Chapter Four

Author Note: dabadee dabadie dabadee dabadie dabadee dabadie dabadee dabadie.

Disclaimer: This is purely my mere imagination with property I don’t own.

Bella POV

I was awoken by the light filtering though the open windows, I couldn’t help but let out a little smile as I stretched under the covers and sigh. Though my little bleary dream like world was shattered when the voice of Lilly rang in my mind followed by several knocks.

I shot up out of bed, stumbling to the floor when my leg got caught in the blanket, the events of last night coming back to me with force. I had hoped a fraction that it was all a dream and when I woke the next morning I would be a vampire and I would have to face reality once more.

“Are you okay dear?” Lilly asks as she rushes into the room and help me off the floor, I couldn’t help but blush.

“Yes, sorry, I am a bit clumsy. I had forgotten where I was and when I woke to hear your voice it shocked me is all.” I admit causing her to shake her head and laugh.

“I am sorry for that, but I bring you a dress to wear. Today we will go and gather you some dresses and sleeping attire. Come, I will help you change and then you can meet my lovely children over breakfast.” She laughs as she holds out the dress to me. It was a beautiful eggshell blue and much like the dress I was wearing last night.

Without hesitating I stripped from the nightgown I was wearing, revealing the undergarments I had on last night causing Lily to gasp as she took in my skinny frame and the bruises that littered my flesh.

“Oh goodness, what happened you?” She asks concerned, I quickly stepped into the dress; thankful I didn’t need a corset and covered my frame. “Oh, how rude of me! Here let me do you up.” She rushes out before tying the back of my dress up tightly, I let out a wheeze as it constricted against my chest.

It took nearly half an hour to wrangle my bird’s nest of hair, brushing it and placing it in an up-do. In the meantime she told me how she had always wanted a daughter but was blessed with three boys. Soon I found myself down in the kitchen, three little boys running around laughing, only to stop when they laid eyes upon me.

“Boys, this is Miss… Oh, I forgot to ask for your name.” Lilly asked causing me to laugh.

“Isabella, Isabella Swan.” I give her causing her to blush.

“This is Miss Isabella, she will be staying with us until she is better. Till then you best be on good behavior, she is not here to look after you all day.” She exclaims causing the boys to nod.

“Yes Mama,” they reply before looking at me. “Hello Miss Swan.”

I smile and kneel the best I could down to their level, “Now you don’t need to call me Miss Swan, that’s my mama. You can call me Miss Bella.” I coo causing all three to grin and blush. They were near all identical except their hair and eye colour varied. I could have sworn that the littlest one of the bunch could be a spitting image of Jasper if he were a child.

“The one of the right is Thomas, the middle is Henry Jr and the little one is Jasper, we named him after my brother.” Lilly explained as she walked over and ruffled their hair. “Now boys, go wash up for breakfast.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as they fought to leave the room first, arguing over whom got to sit next to me. They were adorable, though didn’t ignite that mothering feeling that I’ve heard so many woman exclaim when seeing such darlings.

Turning back around I cast a smile to Henry whom had a paper in his hands.

“Good morning Miss Swan.” He greets dipping his head slightly.

“And a good morning to you.” I reply before looking around with a small frown once I realized Peter wasn’t in the kitchen.

“What is wrong dear?” Lilly asks as she places the plate and cutlery in front of me.

“Is Peter not joining us for breakfast?” I ask and suddenly regretted it, as it grew silent, so silent I could hear the creaking of the tree outside. “Did I say something wrong?”

I watch nervously as Henry and Lilly shared a look, Henry placed his paper down and cast me a curious look while Lilly took her seat next to him.

“How do you know my brother’s name? You’re not in trouble we are just curious.” Henry asks causing me to blush.

“I have bad nightmares, I scream in my sleep and I must have last night. He barged in my room thinking I was being attacked; it surprised him that I was on his side of the home. We spoke for a little bit as I calmed down and he left.” I explain and knew it was probably a bad thing to admit to as their shock showed on their face.

“Did… Did I say something wrong?” I repeat again, Henry let out a laugh his face alight with joy making him look younger.

“No not at all. My brother has been home from leave for a month now and no one has able to get a peep out of him and yet here you are, your first night here and he already has spoken to you! Hopefully with time, you can get him to eat with us.” He explains joyously.

I didn’t know how to take that news, the woman’s words from last night filling my mind and it made me more determined now to make the man I had seen last night come out of his shell, to see what I had seen before this happened to me. I was determined to show him how to live again, be with his family without the hauntings of his past and hopefully he could heal my wounds as well. But in due time I suppose, in due time.

Author note: Well chapter four, mainly a filler chapter than anything.




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