Chapter Ten

Author Note: So someone came very close on what was happening to Bella 😛 Many questions have been asked about other things but I can’t tell you that… yet… I am super excited that you all liked Bella verbally kicking Peter’s ass into gear, though out of time it may be.

Disclaimer: *Dial up internet sound*

Peter POV

I watched her leave like a fool, her words echoing around my head in disbelief. What if I wish to court you?…You are worth everything, even the fractures, the scars and the limited time I have spent with you… I would be glad to court you Peter Whitlock… over and over again.

“Wh… what?” I blurt out again after she steps inside, my hand rising to the spot she poked me in the chest as if to confirm that what happened really happened and not just a figment of my mind.

A chuckle knocked me from my thoughts. “That girl is tough as nails and twice as sharp.” He states fondly while handing me a glass of lemonade.

“What just happened? One second we were having a nice moment and then she was yelling at me.” I ask causing my brother to nearly double over in laughter. I stare down blandly at him and waited for him to finish.

“Oh goodness, I missed you Peter.” He chuckles as he wipes a few tears from his eyes. “That woman in there stated quite clearly that she would wish to be courted by you. After all you did say that she could find someone better. She’s like Lilly, she won’t be told what to do and it has been obvious Miss Isabella has feelings towards you. Now, I’m going to go back inside before those children of mine decide to eat my cookies.” He states before patting me on the back and disappearing back inside.

“But why?” I ask him just before he steps inside causing him to frown.

“Why what?” He asks.

“Why would she, I am broken, I could harm her.” I tell him causing him to sigh and shake his head.

“She doesn’t care about that Peter, now I suggest you come in with me and not think too much about that, but the fact she doesn’t believe you are not. Now come, after dinner you can talk to her fully, she made cookies just like Millyanne’s.” With that he began his trek inside, this time with me following.

The house was full of laughter and chatter, my eyes instantly locking onto Isabella who sat between Lilly and Mae chatting away as they scooped more food onto her plate under Mama Whitlock’s direction. I couldn’t help but cast her a smile in return as she looked up at me, a wide grin upon her face.

“Peter!” Lee chortles as he slaps me on the back, I held back the instinct response to swing my arm and defend myself, chanting in my mind he was family. “It’s good to see you brother, many days you have not come out of your room I hear, I’m glad your lovely lady had managed to do so.”

I raise my brows at this causing he and those around him that heard to chuckle. “She isn’t my lady…yet. I have yet to ask her to court me.”

“That may be so Peter, but that woman made it perfectly clear. We all heard of course, no use keeping it from this brood. Now do I have to give you the gun talk like I did your brother about what would happen if you so much as hurt her or are we clear?” He asks, the cheer never leaving his face as he bit into another cookie.

“I understand, I’d never hurt her….” I trail off the realisation smacking me in the face like a mules kick. I could never hurt her, even when I was still in the torment of my past I couldn’t; my body refused to do so even though it was my instinct to lash out.

Lee smiles softly, “good, that girl has been through far too much pain.”

I pondered on my thoughts throughout dinner, joining in conversations and stories of my youth, even laughing as Isabella told stories of her brothers – adoptive brothers – so to speak. We were all confused at first when she had explained they were friends, friends she considered family the very ones who she told me left. It broke my heart when I saw the sadness gleam in her eyes telling us these stories and I wished with all my might that I could help her with that sadness and pain she held like she does with mine.

“Now dinner is served I say we go out towards the barn and set the fire like we did when we were younger and tell stories.” Lilly states as she stands and begins to grab the plates to clean with Mae. The children were the ones that left first, yelling happily at the prospect of campfire stories. Their respective parents following soon after to make sure they didn’t get lost and soon it was just Lilly, Isabella and I left in the house with Mama Whitlock by the door.

“Let me help, it’ll go twice as fast.” Isabella states before rolling up her dress sleeves and diving into the scrub tub and began cleaning.

“I’ll help as well.” I state coming to her side. “Lilly, Mama Whitlock, why don’t you dry.” I offer as I see the scowl on Lilly’s face at me moving her away from the tub.

“That’s a good idea; god only knows how long it’ll take that bunch to light the fires. Mae and Lee bicker like no tomorrow about the right building style.” Mama Whitlock chuckles out while grabbing a dishcloth from beside the stove.

“What was Jasper like?” Isabella asks before freezing, a blush burning brightly on her face as she stares at Lilly and Ma, her face one of surprise and horror. “Oh god, I am so sorry.” She blurts causing Ma to shake her head.

“It is okay, you need to know about Jasper. He was a rascal that boy always causing trouble but very sensitive and quiet. When we had our bonfire nights it was he who set them while his brother and sister bickered.” She states fondly.

He’s still that way.” Isabella mumbles with a chuckle causing me to frown, I shook it off and continued to wash. “He sounds like a good man.”

“Aye, Jasper was a great man, he was after all why I joined the military.” I explain causing her eyes to widen slightly, a gleam of an unknown emotion flickering in her eyes.

“A lot of us took after Jasper, he was the eldest, the one who took care of us when Father died and mother grew ill. That was before he went to war and during of course.” Lilly explains softly, her eyes darting to her mother.

“MAMA! Father, Aunt Mae and Uncle Lee are arguing!” Henry Junior yells as he comes running into the kitchen.

“Oh those three! I’m coming!” She yells before rushing out the door, Henry Jr on her heels. Mama Whitlock hummed before giving us a sly wink and walking out into the night air after her daughter and grandson.

“Isabella?” I ask tentatively, moving back from the wash and wiping my hands on the old rag.

She looks up at me confused before wiping her own hands as I hand her the rag. “Yes Peter?”

I couldn’t help but fidget, I was nervous; I had only a mere two woman for courtship in my life and always was turned down. Yet I know she said so before she wished to court me I was still… doubtful.

Do it, you idiot… you will be happy… A voice screams in my mind giving me the courage I needed.

“I was thinking…about what you said…” I trail off rubbing the back of my neck.

“And?” She inquires patiently, with a smile upon her face.

“And well, I was wondering if you would…would court me I mean?” I blurt out. “I know that we have just met and all but I can’t help but feel this warmth every time I am near you…” I finish before looking away in embarrassment that I had been so forward about that.

Her tinkling laughter is what brought my eyes back to her and suddenly she was standing in front of me, a huge grin upon her face as she wove her hands in mine. “Of course I would court you Peter. I would gladly be called your girlfriend.” She chuckles out and I couldn’t help but wrap her in a hug and twirl her around in joy laughing.

Author Note: Well there you have it 😛 Also I now have a video for this, it’s on my profile and on my blog!




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