Chapter Eighteen

Author Note: Well not long now…

Disclaimer:…. You know the drill

Bella POV

The sun was shining down and I was with Lilly in the garden helping her weed. It had been two months since I was married and I couldn’t be happier, waking each morning wrapped in my husband’s arms and falling asleep in his loving embrace.

Yet the impending sense of dread that had come on the day of my wedding only worsened as the days ticked by, now it loomed over me like the darkening clouds of a thunderstorm that seemed to bring never ending rain.

“So Isa, my sweet sister from one to another, how is your marital nights?” Lilly asks causally causing me to splutter and stare at her in disbelief before blushing, causing her to laugh.

“It is uh… very… stimulating.” I giggle causing her tinkling laughter to fill the air.

“So do you know when the family are coming?” I ask causing Lilly to hum in thought.

“I do believe they said later tonight, around supper. Why come so late I will not know but something tells me news will be released.” She explains with a sly smile, her hand fluttering across her stomach.

A squeal escaped my lips as realization hit me. “You sneaky woman, you are with child!” I coo causing her to shush me immediately.

“Yes, a couple months along by the doctor’s estimation. It seems your wedding night was not the only one of celebration.” She giggles causing me to snort in laughter.

“What do you hope for?” I ask causing her to smile once again.

“A girl, god has blessed me with three wonderful boys but I long for a little girl.” She whispers softly, resting her hand on her stomach.

“I hope so too, a little girl running around much like her mother. The boys will have a hard time keeping the men away when she grows older.” I tell her laughing.

She shakes her head with a large smile. “I can see that now, poor henry would be growing greyer with worry!”

The sound of horse hooves on the drive cause both of us to look up, my eyes pulling down as I see the familiar colourings of the Army. Confused, I stand, dusting myself off as I go and greet the two soldiers with Lilly by my side.

“May I help you gentlemen?” I ask causing one to step forward and remove his hat.

“Yes Ma’am we’re looking for Captain Peter Ben-Whitlock? Do you know on how we can find him Ms..?” I felt my heart constrict as the words registered.

“Mrs Whitlock, I am Peter’s wife. He is in the barn with his brother; I shall go and fetch him for you.” I manage to get out stiffly before turning on my foot and striding into the house and out the back to the barn. I could feel Lilly behind me; worry seeming to flow off her in waves.

“Peter!” I call, waiting for his head to stick out of the doors. I didn’t have to wait long, his smiling face sticking out covered in hay, his smile dropping once he saw me.

“What is wrong Suga’?” He asks causing me to choke as I try to explain. “Lilly?”

“Peter, there are two soldiers on the porch requesting you.” Lilly explains causing Peter to frown and look down at me, his eyes soft and reassuring but I could see in the very depths that he knew it was bad news.

“I’ll be right back wife, it’ll be okay.” He whispers, placing a tender kiss on my lips before running back to the house.

I felt my knees grow weak, Herny’s arms instantly wrapping around me to keep me from falling to the floor as I grasped my chest in the slight ache that was there as the dread grew.

“Bella! Calm! Sh! Only a few hours left… help… we’ll…” Jasper’s drawl whispers brokenly, this time as I close my eyes and focus on the now and not this current timeline I could hear every creak and sound in the house, the animals nearby and the thundering pads of feet on the floor.

“Isa?” Peter’s voice knocks me from my thoughts, I blink furiously as the light filters in and I found myself in the parlour and not by the barn. My eyes cut to the saddened ones of Peter and the dread came back full force.

“You have to leave done you?” I ask causing him to nod his uniform already on and bag by the door. “How long?” I ask softly, knowing the answer.

“Not long suga’, I need to present some strategies to the heads and then I will be home. It’ll only take a month or less. I promise, you’ll have me in your arms again soon.” He whispers, placing a soft kiss upon my lips.

“I love you Peter, my husband; don’t forget me.” I whisper causing him to smile as I stands, taking the bag and slinging it on his back.

“Never.” With that he walked out the door, I quickly made my way to the window, watching him mount Raven and taking off with the two soldiers. A cry escaped my lips once he was from my view, arms circling around me as words of comfort where whispered into the air.

Peter… peter… peter… I cry into my hands, his name a chant of a beating drum.

I sat in the bay window of Peter’s room, overlooking the front yard; I had been here since the day he left. Refusing to leave the room, to visit the family when requested or to go to town; in fear that I may miss his return. It had been a month and a week since I heard back from him, my heart thudded sluggishly and painfully in my chest and the dread that seemed to clutch onto my heart like a vice.

“Auntie Bella?” Bexie’s soft voice draws me from the window to her worried eyes.

“Yes sweetheart?” I ask softly causing her to come forward, placing a plate of sandwiches on the table before me.

“You need to eat, you’ll get sick and if you get sick…” She trails off, her lip quivering with the thought. I give her a tentative smile before picking up a quarter of the sandwich and nibbled on it. She cast me a bright smile before giving me a quick hug and racing out the door. I knew Lilly or one of the others had sent her, they always send the children now when they wish for me to eat; knowing I could never say no to them.

I rubbed my chest while I continued to gnaw on the cheese sandwich, the pain growing as the hours tick by, even now once again as I find myself back in this depression state I felt alone. The family could do not much to convince me out of my stupor and even the soft voices of Jasper and Alice were gone.

“ISA!” Lilly’s frantic scream pulled me from my thoughts alerting me to the soldier’s colours riding down the drive. I couldn’t see if it was Peter but I could recognise Raven, with a smile I race down stairs, almost stumbling down the stairs and out the door to wait.

My smile dropped as the soldier came close a second horse not far behind; Raven. Fear churned my very being as the soldier stepped down from the horse and removed his hat, a flag sticking out from his satchel causing me to scream.

“NO! TELL ME IT ISNT SO!” I wail causing my knees to give out as the soldier looked down. Tears pooled in my eyes as he helped me too my feet and placing Peter’s bag and the flag in my hands.

“I’m sorry Ma’am; we were on our way back from the Mexico border when our platoon was attacked. Peter was the only one to… he was a good man… I’m sorry.” He trailed off before hopping back on his horse after giving Raven’s reigns to Lee.

I felt my heart quicken, pain began to bloom, in its wake numbness. I felt Peter’s things tumble to the floor as his name flew from my lips in an agonised wail. I could hear the others calling my name, asking what was wrong as I grasped my heart, I couldn’t answer them. He was gone, he was gone and I… oh god PETER!

I felt my vision grow dark, the voices of the Whitlock’s fading into the darkness while the rushing of my blood echoed in my ears.

lub-dub…..lub-dub….lub-dub… the beat of my heart slowing until finally nothing but my nightmare. I saw Peter in the darkness, his mouth open in a scream as a vampire curled around him, his eyes hollow as blood spilled out between the fingers of his killer.

“NO! PETER!” I roar, my eyes snapping open to see the Cullen home.

A fight in the back yard.

Author Note: Mwahahahaha




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