Chapter Three

Author Note: Hello, hello baby… I can’t hear a thing…

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the sorts related to Twilight. I also thank thee IDreamofEddy for Peter’s all-knowing gift.

Italics – talking down from the subconscious level

Italics” out of dream state


Bella POV – 1885

Black eyes were all I can see in the darkened trees, snarls and roars as I ran. My feet thumping against the ground loudly as my hair whipped me in the face. I needed to run, it was a familiar dream except this time I wasn’t chasing- I was the one being chased.

I cry out as my foot snagged a root, sending me tumbling into the dirt, the familiar smell of blood assaulting my nose. Laughter so dark, so sinister echoed the darkened forest causing me to push myself up and keep running.

I was terrified; I didn’t know why or where I was running too. All I knew was that I was running to somewhere safe. Cold arms caught me, the familiar scent of blood wafted thickly causing me to gag but underlying that scent there was another; one I was all too familiar with.

“EDWARD NO!” I scream as he threw me to the floor, he leaned over me his eyes a brilliant red as the blood and venom dripped from his lips.

“You are mine! You hear me Isabella, you are MINE!” He snarled in my face, his body coiled in a way that showed me he was about to spring forward and attack.

“NO!” I scream again causing him to laugh.

“Don’t fool yourself Isabella; you are mine, no one else’s. No one would want you, pathetic… worthless.” He chuckled out darkly, ripping the hole open once again.

You are worth it… you are safe…

Pain and fear was all I could feel as screams tore from my lips, Edward’s dark laughter echoing.

Wake up!” A voice yelled but I couldn’t, I was stuck in this nightmare.

You’re safe! Wake up!”  the voice demanded softly, my eyes shot open, my body lurching forward as I screamed.

“Sh, shh, you are safe. No harm will come to you while here.” The unfamiliar voice of a male, whispers in the dark. Suddenly soft yellow light filled the room as the man lit the candle by my bed, his whole face being illuminated by the warm light.

“Wh…What?” I stammer out, my hand pressed over my racing heart as I struggle to breathe.

The man placed the candle on the higher mantle just above my bed before asking if he could touch me to help. I hesitantly nodded when he bent my legs slightly, being very careful where he touched me before pushing my head between my knees and placing my hands above my head holding it there.

“Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply, through your nose and out your mouth. Yes that’s it, do that till you can breathe better.” He instructs softly and for several minutes I did as he instructed.

Breathing in through my nose and out my mouth slowly and deeply till in fact I could breathe better, I had tried this before when I was younger and had a slight asthma problem but had never tried to do it when I had a panic attack. Cause relatively my nightmare aftermath was that of a panic attack.

“Feeling better?” He asks and I nod, unable to look away from his face. He was handsome, his eyes a soft blue that caused a slight niggling to begin in the back of my mind as if I had seen him before.

“Yes thank you…?” I trail off wondering what his name was.

“Peter and not a problem ma’am.” He states before standing, making a move to leave.

“Wait!” I don’t know what possessed me to do it, knowing that it was improper to do so at this time.

“Please do not find me improper but… could you stay for a little bit? I… I just can’t be alone right now; you being here makes me feel safe.” I blurt out, feeling the familiar burn of blush on my cheeks.

Peter nodded before sitting down on the chair by the window, looking out into the darkness. “Who hurt you?” He asks so softly that I barely caught it. His voice- now that I am calm- was rough.

“I was attacked by whom I was suited too…” I stated before like a dam collapsing everything came tumbling out.

“We were dating for a year when he left me, he… he told me I was nothing more than a plaything for him, that I was worthless; he no longer had use for me. He left me there in the cold, the rain and in the dark forest with no way to find my way back home. He… he broke me, I loved him, I thought I did and he ripped his family whom I came to love as my own away from me. I was broken for months when his sister came back for me, stating he had gone off to kill himself the foolish boy.” I started, curling up tight as the memories pushed forward, the numbing pain seeping back.

“I saved him, I risked my life for him and when we made to back to his home I asked them for a vote for me to become part of them, not as his wife but just to be with them. I could no longer stand the boy I had once loved, his eyes a cruel mass. He…he went into a rage and pushed me, pushed me through a window and then… then I remember nothing but waking up in the ditch where Lilly and Henry found me. They were so kind to help me.” I finish off and when I took a glance towards Peter I flinched back, he no longer watched out the window but stared at me.

His face was twisted into a silent snarl as his hands grasped the arms of the chair to the point his knuckles turned white. When he saw my flinch, his whole body relaxed- his eyes though holding that anger; softened.

“Do not fear me; I am sorry to cause a reaction… I was…furious to say the least. No man should ever say such things to a woman, let alone strike her. I was raised by my momma who taught me a woman was to be cherished, to be loved and to be encouraged.” He explains while closing his eyes and taking a deep breath and exhaling it, relaxing further in the chair.

“I’m sorry for waking you.” I whisper trying to take his mind off things.

“It is okay Miss, I was already awake. I too suffer from night terrors; I joined the army when I was of age and have seen some terrible things. When I heard you scream I was surprised, I didn’t know anyone was on my side of the home; I thought you were being attacked and came forth. I am relieved you were just having a nightmare. If you wish you could tell me about it when you want to.” He offers causing me to smile before yawning.

“Thank you Peter, I better try to get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow night you can come back and I’ll tell you more about me if you do the same?” I ask causing him to smile slightly as he stood and moved to the door.

“I would like that…?” He trailed off causing me to blush; I had forgotten to give him my name.

“Isabella.” I tell him softly.

“Then I would like that Isabella, goodnight.” With that he closed the door with a soft click.

Soon the darkness of sleep took me, no more nightmares to return that night.


Author note: how are you liking it so far?




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