Chapter Fourteen

Author Note: I hope the last chapter was satisfying because that’s all you’re gonna get from that timeline. *chuckles*

Disclaimer: *yawns* the usual, the usual

Peter POV

We lay in silence, though she looked as peaceful as a rising sun across the plain. Yet I on the other hand was as jumpy as a newborn buck, the weight of the ring box heavy in my pocket. It had been there, waiting for the right time, but there is never a right time unless you create one.

I knew she was the one for me, I knew the second I laid eyes upon her that night she arrived, scaring me to wits with screams. Yet, I didn’t realize that right away, not till a few weeks ago.

Come on everyone! Hurry up!” Isa’s exasperated voice called from the hall. I couldn’t help but shake my head; sometimes the woman seemed so out of her time. Usually it took the women hours to get ready for the annual dance and yet there she was already dressed and ready.

How can you even be ready?” Lilly called back in disbelief causing Isa’s laugh to fill the house.

It’s called, no make up, natural waves, a dress and then a bun!” She replied teasingly. I couldn’t help but laugh as I finished putting on my boots and Stetson before making my way downstairs.

I couldn’t help when my breath hitched, the sight of Isa in front of me. She was stunning, her hair half up in a bun and wearing a deep purple gown making her seem like a porcelain doll.

You look stunnin’ Suga, I think I may have to take my gun with me to keep the men at bay.” I drawled out, catching her attention. I loved it when she blushed, her whole neck and face turning a soft rose colour.

I highly doubt it, but either way you look handsome.” She managed to get out while fighting with her dress sleeve.

Nervous Suga’? There’s no need to be.” I told her, causing a sigh to escape her lips.

I don’t like to be in the spotlight so to speak, I can’t dance and I will surely make a fool of myself.” She admits in a soft drawl. Her accent always made me smile, it was a mix of the north and south and entirely her.

I think I can solve that, may I?” I asked, gesturing to her waist. She rolled her eyes, like she did every time I asked before nodding.

With a smile I grasped her waist and lifted her onto my feet, holding her close to me. Her hands went instantly to the correct positing for a waltz. I cast Henry Junior a look who stood patiently at the door and gestured to the violin. He and Lilly were the only ones with that talent, the rest of us were too uncoordinated but I just think the guitar is more comfortable to play. Soon the music began to fill the hall and I moved.

Her laughter filled the air as I swirled us around, her eyes alight with joy and happiness. Her face was flushed ever so slightly and soon, her feet were on the floor as she moved with me. I could hear laughter of Henry and Lilly as they joined in but I didn’t look to see, I couldn’t move my eyes away from the beauty in my arms.

I felt happy, complete.

It was then, that night of the dance that I realized she was truly my soul mate, she made me believe in such things and it was also the night I realized I love her; that I didn’t want to spend one waking moment without her by my side. With a deep breath I shifted onto my side and looked down at her, taking a second to take in her peaceful face.

“Isa?” I whisper, waiting as she turned to look at me.

Her brows puckering in confusion ever so slightly before replying, “Yes Peter?”

“It may seem to soon, but…” I began, swallowing nervously as I thought of the words to say next.

“You truly have healed my pain, brought the light back into my dark view of the world an’ have shown me what love an’ life means. I love you Isabella, I love you as the moon does the stars and I hope…I hope with everything within me that you feel the same or this question may be well… What I’m trying to say Isa is that I love you and that I was wonderin’, wonderin’ if you would become my wife?” I ask nervously, my hand fumbling with the box as I pull it from my pocket, opening it for her to see.

Her eyes welled with tears as she shot up, her hand flying to her mouth as she stared at me. I grew nervous when she didn’t respond, her eyes flickering between my face and the ring.

“YES!” She cries throwing herself at me and kissing me. I almost wept in joy, almost. How could I not? The woman of my dreams had agreed to marry me, had said yes!

“I love you Peter!” She cries out into my arms, her words warming me to the core. It was the first time she had uttered them out loud. She hadn’t needed to before; I could see it in her eyes.

“I love you too Isa, you’ve made me the happiest man by saying yes.” I tell her, pulling her to her feet as I shot up and twirled her around.

“We need to tell the others, they knew I was going to ask you but… they need to know!” I exclaim happily causing her to laugh.

“I happen to agree! Lets go now, damn the food, we need to go now and tell them! I never thought I would to be married this young but you make me so happy, make me see a future I have never seen before.” She exclaims while pulling me towards Raven.

I chuckle and swoop her up in my arms, causing her to scream before slapping me on the chest in exasperation. I lifted her up on Ravens back before mounting, taking off in a fast run once she was safe and comfortable in my arms.

“Peter? Can I ask something before we get home?” She asks and I slowed down to a slow trot.

“Sure Suga’ what is it?” She looked nervous, biting her lip as she avoided my eyes.

“I want to stay a Whitlock. As much as I love to become your wife, this isn’t me changing my mind but I thought maybe… Maybe we could do something different, new. Maybe we take the Whitlock name, the both of us. Maybe have it hyphenated like Henry and Lilly but Bennett-Whitlock and not the other way around?” She asked unsure and I was stunned, I came to a stop and looked down at her in amazement.

As much as I loved being a Bennett… The Whitlock’s were family more so than my real one. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my parents but they were hardly there; always travelling for work. I had always secretly wanted to be an official Whitlock, something about it being right and for Isa to suggest something that we both wanted… no matter how unconventional it may be…

“I like that idea. We’ll have to ask Ma Whitlock of course, Henry shouldn’t mind too much, he has three sons to carry down the Bennett line.” I tell her causing her to smile wider. With a fond shake of my head I took off towards the house once more, not even stopping to place Raven in the barn, I could see the whole family on the back porch waiting patiently.

“Seems they already knew.” I state, jerking my head towards the others. Her laugh carried off with the wind as she looked to where I showed her, seeing the others standing, fidgeting in excitement.

I pulled Raven to a stop and hopped down, laughing as Isa jumped from the horse into my arms, lucky I had fast reflexes otherwise I would have dropped her. As soon as her feet hit the ground she was off, pulling me behind her.

“YES!” I yelled, causing Isa to cast me a bland look before pouting. The woman screamed as they rushed forward, yanking her away from me as they awed over her while the men came to me.

“Congratulations Pete! She’s a mighty fine woman.” Lee chuckles as he slaps my back, squeezing my shoulder and casting me a quick look in reminder of his talk before letting the others ambush me.

“My baby brother getting married! I thought I’d be long in the grave before I’d ever see this day!” Henry teased causing me to punch him in the arm.

“Like you didn’t know. I saw that jewelry box yer workin’ on, much like the one every man of the family gives a new bride.” I tease back, causing Henry to cover my mouth as he looked to see if Isa heard him.

“Alright! Peter and I wish to speak to you all, mainly ask something of you Ma.” Isa yelled, silencing the crowed instantly. I chuckle before jogging to her side and pulling her in my arms as I look at Ma Whitlock.

“What is it dear?”

Both Isa and I cast each other a look and a smile before facing back to the family. “We both wish… Well we’d like to ask you as the head of the family if we are able to take the Whitlock name when we Wed.” I explain, waiting anxiously as the family grew silent in surprise.

Ma Whitlock smiled, her eyes twinkling with a look that made me think she already knew this decision. “Well, it seems we’re gainin’ another Whitlock.”

Author Note: Well here you go! Just had to do it from Peter’s POV… Also the slight unconventional questions. Bella knows Peter is a Whitlock, always will be and always shall be.




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