Chapter Twelve

Author Note: Okay so let’s speed some things up a bit.

Disclaimer *beep* don’t own… *dial up*

Bella POV

I couldn’t help but laugh as music filled the room, Peter’s southern twang echoed the halls as Lilly and I baked. Months had passed since being welcomed into the Whitlock Family and that Peter and I had been courting, it was also a few days before I turned nineteen. Things were good for once, I was happy and so was Peter it was good. He had showered me with kindness and adoration yet treating me like the equal I was.

“Henry told me you had encountered one of the town… undesirables.” Lilly giggles causing me to snort as I continued to knead the bread dough.

“Peter, would you like to accompany me to town? I need to help Lilly get some more supplies and food for dinner. Henry is accompanying me as he needs to go to town for supplies himself but I had thought a walk would be nice.” I ask once I made my way to the library where he and usually I now spent the most of our time.

“That would be good Suga’,” he hums, snapping the book shut and placing it on the table.

We had walked arm in arm to the town with Henry behind us humming a song as we walked, occasionally he would flick little bits of broken twigs at Peter causing the both of them to chase around me laughing.

“Boys!” I giggle out, covering my mouth as I tried not to double over when Peter pushed Henry into a briar bush.

“Sorry Ma’am.” Peter drawls, tipping the beaten up Stetson on his head. I shook my head at him before placing my hand into his, laughing as Henry cast a dry look at his brother while pulling the burrs of him.

By the time we got to town the majority of the burrs were off of Henry and he had gone to the blacksmith to find the part he needed while Peter and I walked towards the local grocer.

“Why isn’t it Peter Whitlock.” A voice coos out causing him to sigh and stop, turning around I couldn’t help but raise my brows at the girl before me, a girl who very much reminded me of Lauren.

“Miss Cooper.” He replied flat and polite indicating to me that he had no interest in the girl before me, not that I had doubts but hell still nice to know.

“I haven’t seen you since you left after school, still handsome as ever.” She coos before her eyes flickering to me as I snort. “And… Who may this be?” She asks snidely, turning her nose up at me.

“I am Miss Whitlock, Peter’s betrothed.” I state amused causing her to gape before huffing and shaking her head.

“Why would he court someone as bland as you when he could be with someone like me?” She purrs out the last bit while fluttering her eyelashes. I felt Peter stiffen at her words and went to defend me only stopping when I shook my head.

“What a woman who’s left leg has barely met her right? Mhmm, I am sure he would go for someone like you.” I drawl sarcastically, using the insult that had become semi popular back in my time. It took Peter a second to realise what I said before bursting out in laughter while the red head before me huffed in confusion before storming off.

Hermosa’s and Lilly’s peal of laughter brought me back from the memory, Lilly’s whole form shaking as she grasped onto the table with all her might. “Oh my you called her a harlot and she didn’t even know!” Hermosa giggles out causing me to laugh along with them.

A throat clearing caught my attention, turning I look at Peter with a smile, flowers in hand. “I know you’re busy Darlin’, but how ’bout taking a ride with me?” he asks.

“I would be delighted but I don’t know how to ride.” I tell him sadly causing his grin to widen.

“That’s fine Suga’, I figured as such and have come up with a solution we shall both be satisfied with.” He chuckles while pulling out the picnic basket. Hermosa the lovely woman chuckles as she pulls out some sandwiches from a hiding place near her and packed them.

“Oh I see, this was all planned wasn’t it. Okay then Peter.” I sigh out in mock exasperation while washing my hands and untying my he apron from my waist.

“Head on down Suga’, just need to talk to Lilly for a second.” He states while waving me out the door. I raise my brows at him and did as he asked, smiling at Henry in hello when I reached the barn.

“What ya workin’ on Henry?” I drawl out causing Henry to wave me over to his workbench.

“I’m working on a carving for this jewelry box but I am unsure on what to carve. I have free reign on it but still.” He explains while scratching his head in thought. This is what I liked about Henry, while his family is rich he liked to do woodwork for money and not have to rely on his inheritance. “What do you think?”

“Try a forest design, trees and wild flowers.” I reply, thinking of the meadow. Even though Edward was an ass I still loved the meadow when in full bloom, wild flowers were always my favourite, no matter the colour or type; to me they were free to come and go as they please much like the wind.

