Chapter Eleven

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Bella POV

I couldn’t help but laugh in joy as Peter spun me around, his own laughter echoing mine and it made me realise that this was the first time I’ve honestly heard him give a real laugh, an honest to god real laugh.

“What’s making you happy Darlin’?” Jasper’s amused drawl echoes softly in the back of my mind, if it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard his voice I would frown but I’ve adjusted to the weird now.

“You have no idea how happy you’ve made me Isabella.” Peter drawls softly as he places me back onto my feet.

I let out a laugh before placing my hands on his chest. “And I am happy too, you make me happy Peter. If you don’t mind me being so forward, I may even be falling in love with you. The very little time we’ve had to get to know one another has been, so different…so wonderful…you’ve shown me kindness, warmth and many other things. I could see a life with you.” I utter softly, embarrassed almost in the new age one is not usually this forward well… It would seem too soon to many, very much too soon.

Yet as I look back I was never this comfortable with Edward, it was always about him and what he wanted and my opinions never mattered. While Peter made that mistake once he listened to me, listened and thought about it to the point he overcame that doubt he had. He respected me, it felt nice. Looking back up at Peter I move closer to him and he doing the same.

“Finally! Come on love birds the family is waitin’!” Henry exclaims as he steps inside, a wide grin on his face. I bury myself into Peter’s chuckling frame groaning.

“Alright brother. But really, your timing could have been better.” Peter replies blandly causing Henry to laugh loudly as he steps back out into the night.

With a sigh I extract myself from Peter’s arms and take my hand in his before following Henry. If I am correct he did that on purpose. The asshole, yet such a brother thing to do, something both Emmett AND Jasper have done.

“I’m sorry for him; mother dropped him on his head as a babe as I am told.” Peter replies as we walk slowly towards the ever growing firelight.

“Aunt Bewwa!” Little Charlotte cries happily as her little legs carry her way over to us. Her arms up, little hands opening and closing in the child’s universal sign of ‘pick me up’. I was shocked at first of her name for me before kneeling and opening my arms for her to jump into.

“She seems to have taken a liking to you Suga'” Peter drawls softly with a fond smile as we join the others. The little girl in my arms drifting off at a miraculous rate.

“I seem to have that way with children.” I state honestly, whenever I used to babysit back home in Phoenix they were attached to my hip as soon as I came through the door. Yet, as much as I have this so called ‘talent’ pretty much raising my mother and I, killed any desire to have children.

“Isabella, come tell us about your home!” Someone – I can’t remember the name – yells as we near.

“It’s all forest and rain, what else is there to know?” I ask with a chuckle. It was true, seriously true, all green and rain.

“You have told us, but what are the people like?” They reply back, I now realising it was Marcus Mae’s husband.

“It’s a very small town, its isn’t far from the native reserve we have alliances with. Truly a place to call home.” I state softly, causing many murmurs of interest to flutter through the Whitlock’s.

“My dad was the Chief Police, a respected man in town.” I reply after I heard someone inquiring about my father. I look down at the sleeping girl in my arm and frown; did Charlie know what was happening, what about the wolves? Are the Cullen’s okay and safe or will I return to a war?

“How did you end up in Huston?” I froze; I could feel all eyes upon me, burning into me with curiosity. I hadn’t spoken of that, only to Peter and Lilly had seen my wounds but never inquired.

“I was courted by the doctor’s son, he…” I trail off, closing my eyes and leaning into Peter’s embrace while trying not to waken the sleeping Charlotte.

“He broke her. Beat her. Left her here.” Peter spat out darkly, the silence lasted for a second before hell broke loose, jolting Char in my arms awake and startling the other children. Many choice words of rage uttered many promises of violence.

“It is fine; you don’t need to go look for him. He is no longer in the country.” I state, in reality in this time he wasn’t even changed yet or born.

“Oh Hon, what a mighty strong woman you are.” Harriet states as she comes over and removes her daughter from my arms when she saw they were tiring.

“Enough of this, tonight is to be merry and welcome Isabella to the Whitlock Family not make her remember that good-fer-nothin’, I’m sure he don’t got all what belongs to him.” Ma Whitlock exclaims sharply and that was that, there were no more mentions of Edward or my home.

Just stories about the children and the things the adults did when they were younger. I stayed in Peter’s arms through the night; not leaving them till the fire died and everyone began to head home. Even then I didn’t once let go of Peter’s hand as we bid the family goodbye with promises to visit sometime in the near future.

Henry yawned loudly, “I feel like I’ve been rode hard and hung up wet.”

“What?” I ask confused, my eyes drooping in exhaustion.

“It’s a term Suga’ means he’s exhausted and or worn down.” Peter explains in a slight chuckle as we walk back towards the house.

With a yawn myself I chuckle. “Okay…”

“Let’s help you to bed Missy.” Lilly chuckles she too just as tired but faring better than I.

“Bella… I can’t see you anymore…” Alice’s voice whispers softly, “I hope you are doing okay…”

“Mhmm, bed good… bed is good.” I reply softly before dozing off.

Author Note: Well there you go another one. The next chapter I may speed it up, but what would you all really like to see?




One thought on “Chapter Eleven

  1. I think that the voices she hears are really them. And she is just back in time yet her her body is with them still. Not like reliving memories, more like living in a reality dream state…

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