Chapter Nine

Authors Note: Wow twelve reviews for the last chapter! I am so happy and yet so disappointed at the same time. It seems some of you are confused about the story.

This is a Peter/Bella, I’ve never stated Jasper as anything other than her brother. So if you’re wondering this isn’t a PB&J story.


Disclaimer: *static*

Bella POV

Before night had fallen the sound of horses and laughter filled the air. When Lilly said the family was coming to visit, boy she meant it. All her siblings and their families came, on horses, on wagons.

“Lilly!” A man slightly taller than Jasper whom had the same curls yet different shade and face shape. But I could still see Jasper in his features and it sent a pang of longing for him.

“Lee! Oh goodness, Charlotte has grown so much!” She gasps as a little girl the age of one came running from behind her father with bouncy golden brown curls right into Lilly’s waiting arms.

“Aun Lil! She babbles out causing many to laugh as she slaps her hands playfully against Lilly’s face.

“Charlotte Whitlock! You know better than to slap your aunties face!” A woman scolds playfully while moving forward and removing her from Lilly’s arms.

“Oh Harriet I didn’t know you had returned! So good to see you.” Lilly greets before gesturing me to come over as others began to flock forwards. She waited until we were practically surrounded by the Whitlock Clan before introducing me. I couldn’t help but look worriedly over my shoulder towards Henry and Peter, scowling as they chuckled and waved when I mouthed help me.

“Now as you all know by my letters that I have adopted a new sister so to speak into the Whitlock Family and tonight was about introducing and officially making it so. Everyone this is Isabella Swan now Bennett-Whitlock.” She introduced and suddenly I was pulled into many hugs with welcomes to the family and other exclamations of excitement. Only some were hesitant, mainly the younger ones.

“Now why don’t we all head inside for supper and we can all ask the questions? The poor girl is flustered!” A raspy voice exclaims before a woman stepped forward, in her late 60’s by the looks of it. “I’m Mama Whitlock, the head of this brood.” She drawls out with a smile.

Everything screamed Jasper, the way her eyes sparkled, the smile and cheekbones. Though I had guessed he had inherited his fathers Jaw and nose, but everything else was his mother.

“Please to meet you Mrs Whitlock.” I reply causing her to frown.

“Please, its Mama Whitlock or Mama, never Mrs. That’s my mean ol’ mother in-law and I am nothing like that hag of a shrew.” She states forcefully, causing many and even I to chuckle. She reminded me much of my Gran Marie, they way the youth sparkled in her eyes and the humor.

I gave her a smile and dipped my head showing her I understood before watching as the others walked into the house. I waited back on the front porch and breathed in the night air, exhaling sharply in relief.

“They’re a bunch you need to adjust to.” Peter chuckles softly as he comes to my side.

Looking up at him I smile, “I figured as much. I had always wanted a big family and now that I seem to be apart of one it’s… different.” I chuckle out with a shake of my head.

“I understand, they were like that at the wedding. The one time I was back home and they engulfed me in a hug welcoming me to the family the moment my brother and Lilly said I do. It is the way they are, once they accept you; you’re one of them.” He tells me softly, smiling fondly off into the distance.

It was nice, to see him so relaxed for a change, to see the fear and agony in his eyes pushed back into the deep recess of his mind. I shivered slightly as the wind picked up, knocking Peter from his thoughts before he removed his coat and placed it around my shoulders. I cast him up a small smile before placing my head on his shoulder.

“Uncle Peter?” a small voice calls causing us to jump apart and turn to the little girl in the doorway. Her wide light green and yellow-gold flecked doe eyes staring up at us with a glint that I knew all to well, the girl was much like I when I was little; born middle age so to speak.

“Bexie!” Peter chuckles softly while picking her up in his arms before tickling her sides. A shrill of a laugh echoed the night causing me to smile and for once it caused something in me stir, one I had never felt before.

I could picture a life with this man, this man I barely knew and yet knew I could love him. It wasn’t there yet, how could it be but it could happen and with that thought of a happy marriage with the Whitlock family I saw children.

“And whom may this be?” I ask with a fond smile, holding back the urge to make my tone higher.

“I’m Rebecca Whitlock, but people call me Bexie are you and Peter going to get married?” She asks causing both he and I to splutter.

“Uh, um… no Bexie. Miss Bella and I are merely friends, we have barely known each other for long and I am sure she doesn’t wish to court someone like me whens she can find someone better.” He whispers, as he place’s the little girl on the ground, he kneels down to her height and tucked a strand of brown curls behind her ear.

I am unsure on what he said after that as she nodded and laughed, the sound falling upon deaf ears. I felt as if I had been punched in the gut, his words echoing in my head that seemed so familiar and yet worded differently. It wasn’t long ago where I had said something much like that to Edward.

“Miss Bella?” Peter asks concerned as I fell back into the chair beside me.

“I…” I started before snapping my mouth shut.

You’re not worth it! Edwards voice snarls in my mind of the night he left me, only to be replaced by Jasper’s southern drawl on the night we left to run from James.

You’re worth it Bella…

“That’s it darling, what ever you’re thinking keep thinkin’ it…” Jasper’s drawl faintly echoed in my mind before I snapped my eyes to Peter, a burst of confidence filling me.

“What if I wish to court you? Shouldn’t it be my decision if I could find someone better or not? Honestly Peter, you may think you are damaged or broken but you are not. You are worth everything, even the fractures, the scars and the limited time I have spent with you… You have been nothing but kind and funny, a man who is caring and can love even with the agony and torment. I would be glad to court you Peter Whitlock.” I state standing up and poking him in the chest with my finger.

“Wh… what?” He drawls out shocked.

“I think she’s sayin’ are ye goin’ to ask her to court you young man or stand there like a fish?” Mama Whitlock states from the doorway with a proud smile. “Come Daughter, let the man think while I get some food into you. Yer nothin’ but skin and bones young lady!” She scolds me in a thick drawl as she pulls me inside, leaving a stunned and gaping Peter on the Patio. I had never felt better in my life.

Author Note: Well well well, what do you all think? Maybe a little harsh? Maybe what he needed…




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