you go with bad intentions deep into the woods, you’ll never be seen again.

But that’s the rumours of an old superstitious town. Annabelle knew the truth, she had known the truth for two years now that the promised man had found her, had hurt her beyond words and bruises… taunted her about her loves fate. She had hung herself in disgrace, in despair while overlooking the gardens bare.

She waits still for her love, but she will seek revenge for those who had been done wrong. That is how Annabelle knew the truth, she had been done wrong by the man she had thought had loved her and she had run to the old house deep in the woods.

The memories after that were blurry, but the next day she had woken in her bed and news of her lover was dead. Strung up and hanged, overlooking the village square.

So now when her sister came crying, her face red and bruises forming, Annabelle told her tale and the truth behind the cabin deep in the woods. Her sister didn’t believe her, but still she went to see and three days later her sister’s husband was found, strung up and hung, overlooking the gardens bare.

That is the tale of the bride in the woods, her eyes as sad telling the tale of her loss. She comes and she goes, seeking her lost love. But until then she waits, helping those that she could, making sure that no other will suffer her loss.



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