Chapter Fifteen

Author Note: Wedding day!

Disclaimer: Own not!

Bella POV

I stood in front of my dresser, the sun’s rising rays filtering through the window. I had woken mere minutes before with butterflies in my stomach, today was to be my wedding day; my wedding day. With a smile I glance over the dress that hung on the hook on the wall, it was large, lacy and yet perfect. Lilly had shown me her dress only a week ago when I could not find one that called to me and I had fallen in love with it.

“Isabella! Goodness, I can’t believe you’re getting married today!” Lilly breathes out, fanning her face to dry the tears away.

I cast her a smile, “I can’t either an’ yet I cannot wait.” I reply, tears pooling in my eyes as I thought of my father, my mother. They wouldn’t be here; Charlie wouldn’t be here to walk me down the aisle.

“Oh, don’t cry ladies, you’ll make this old woman cry too.” Ma Whitlock hums as she comes in carrying a tray of biscuits and tea. I had been ‘informed’ that I would be staying the night at the Whitlock home, as tradition.

It was a lovely farmhouse that had been expanded, very homey and something I could see myself living in. I was a very simple woman and this home was a home unlike the Bennett Mansion. Lilly tried her best but the place was ‘too large’ in her words.

“Ma, I was wondering, I noticed this room hadn’t been used in a while. May I inquire whose it was?” I ask as I take in the slightly lived in room, it had a masculine feel, I also found drawings in one of the draws.

“It was my son Jasper’s room. Somethin’ told me you would feel more at home in this room, not too sure why but… the room needs to see one more happy day.” She finishes softly, causing my heart to clench. All this made me wonder, what made the fates to bring me here? To bring me closer to Jasper’s family and finding my true love? I couldn’t reply back to Ma Whitlock and I was glad she seemed to need a reply back to her statement.

“Where are Mae and Harriet?” I ask as I notice the two other women not fussing around the room.

“Harriet is at the house making sure the boys get Peter ready and fed with Hermosa, also making sure Peter doesn’t escape to come see you.” Ma Whitlock explains as she pushes me into the chair with unusual strength. “Mae is out gathering the eggs and all the other chores that need to be done before coming to help.”

“Now, let’s get you ready, I’d say beautiful but… my girl, Peter is one lucky man to have a beauty for a wife like you.” Ma Whitlock states before beginning to brush my hair. I couldn’t help but laugh at her cheesy line, but at least for now my nerves were gone as well as the slight guilt at letting Mae do all the chores alone.

“How would you like your hair Doll?” Ma asks, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Braided? Something that goes into a bun with a few curls loose.” I ask softly, unsure on what I wanted. There has been months since the engagement and my birthday and I focused on everything but how to have my hair.

“Oh, I know exactly what she wants Momma.” Lilly cries excitedly before taking over Ma’s spot. Her hands began to move as she hummed, twisting and pinning and pulling. Always swift and precise and yet I could barely feel her doing it at all. I couldn’t look away from her hands and soon, she was done, a slight ‘ta-da’ escaping her lips as she points to the mirror before me.

“I love it,” I whisper as I take it in, tears pooling in my eyes. I stand abruptly, turning and pulling Lilly into my arms. “You’re the best sister I could ever ask for.” I whisper in her ear.

“You are as well Isabella. I am so glad I spotted you that night.” She whispers, pulling back just in time for Mae to rush in.

“Oh good! You haven’t gotten the dress on; I thought those chores would never end!” She exclaims causing us all to laugh. “Now, shall we help you get into that dress of yours before Henry arrives?”

It took a total of nearly an hour to get me in my dress, with all the layers and to have everything set up. Many times having to stop when one or all of us broke out into tears on this special day, yet no matter how joyful I may be, I was still upset that Charles couldn’t be here to walk me down the aisle. That Jasper and Alice couldn’t be here nor could Emmett.

“Oh!” Lilly gasps out as she placed the veil in my hair. Her eyes pooling with tears once more as she covers her mouth with her hand.

“What?” I ask, moving over towards the mirror and gasping. There were no words, no words to describe what I was feeling, on how I looked.

“Oh Isabella, you look so beautiful.” Ma Whitlock breathes out, fanning her face with her hand to stop the tears before pulling me in a hug carefully.

Mae and Lilly all joined in, the silence not needed to be broken by a word. There was no need; it seems I could feel what they wanted me to.

“Knock, knock?” The voice of Henry came at the door, breaking the moment and causing many of us to pull away.

“Henry, you can come in.” I state teary, laughing as he stuck his head inside with his eyes closed.

“She’s decent silly husband!” Lilly chortles causing Henry to smile as he opened his eyes and stepped fully in the room.

“Oh Miss Bella, you are simply divine.” Henry drawls, “If I wasn’t so madly in love with Lilly and ten years younger…” He chuckles causing his wife to mock scold him and I to blush.

