Chapter Seventeen

Author Note: WARNING! WARNING! 18+ mainly this is the uh bow chicka wow wow wedding night! So you may pass this chapter if you so desire!

Disclaimer: the usual…

Bella POV

I let out a giggle as Peter opened the door to our little cottage in the spot he had asked for my hand. It seems that he and some of his army buddies with the help of Henry and the family they were able to build us a small log cabin overlooking the field.

“Wait!” He laughs catching me by the waist as I go to step inside, causing me yelp as he hoists me up in his arms and carries me over the threshold.

“Traditions, can’t a man these days carry their new wife over the threshold?” He asks in an exasperated drawl.

“I’m sorry; I was just excited to see our home.” I reply, my eyes taking in the little things. The home was still bare, much like I hoped it would be; I wanted to make a home with this man.

“I’m sorry it is so bare, I didn’t know what to bring over and I never realised how little furniture I had.” He mumbles as he places me on my feet.

“It’s perfect Peter, so perfect. Who cares if it is bare! We can make our home together the way we want it!” I exclaim, pulling him into a quick kiss before beginning my exploration. Everything was perfect; I could see where henry had gotten artistic and carved in little designs into the door and window frames. I could even see the little miss match of wood planks in the parlour. I could see my sisters handmade curtains adorning the walls with pictures of the family placed sporadically here and there.

“I’m glad, but the best room is this way.” He whispers, pulling me towards the back of our home to a closed door. He pulled me in front of him before opening the door to our bedroom. It was a mix match of our furniture that seemed to combine well, there was a small library in the corner and next to it was a large bay window and seat.

I turn on my heel and push myself up against my husband, standing on my tip toes as I hesitantly kiss his neck. I felt his hands wrap around my waist to hold me there as a moan escaped his lips. “Isa, Isa, before we begin… I need to tell you…” He grunts out through moans.

With a sigh I pull back and look into his nervous one. “What?”

He sighed and pulled me over to the bed and brushed his hand through his hair nervously. “You won’t be the first woman I’ve laid with…” He trailed off, his eyes downcast as he tells me. I didn’t let the jealousy get to me, nor the pain at the thought of someone else touching him.

“When I was at war… The only way to relieve stress was to fight or… sex…” He trailed off in an embarresed whisper causing me to laugh.

“So you went to a brothel? That is all okay Peter, just know that I have not lain with a man and that you did what you did but I will be your last.” I state causing him to look up at me astonished. “Now may we continue our… marital night?” I ask causing his grin to widen.

“Sure Darlin’ you take the lead.” He drawls causing me to laugh and stood, bringing him with me.

I quickly made work of his coat buttons, my fingers nervously trying to unbutton them quickly. A soft laugh escaped Peter’s lips as he helped me. Once his jacket was off, I had no more problems to get his shirt off. Letting the white fabric pool to the floor, my eyes glued themselves to his chest. He was muscled, of course he would have abs, he was a soldier and then before that a farmer. Little scars adorned his flesh like markings and I couldn’t help but lean forward and run my tongue along them causing him to moan and shiver.

“Suga’ I think you’re a little over dressed.” He moans out as I continue to nip, lick and suck my way across his chest.

Letting out a breathy laugh I pull back and pull the veil from my hair before turning around to let him undo my dress. I felt his fingers fidget with the tight lace ribbon, cursing slightly causing me to laugh. “How henry got this off…” I heard him mutter causing me to laugh louder and him to clear his throat in embarrassment.

The dress pooled around my feet, the silk sending shivers at it brushes up against my skin. The cool air caused my heated flesh to begin to goose bump and it took everything within me not to jump when I felt Peter’s rough hands softly caress their way down my back to my hips.

“I’ve never seen something so perfect.” He breathes; I spin around and press my naked torso against his, my eyes look into his.

“I am not perfect Peter.” I whisper causing him to shake his head.

His hand cupped my face firmly, “you’re perfect to me, imperfections and all.”

With that his lips were on mine, our bodies falling back onto the bed, his free arm catching himself so he wouldn’t hurt me when we landed. I knew the way we were together in this time was unconventional but who the fuck cares, the feel of his skin against mine, his lips and tongue on my neck leaving burning trails as they went.

There was nothing more in my bind but the sensation of Peters kissing, soft caresses, biting and sucks as he explored every inch of my bare torso. There was nothing to compare too and the sensation of warmth shot through my body like wildfire.

“Peter…” I moan as I felt his tongue circle around my nipple before biting it ever so slightly. “Please, no teasing…” I breathe out in a whimper when his thumb brushed against the other.

“Shh, let me love you Isabella.” He breathes, his breath cooling the spot he had just sucked causing my body to shiver in delight.

He trailed kisses down my torso as he slipped off my undergarments leaving me bare for him to see, it took everything within my power not to cover myself in front of him, or let the anxiety win. A whimper escaped my lips as he nudged open my legs and placed a heated kiss at the apex of my thighs. He let out a low chuckle as I squeaked when I felt his tongue flick against my folds.

“Mmm, he hums before making his way up my body once more, lifting me to move us more comfortably on the bed before removing his trousers. I felt my eyes widen and an instant fear of how the hell flickered across my mind as I saw the size of him. I shook that thought free; every awkward conversation of my mother about losing virginity came across my mind.

Hesitantly I reach down, my hand caressing the soft head of his erection, feeling the tiny veins running across his flesh. I couldn’t help but both blush and moan as I felt him harden in my hand and slowly rubbed myself against him.

“Are you ready Suga’?” He asks softly as he pulls my hand away from him and settles between my legs.

With a deep breath I nod, trying to relax my body as he slowly began to slip inside me. I couldn’t help but inhale sharply as I felt the sharp prick of the tear, stilling him instantly as a tear slipped down my eyes. In fact I was mildly surprised that it wasn’t as painful as everyone made it out to me.

“I love you.” He breathes before continuing once I gave him a soft smile.

“I love you too.” I moan out, tilting my head back for his lips to gain access to my neck. One hand moves its way to tangle in my hair while the other slipped under my shoulder and held me close. With every shift and thrust, she could feel the coil of ecstasy deep in her belly tightening.

“Isabella.” Peter breathes out hoarsely as I ran my nails down his back in ecstasy, begging him for more. His movements sped slightly, his hand trailing down to lift my lower back ever so slowly, causing him to hit a very delicate spot.

I was so close, I could feel it, the coil burning and tightening as I throw my head back with a loud moan of pleasure as Peter quickened his pace. “So close…” I breathe out, barely missing Peter’s reply as another moan of pleasure escaped my mouth.

“PETER!” I cry, my nails digging into his flesh as I felt the coil break free like a title wave, causing my vision to grow white and leaving me past the point of no return. Distantly I could hear Peter call my name as he came, his own release filling me.

I was his, indelibly his forever more and he mine.

Author Note: Okay so I suck at lemons…




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