Chapter Seven

Author Note: Okay so I’ve been a little caught up in RL with Pokemon and our yearly show… soooo yeah…

Disclaimer: you know the drill…

Bella POV

As much as I have come to love the Bennet’s they couldn’t keep my longing and my depression at bay. It had been a month since I had joined them, becoming an adoptive aunt to the children and somewhat of a little sister to Henry and Lilly. They had accepted me from the start, even more so when I was finally well enough to travel and they realised I had no one else, and they let me stay with open arms. I offered help around the home of course, I didn’t wish to stay here and be a freeloader; of course Lilly nearly insisted I needed to not do a thing.

The sun shone down, casting slight warmth to this unusually chilly day. I had finally healed from the bruises and slight sprains to my body and I was prepared to leave. Though I had nowhere else to go, no home to go to, or a family to go to…except there was Jasper… no I couldn’t do that, he would never forgive himself for all the pain he would have caused to me if I went back to the twenty first century… that’s still a large if.

“Isabella, as much as we would like for you to stay, we cannot keep you from your family. Surely they must be worried.” Henry states softly as he and Lilly come to a stop in front of me in the garden. I held back the wince and look down, away from them.

“My family… My mother is gone; she with another family… my father is… no more.” I explain, having to hold back the sobs at the thoughts of my father, even the mere thought of him gone right now hurt. Yet I couldn’t, I couldn’t tell them that my father isn’t even born yet or that I know of my kin.

“My brothers and their wives are… overseas with their families, we barely have spoken since they left for England. I have nowhere to go, not now since what happened to…” I trailed off, not needing to say; they have all heard my night terrors.

“Well, then would you like to stay with us? As an adoptive Whitlock-Bennett or Bennett-Whitlock, you sure do have the Whitlock spirit.” Lilly giggles out causing me to look at her in surprise.

“Are you sure? I don’t mean…”

Henry chuckled loudly, “Welcome to the family Miss Bennett-Whitlock.”

“Now that’s a smile I haven’t seen for a while. What has you so happy Bella?” Lilly asks as she comes into the kitchen, a basket full of flowers resting in her arms.

“The day you told me I was a Whitlock, you know for some reason I feel as if it is a high honour.” I tell her, but in reality it truly was; Jasper was a hero in my eye. A big brother so to speak even with all he had done and it was that getting past his darkness that made him high up in my respect.

“Speaking of such, my family will be over tonight to welcome their newest member, my brother Lee and his daughter Charlotte along with my sister Mae. My Mama will be here as well, if she is well enough to travel.” She explains causing me to stiffen, meeting the rest of the Whitlock’s, Charlotte? No, she would be too young; just a coincidence.

“Awes… that would be great.” I correct myself with a small smile, there was some words I couldn’t use that would make me seem out of time. I had slipped several times, using PTSD was the first, followed by other things that had yet to be uttered the way they were.

“Good, now what smells so delicious?” She asks as she places her basket down and moves to my side.

With a smile I look down at the bowl before me. “I hope you don’t mind but I thought I should make some sugar cookies, my Gran’s recipe.” I explain while rolling the dough in my hand and placing it on the cast-iron tray.

“Oh what a delight!” Lilly replies as she breathes in the already cooked ones, thankfully there would be a few dozen of them. “Would you mind if I helped? Maybe you could take some up to Peter.” She tacked on the end causing me to look her way, only to see her looking down and away from me as she hummed a tune.

“Thank you, I may just do that. They only need to bake till they turn a nice soft golden brown on the top.” I inform her while gathering up some cookies on a small plate and made my way towards Peter’s room.

Ever since his flashback he’d barely left his room, barely spoke and I had not had him come to my aid at night since. It began to worry me, churn my stomach and pulled at my heart. It was a feeling I hadn’t felt before, not with Edward or anyone else. Curious it made me.

I tapped on Peter’s door twice before entering, my eyes automatically shooting to him by the window as he stared out with hollow eyes, I knew the look all too well, I just couldn’t let him go through this alone.

“I brought you some sugar cookies I made.” I state as I place the cookies down on the small table by his side. “It’s a nice day today; would you like to accompany me on a walk through the gardens?” I ask causing his eyes to flicker to me, a light shining behind the pain.

“I…” He started before snapping his mouth shut and nodding.

I couldn’t help but smile and pull him into a hug as he stood, shocking him instantly before letting go and racing out the door. “Just let me get a hat and I shall meet you downstairs by the kitchen.” I yell over my shoulder and I could have sworn as I reached my room that he let out a laugh, only a little laugh and yet it made me feel warm inside knowing that there was hope for him to heal after all.

Author Note: Is this all making sense to you? BTW people you need to kick me up the butt if I take forever to update, I know Bexie does. ALSO thanks for all the reviews wow 15! Is someone REC’ing me too because of all the alerts and favs and whatnot?




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