Chapter Six

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Disclaimer: you know the drill…


Bella POV

On our way back from town my heart dropped as faint screams reached my ears. I cast a look to Henry whom paled considerably as he picked up what I heard. Thankfully Lilly and the children were focused on their new toys to hear.

“Sweetheart, I need you Isabella and the children to stay here.” Henry ordered softly, with just emotion to not startle the children and tell her something was wrong. Her eyes darkened softly as a grim look flashes across her face.

“I’m coming with you.” I state firmly causing Henry to shake his head.

“I can’t allow that, these episodes usually come with violence. I don’t want you to be harmed; I and Peter would never forgive ourselves.” He states softly but I was a stubborn woman and I was determined.

“Then so be it, but he won’t hurt me, just trust me.” I almost plea with him, causing him to sigh and nod reluctantly.

We left Lilly and the children at the front gate of the home and rushed towards the house. The screams became louder and more tormented, pained as we grew close. I didn’t stop even as the door opened with a bang and took the stairs two at a time.

I opened Peter’s door carefully to see him curled up in the corner screaming. “Stay there.” I instruct Henry when he came to a stop at the door puffing.

I slowly step towards Peter, careful not to make loud noises like my father taught me before crouching down to Peter’s level just out of arms reach.

“Shh Peter, you are safe.” I whisper, letting a small smile pull at my lips when the screams began to die.

“It’s okay, open your eyes.” I coach once the screams stopped all together, causing his eyes to snap open. Behind looked around confused until his eyes locked onto me, it was then I placed my hand on his arm; grounding him to reality.

I was thankful Charlie had taught me what to do with people who suffered PTSD, after all I had to learn after one frightful night Uncle Jack went into a rage. Dad had taught me much in the following months after. Though now was the only time I ever had to use them, since not long after that Uncle Jack died.

“What?” He rasps out, confusion lacing his voice. I held back the grimace wishing to escape before helping him up and to the chair by the window.

“We came back and heard screams, I thought I would repay back for tonight, Henry came with me to make sure you weren’t hurt.” I whisper my lie, the first part was true of course but I didn’t want Peter to know his brother was fearful of Peter lashing out; that was the last thing he needed.

“I…I…” I shushed him immediately, knowing he was trying to explain what happened, but honestly he didn’t need to.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to explain, here drink this.” I sooth him, handing the glass of water to him that sat on the sill. I held back the gasp when a spark of warmth filled my body when his fingers overlapped mine, even through the glove I could feel it; I could feel the connection.

“Thank you.” He whispers softly, I return his thanks with a smile, ignoring the sharp inhale behind me.

“You’re welcome.” I utter, unable to look away from his tormented eyes. “Try to sleep, I’ll be nearby if you need me.” I tell him and waited to get a hesitant nod before leaving, casting a look at Henry as I passed him.

When I reached the foyer downstairs I cast Lilly and the children a small smile as they made their way to the front. I didn’t know what to feel, overwhelming sadness? The thought of him in pain, of Peter being haunted the way he was it made my heart ache with it. I didn’t pity him though, I refused to let such a thing well in me; someone pitying him was another thing he didn’t need.

“How… How did you do that?” Henry asks softly as he came to a stop by my side.

“My uncle had post dramatic stress disorder when he came back from the war; my father taught me how to be when my uncle had attacks.” I state, not realising what I had done.

“Post dramatic stress disorder?” Henry asks, confusion lacing his tone.

“Uh… yeah… he had night terrors of the war, of being back in the place. Little things also triggered it, loud bangs and so forth.” I explain while cursing myself out in my head, they wouldn’t of known PTSD and what it meant, after all I am in 1985 yes it had been discovered in 1980 if I remembered it correctly but it was very little well known.

“What happened to your uncle?” He asks and I cast him a sad look. “Oh. My apologies and condolences.”

“Thank you.” I reply lightly before greeting the children as they ran past laughing.

“How was he?” Lilly asks cautiously as she eyes us subtly for any damage.

“You should have witnessed it Sweetheart, she walked right in there with no care in the world and calmed him down. She is truly a blessing.” Henry praised causing me to blush.

“It was nothing really, I just wanted to return the favour.” I reply honestly causing Lilly to engulf me in a hug all teary eyed.

“Thank you so much Isabella, it hurts to see him like that, he reminds me so much of Jasper…” she chokes and it took every inch of restraint and will power not to tense up at his name. I keep forgetting that Jasper was her brother, but this just made me happy as fuck because One, I have some stories to tell Jas about his family and Two that Peter is his brother in law so to speak.

It was something I couldn’t wait to share with him. But then, then I didn’t know if I was going to make it back to my time, maybe I could be change when Peter is but I don’t know when that is, I just know it was in this time and by Jasper. I don’t…

“Are you okay Isabella?” Lilly asks pulling me from my thoughts.

“Huh, oh, yes sorry I was just thinking of home.” I say, still far away. I just… everything was hitting me now. I wouldn’t see my father again, my mother, everyone at home… did they miss me? Do they know I’m changing? Did I make the change?


Author Note: Mwahahaha




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