“Don’t you have something to present to our sister?” She reminds causing Henry to smile and hold up a brown paper wrapped gift.

“Now, as you came to us with no family it is tradition in ours that the head male is to give you a present.” He hums waiting for me to sit before handing me the box. I raise my brows and look up at him at the surprisingly heavy box before opening it.

There in the mess of shredded brown paper was the Jewellery box he was working on with scenery of trees and flowers on the top and side. It was stunning, so beautiful and the best gift anyone could have ever given me.

“Sneaky!” I exclaim once I was over the shock causing him to laugh.

“I was unsure on what you liked, so I asked under the pretence of it being for something else. Look inside.” He states softly, I cast him a confused look before lifting the lid of the box, I didn’t think they would give me anything else; this was perfect the way it was.

I took in the reflecting gold inside with stunned awe. There were two lockets and a bracelet with a hand carved ‘W’ on the face.

“The bracelet is from the Whitlock Family, it has the monogram on it. The necklace with the cameo is from Peter as a wedding gift, it will have a picture added to it from today and the last necklace with the garnet is from the whole family, inside there is a lock of hair from each of us to keep us close to you. Everyone has one; we even added a lock of your hair to ours.” Lilly explains softly, holding up the garnet and gold locket before opening it to reveal little locks of hair tied together separately with little strings of yarn in different colour.

I didn’t stop the tears that pooled in my eyes, letting them spill over as I cradle the locket to my chest. “Is it okay if I wear this today?” I ask causing all of them to nod and smile, Mae taking the locket and placing it around my neck while Lilly placed the Whitlock bracelet on my wrist.


427487030_061 82577d577fdd42a4dede5a38e24f60ee 








“There is also one thing, you have something old, something new and this my dear is something borrowed and blue.” Ma Whitlock states teary as she unclasps the bracelet from around her wrist, flipping it over to see two locks of hair in the back. “This is my husband’s and Jasper’s lock of hair. Since they cannot be here today and you cannot have one with you, I’ll let you borrow mine heart.” She tells me softly, a tear slipping down her cheek.

Once the clasp was clasped and it sitting firmly on my wrist I pulled her into my arms, she was truly a mother I always wished I had; yet I knew our time was limited. Even now as I settle for the time of the ceremony to come with the voices of my adoptive kin around me I felt a looming dread around.

I cast my eyes down to the gold and delicately carved bracelet with Jasper’s lock in it I couldn’t help but frown. Deep inside I could feel a slight ache within my form and an unnatural shift in emotions.

heart_charm_locket victorian_turquoise_jewelry

“Bella, it’s okay… One day left… Relax… enjoy what you’re dreaming…” Jasper’s drawl breathes across my mind in broken sentences. The usual softness was gone in his tone replaced with a hit of worry.

“Can’t see… Jasper… Wolves… They… coming…” Alice’s panic filled chirp followed. Panic swelled within me, I had forgotten Jake, the pack… Who had bitten me? Oh god the treaty.

“Sh! She can hear you… Get Emmett… Settle Darlin’, safe… we’re safe… I wont let them…”

“Isabella? Are you okay dear?” Ma Whitlock’s voice pulls me from my thoughts and I let out a sob. She cast everyone a look, making them exit the room quickly without a word before she came and sat next to me on the bed.

“Is this about my son?” She asks once she heard the footsteps fade. I cast her a shocked look causing her to laugh slightly. “I don’t know how I know Isabella, but I know you’re not from this time. Your manners, the speech, it is all wrong… Can you tell me… is he happy?” She asks causing me to laugh through a sob.

“Yes! Oh god, he is so happy! He has an amazing wife named Alice… He is though currently in the holds of a demonic woman but he will be happy. He is the best brother I could hope for; he saved me so many times Momma. You would be so proud of all he has overcame and the man he is now.” I choke out happily causing her to smile, she seemed to look younger as her body seemed to relax, it seemed a huge weight had been lifted.

“Thank you Isabella, when you see him next, can you tell him I am so proud. Thank him for whatever he did to bring you here, for making this family a family once again.

A knock echoed the room and Henry stepped in, a smile on his face as he held out his arm for me to take. “Ready to get hitched?” He asks causing me to laugh. Ma Whitlock cast me one last smile before quickly exiting the room, I loop my arm through Henry’s and cast him a worried smile.

“Don’t let me fall Henry. Don’t let me fall.” I breathe out as we made our way down the hall and towards the field we were to be wed on the Whitlock farm. It was under a huge magnolia tree on the property and it was in bloom too.


Henry cast me a smile as he looked down at me, the music playing softly in the background. “Never sister, I will never let you fall.”

With that I looked up as we rounded the trees to see the family and friends of the Whitlock’s with some of Peter’s army buddies, he stood at the very end of the aisle with his dress uniform on a wide grin upon his face.

Author Note: Okay so I said that this was the wedding but hell this chapter went on! So next chapter is the wedding I promise!




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