Chapter Eight

Author Note: Okay huge, huge, HUGE thank you to jlove34 and CayStar and everyone else whom shared this story, it truly means a lot!

Disclaimer: Same as always… always as same…

Peter POV

She… asked me to accompany her on a walk through the gardens. I didn’t know how to feel about that, a mix of anxiety and happiness? I was worried, worried that I would hurt her; that something would trigger my memoires and I’ll flash back to the horror and hurt her. I know she was the one to calm me but, I was still worried.

Looking down at the cookies that rested neatly on the table I couldn’t help myself but take one, almost moaning at the taste. Sugar cookies, almost like the ones that Millyanne used to make me when I was younger except these may be a little bit better.

With little else of a thought I shrugged on my coat and stuffed the rest of the cookies in my pocket before making my way downstairs almost hesitantly. I couldn’t help but frown when I walked into the kitchen just to see Lilly, I thought Isabella said to meet her in the kitchen, was I too late and she had changed her mind?

“Oh! Peter you gave me a fright!” Lilly scolds as she turns to see me, almost dropping the tray in her hands. “Bella is in the garden, I told her to go on and wait by the roses. I’m glad you agreed to take a walk with her.” She whispers at the end while leading me out the door into the garden. I gave her a small smile before stepping out into the sun and fresh air, breathing in deeply before finding Miss Isabella.

I found her by the roses where Lilly told her to go and stopped short, I couldn’t help be stunned by her beauty in this very moment. Yes, she was always a beautiful woman but in this light with the soft sunlight shining down upon her bringing out the gold in her hair with the soft breeze blowing it behind her. She was bent slightly, her hand gently caressing the rose as she smiled at the smell. In that moment, I hoped that…

“Oh! Peter, I am so glad you decided to join me.” She states with a soft smile, her eyes glinting with happiness that I couldn’t help but return it.

“Well ma’am my momma would whoop my behind if I were to upset or disappoint a lady.” I tell her, smiling wider as she giggles.

“Well then, your momma was a smart lady; but it means a lot that you joined me Peter. I was hoping to get to know one another seeming as I live here now. I know I said that we would take a walk but I had thought a picnic would be nice.” She explains gesturing to the picnic blanket I didn’t see to her left. I didn’t even hesitate to move forward and help her sit before sitting myself.

“I made us sandwiches, eat slowly and little bites.” She tells me before handing me only half a sandwich; I raise my brows in question causing her to blush.

“You don’t eat Peter, you may eat now and then when you are forced too but you don’t eat. I’ve been there and…and I know how much it hurts to eat something after going for so long without eating properly.” She explains in a stammer, looking away from me.

I couldn’t help but frown, recalling why she would be that way when it hit me. “Is it because of what happened with that good-fer-nothin’ foolish boy?” I ask causing her to nod, a tear slipping down her cheek. Without thinking I reach out and brush it away with my thumb, stiffening when I realised what I had done. When I went to pull away she stopped me, pressing my hand against her face with her own and closing her eyes.

A few minutes passed before she pulled back, the warmth that I always had at her touch vanishing instantly and once again I felt a little bit hollower inside. How does this tiny woman cause such a strong sense of belonging in me?

“Yes, for several months I barely spoke, barely ate and barely did anything but stare out my window in agony. I had loved him and he tore my heart out and took away those I loved, my brothers and sisters as well along with his parents. They treated me like a family member and in return that’s what I saw them as. It felt as if a hole had burns its way into me, his cruel words that tore out my heart broke me and tore me down. Then I started to get better for my father, it was then when his sister came back.” She sighs out softly, looking away into the distance as she retells me the story.

I did not speak nor did I need to, I knew talking words of comfort would be of no use. With that I slowly lifted the sandwich and took a small bite, eating the way she had instructed and found it mildly surprising that she was right.

We had spoken throughout lunch, telling me what she liked to do the most surprising me with most things.

“I am terribly clumsy, I had loved to climb trees when I was little no matter how many times Ch-Dad told me not to for worry I may fall. Of course I always did trying to prove him wrong. I have broken my arm too many times to count.” She chuckles, a fond smile on her face.

“I remember do much the same when I was little, mother used to scream in fright when she saw me hanging upside down from a tree. Of course that fright only lasted a second before she came running out with a wooden spoon threatening to tan my hide.” I share causing her to smile

“I’ve had a wonderful day with you Peter. I was wondering… well if you would come join us when the Whitlock Family arrived; it would mean so much to me if you were there.” She stammered out shyly causing me to smile.

I had felt happy in her presence and I didn’t wish for it to end any time soon, “why Miss Bella, I would ever be so delighted to accompany you.” I drawl out in a slightly higher pitch causing her to laugh out loud.

Author Note: hmmmm…..




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