“Thank you Miss Bella.” He drawls before tipping his imaginary hat and went back to work. I roll my eyes fondly and smile before making my way to where Peter’s horse was, She was a beautiful mare, and Raven was her name to match her colour. She was kind and yet loyal; protective like any horse to their master if treated right and yet she was just as scarred as Peter.

“Hello Raven.” I coo softly to the beast, raising my hand for her nose to push against it. I had come to love her instantly and she to I it seemed. She was already saddled and waiting for Peter and I, this surprised me, yet made it clear that whatever Peter wanted to do had been planned out well and I know it wasn’t he who saddled her.

“Ready Suga’?” Peter drawls in a chuckle as I nuzzle my forehead to Raven’s. I cast him a bland look, he knows how much I hated it when he snuck up on me.

“Yes, I’d like to know exactly where we are going though.” I state as he began to tie up the picnic basket to the horse saddle before coming over and asking if he could place his hands upon my hips.

With a nod he hoisted me up to sidesaddle on the horse, causing me to yelp slightly. He let out a chuckle before mounting the horse himself and pulling me flush against his chest with each arm around me to hold the reigns and hold me on the horse.

“Hold on!” He states before taking off in a quick pace, a gallop? A trot? Who knew but it was neither fast nor slow.

I let out a laugh as the wind whipped by, it was exhilarating, not like riding on vampire back but still just as good. Soon he began to slow in a outcropping of land nestled between the trees that overlooked the river.

“Oh this is beautiful!” I exclaim as he hopped off the horse and helped me down.

“It is, I thought I’d show you this place, it is where Ma and Pa got married and my special place to be at peace.” Peter explains as he moves towards a spot and pulls a blanket from the basket before gesturing me to join him.

I cast him a smile before lifting my skirts ever so slightly to sit, my eyes never stopping at taking everything in, even when Peter began to set the food out.

“Thank you Peter, for sharing this with me.” I state happily causing him to smile.

“You’re welcome, I thought that with the family coming soon for your birthday I wouldn’t have time to spend it alone with you. If you don’t mind me bein’ so forward.” He tacked on the end, his usual apology when he begins to show his cocky or well his greedy side as he had called it before.

Peter is a cocky SOB and a sarcastic fucker… The memory of Jasper’s description made me wonder about the man he knows and the man before me.

If Jasper is right then his Peter hid behind all that in a way to hide his pain, because the Peter before me only held that description very little. Yet, I wished he could be that way with me, be sarcastic and cocky. I guess in this time his bringing up forced out the gentleman with me and woman here seemed to be more offended with such things… Well not the Whitlock ladies, when their husbands were out with the children and we gossiped they had the dirtiest mouths out there.

“I find this perfect Peter, you couldn’t have given me a more perfect gift.” I state honestly, laying back and watching the clouds go by.

“Good.” He chuckles, shifting the food around before lying next to me, entwining his hand with mine.

“Isa?” He calls softly after what seemed like hours of peaceful silence.

Turning my head I see him on his side, his face set in a serious mask, yet I knew it was nothing bad by the softness of his eyes.

“Yes Peter?” I breathe out.

“It may seem to soon, but… You truly have healed my pain, brought the light back into my dark view of the world an’ have shown me what love an’ life means. I love you Isabella, I love you as the moon does the stars and I hope…I hope with everything within me that you feel the same or this question may be well… What I’m trying to say Isa is that I love you and that I was wonderin’, wonderin’ if you would become my wife?” He asks in a nervous drawl while pulling a worn velvet box from his pocket.

I fly to a sitting positing, my hand flying to my mouth as I take in his words and the ring before me. It was truly stunning, simple and stunning and… and… “YES!” I blurt out, throwing my hands around him and placing my lips upon his, kissing him with everything in me.

His hands found his way to my hips and hair, pulling me closer to him as his tongue brushed up against my bottom lip. It wasn’t our first kiss, not at all, but it was our first heated kiss full of love and passion.

“I love you Peter!” I cry out when we stopped, letting the tears flow as he placed the ring on my hand.

“I love you too Isa, you’ve made me the happiest man by saying yes.”

Author Note: *GASP* Oh mah gawd! Hehehehehe… ALSO a lot of people are asking about how she’s there and what happened, whats happening at home… Now i can’t say so you’re going to have to wait…




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