Chapter Five

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Disclaimer: This is purely my mere imagination with property I don’t own.


Peter POV

I watched from the window as my brother, Lilly and Isabella leave along with the children; leaving the house to myself. I was…conflicted. I didn’t know what to feel towards them, let alone Isabella.

Last night I had heard talking but still didn’t know Isabella was there, I was sitting by the fire, my eyes never leaving from the flickering pain as the flashes of war filled my mind until her scream broke through the wall.

I shot up in a panic, fear that an intruder had snuck in and someone was in trouble. I was mildly surprised to find a young woman in the bed screaming in her sleep. I quickly shut the door to not wake the others before trying to wake her. It took several attempts but I did and I would never forget the utter fear in her eyes as she woke.

When she spoke of her… no of that bastard who had hurt her both physically and mentally, it took every ounce of will power to hold myself back. The woman was able to bring forth emotions I had never felt so strongly before to the surface, it scared me and yet it humbled me.

I had never come across a woman who had even invoked such emotions and yet the slip of the girl that was before me did. She did with her story, the way her own emotions shone through to me, seeming to match my pain.

I sat with her for what seemed like hours making sure to give her some form of protection, to make her feel safe. When she asked, I couldn’t deny her; her eyes wide and shining with fear. Then, when I took my leave she asked me to come back the next night, it made me feel… warm. No one ever asked me to return, no one really needed me for protection anymore and yet she didn’t really need to ask me.

I struggled with all that I felt towards the woman whom seemed to suddenly be adopted by my brother and Lilly. Yet, I could see why they were attracted to her; why they let her stay here and not take her to the local doctor. She was a kind soul; she radiated an aura of comfort and something else I couldn’t place.

With a sigh I turn back to my room and away from the window, unable to see Isabella anymore. My morals and my fears clashing with my desire to be happy, to risk it all for her and yet I didn’t know why. Last night, when my hand touched her flesh I felt a spark, a spark that seemed to sooth my very soul with its warmth; I no longer felt incomplete- broken.

“Peter?” I turn and stare at my brother, I didn’t even hear him come in, I had sworn he had left with the woman and children.

“I came back to speak with you. You don’t have to talk, but I am glad you spoke to Isabella. Though it was improper to stay in her room, if you wish to know her more Lilly and I may accompany you to the park or to the pond down in the back paddocks.” I felt my brows raise and shrugged, I didn’t know. As much as I wanted that, I was afraid, afraid of many things and I knew sometime down the line I would be gone and she would suffer my loss.

“Do not be afraid, take the risk. You deserve to be happy, I don’t know Miss Swan’s story but I know she is deeply hurt; she needs someone to talk to and I believe you two to be a kindred spirit in that sense.” He explained before leaving me to my thoughts.

With a shake of my head I let out a long sigh before emerging from my room, I guess I should eat and I know that Lilly would have covered some leftovers from breakfast. Humming I eat the little food left over and looked out the window to see flowers, I wonder if Isabella likes daisies…

I shook my head clear of the thought, frowning at them as well. Why would I ponder on such…? Get your head together man, it’ll make her happy, lord knows she needs some cheering up… my subconscious screamed and before I knew it, I was in the garden with one of the vases picking the daisies that grew.

Another sigh escaped my lips as I slowly moved back inside, letting the sun rays try to leech out the seemingly always there chill. A scream tore through the yard, causing my head to snap to the east only to see the fields change into that of the battle field. George’s face mangled and twisted as he grasped his leg that was shot, a large chunk of flesh ripped from his leg.

I shook my head vigorously, my pace quickening as I made my way back up to my room, placing the flowers on the desk before covering my ears from the screams. I don’t know how long I sat in the corner, my eyes clenched shut as my hands pressed firmly against my ears.

“Shh Peter, you are safe.” The voice whispered, drawing me away from the horrors of my mind, dimming the sound of the screams.

“It’s okay, open your eyes.” The voice coached and my eyes snapped open to see Isabella crouching in front of me, my brother at the door standing worried. It was then, when her gloved hand touched over mine that reality came back and I realised, that the screams I were hearing, were mine.

“What?” I rasp out confused, causing her eyes to soften as she helps me to my feet.

“We came back and heard screams, I thought I would repay back for tonight, Henry came with me to make sure you weren’t hurt.” She whispers softly, while guiding me to the chair.

“I…I…” I started causing her to place her finger over my lips.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to explain, here drink this.” She whispers, handing me a glass of water. I take it from her hand, my fingers overlapping hers, my eyes never leaving her eyes before taking a sip of water.

“Thank you.” I whisper, my throat no longer parched, earning a smile in return.

“You’re welcome.” She replies, still smiling at me. I couldn’t look away, she was stunning and the only one able to easily pull me from a flashback. I think I may be falling, yet I know deep down I don’t seem to mind.


Author note: Okay so something little different, how’s you like Peter’s POV?

Also I’ll be trying to update once a week from now on.




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