Chapter Nineteen

Author Note: Well *wide grin*

Disclaimer: You know the drill

Jasper POV

I stayed by Bella’s side since the very second she was changed. Not leaving her side once, not even to feed and that may have been my downfall but everything within me screamed to protect her at all costs, much like they did with Peter and Charlotte. No one could explain why, not even Peter himself, something always blocking his gift to say otherwise.

“Jasper how is she?” Rosalie asks softly as she came into the room. She was the one that surprised everyone, as soon as she returned from Denali she was the one besides myself and Alice to stay and help. She had someone to relate to, someone who took her human life away and thankfully she didn’t blame me but Edward.

“Happy, right now she is ecstatic.” I reply before spreading her emotions through the house. The family piled in the room with fond amazed smiles upon their faces as they stare down our youngest family member, even now Bella proved how unique she truly was. The only person I knew who felt something other than the pain through the transformation. It was as if she was dreaming.

“So much love there Darlin’, I wish I was there to see what you were dreaming about just then. I am sure that it must be something amazing, I’m slightly jealous.” I joke, causing the others to join in my slight laughter.

They knew that she could hear us sometimes, and I knew when she did as her emotions reflected what I or the others were saying answering in the only way how.

A sense of shock and confusion filled my wife causing me to look over just in time to see her exit a vision. Her eyes sparkling with joy but her brows pulled down in disbelief. “Bella, I don’t know why but I will get them as soon as I can, I promise.” She tells her, casting me a look that she would tell me later at my wave of curiosity.

“I need to go hunt, I will bring something back for you. Come Emmett.” Rosalie states before jumping out the window.

An hour or so seemed to tick by and the sense of love, content and happiness seemed to morph into one of lust, nervousness and love. It made me uncomfortable in the most ways, one because it was making me hard and two I saw her as a sister and it just made me uncomfortable.

Thankfully it didn’t seem to last long, only mere minutes and I was able to control my own emotions once again without hers affecting me in a strong way.

“JASPER!” Rosalie screamed as she came running from the trees, Emmett on her heals with healing grazes and shredded shirt. I shot up, my feet hitting the ground mere seconds later with Alice and the others by mysid.

“What? What is it?” I ask before breathing in deeply, the scent of wet dog causing me to gag. Wolves.

“They know! They know! Charlie rung and said it slipped and the pack are on their way!” She gasps out, pressing her hands to the open wounds on Emmett’s bicep as he snarled and hissed in the direction of the woods.

“They’re on their way to kill us and Bella…” Emmett grunted out causing all of us to snarl.


“They don’t care! Charlie said that the wolves don’t care, it’s the fact she is changing!” Rosalie replied with venom, I cast a look towards Alice who shook her head in frustration.

“I can’t see! IT’S ALL BLACK!” She screeches frustrated. “I can’t even see in a years’ time!”

Fear… Fear and suffocating dread came from the house causing me to fly back into the room, pushing calm towards her. “Bella! Calm! Sh! Only a few hours left. When you wake help us! We’ll hold off the wolves as much as we can!” I tell her before smashing through the window as the sound of thundering paws reached our hearing range.

All consuming hatred and rage filled the beasts as they came charging from the woods, more than what I would ever expect. Last time we had heard there were only four wolves, but obviously there was more that Bella didn’t know about or they had shifted in such a short time.

I held back the Major, I couldn’t kill them, I didn’t know which the young mister Black was. I knew Bella would kill me if I killed her best friend and I had to admit I owed the mutt something for keeping my sister sane after Edward careless departure.

“We can’t kill them!” Carlisle orders as he pushed back another wolf from the house and away from Bella and Esme.

“NO treaty was broken!” I snarl out in a thick drawl, slamming the wolf before me with agony and submission causing others to whimper.


The wolves are connected when they’re in their wolfy form. It would suck for them to hear and feel what they all do… Bella’s voice from when she explained the pack came to the forefront of my mind.

“I changed her!” I snarl, sending a kick to the large black wolf. I could see the aura of an alpha around him, his emotional signature backing that up.

I doubled over in pain as agonizing heartbreak hit me from Bella, her heart thudding brokenly in her chest. A hiss escaped my lips as the wolf took its chance to take me down, its jowls wrapping around my throat as a window shattering roar filled the air.

“NO! PETER!” Bella roars causing my eyes to fly to the house in confusion and disbelief as my brother’s name echoed the forest.

“JASPER!” Alice screams as she flipped and dove through the wolves to get to me, my arm being ripped away from my body by another smaller wolf.

Rage… Unconceivable rage flew from the house as Isabella appeared at the window, her eyes scanning the wolves and landing on I.

“UNHAND MY BROTHER!” She snarls before flipping to the ground, she weaved in and out of the torsos before Sparta kicking the black wolf from my body. She snarled viciously, venom leaking from her chin as she grasped the small silver wolf in her arms and squeezed till the wolf cried in pain.

“I will kill her, so help me I will. I have no fucking qualms about ending her pathetic life like she so desires!” She rumbles out, poising her teeth over the jugular of the wolf’s neck. “I suggest you change back now so we can discuss this civilly. I am in no mood to deal with your petty anger over something so trivial.”

The first wolf to phase back was the black one, a tall man I now recognised as Sam. His arm winding around his torso as he winced in pain. “They broke the treaty!” He snarls causing Isabella to hiss back her eyes casting to myself and the family.

“Who changed me?” She rumbles out, I let out a wince as Alice helped me up and connected my arm, bathing it in her venom.

“I did Darlin’.” I grunt out causing relief to flood off her like a tidal wave.

“Thank fuck, died as a Whitlock, wrote as a Whitlock.” She mutters before facing the now all human pack, many of them wounded.

“Now, I know as sure hell tha’ Jasper ain’t on yer treaty.” Her thick southern drawl caused mine and Alice’s brows to shoot up in shock; even some of the wolves were stunned.

“He still bit you, changed you into a leech. I know from Jacob that Edward harmed you, the treaty states they cannot harm, bite or feed from a human.” Sam rumbles causing Bella’s eyes to cast to a young boy who I knew was no older than what he looked like.

“Oh really, and pray tell Sam did he also tell you that he was the one to tell me about the Cullen’s and your secret when I first arrived here? By all means Carlisle had the right to attack your homes and slay all within it and yet he didn’t, he is a good man and I find the treaty now null and void don’t you think?” She hums out amused causing three of the wolves to cast a now ashamed Jacob glares with snarls.

“So be it. The treaty will be reinstated. Let Leah go and we will be on our way.” Sam barks out causing Isabella to smirk and push the wolf towards the others. They cast us all one look before phasing and disappearing into the night.

“Where is he?” Isabella asks, her eyes locking onto mine.

“Who? Edward? He’s in Denali.” Emmett answered causing her to shake her head sharply.

“No, Jasper where is my husband? Where is Peter?” She asks causing my eyes to widen in shock.

“What?” We all exclaim.

Author Note: Mwahahah, okay this is the last for a bit!




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