Sequel Chapter Two

Author note: okay so this is the sequel, I didn’t really want to break it into two stories so this’ll be continued here!


I stared at the woman before my sire, a bubbling rage building in my chest, only being soothed by the contact of my mate; his hand tightening around mine in synchronised comfort to my thoughts. Oh how I wished to tear that bitch apart for all the agony she has caused to my kin, my mate.

Even now she taunts him, using her body to tempt him back into the wars upsetting the seer. I could see in the corner of my eye, her teeth bared; body coiled. This aggravated me more, my body tensing even further than what it was, if she didn’t remove herself from my maker, I would gladly remove her head.

“Calm my mate; we do not want a war.” My mate whispers softly to me, trying to sooth Isa but it would be no use. War or not she needs to leave or her head will be mine for all to see.

Movement caught my eyes, locking on to a male who was next to Maria when she arrived, his eyes piercing as he stared at me. A feral smile grew as I saw his surprise and a nervousness flicker in his eyes as his power began to work.

“Mistress, I would calmly step back to my side.” He urges, never taking his eyes away from mine. I could see her stiffen, hands removing themselves from my maker as she looked at her pawn and then looked over in my direction.

“What, her?” She asks amused causing my teeth to snap in warning, venom dripping from my teeth and down my chin leaving red lines in their wake.

“She is powerful, he is her maker and you are pushing your boundaries trying to woo him back. We must leave, for a fight with her – them, you will perish.” The voice was automatic, void and his eyes glazed causing her to hum as she subtly began to make her way back to his side.

“Then I will take my leave, but before I do mi amor, that mind reader is with James’s little pet and newborns.” With that she and her minions gone, my eyes watching as my mental shield exploded from within and out, their little glowing signatures fading as they break out of my range.

Peter’s turned me into him, his rough hands lifting my eyes to meet his own, black matching black, monster matching monster.

I pushed Isa back, letting myself calm down before facing the others and stepping out from Peter’s arms. I still couldn’t get past the hurt; no matter how much my body longed for him I just couldn’t put away our life beforehand, his promise. I was still aching, having him here, seeing his smile and hearing his laugh hurt as well.

No one understood, no one but Charlotte and Alice knew. In my mind, I was told a few days ago that my husband had died. The soldier passing me the flag, I could still feel the cotton stitching and the coarse material of it beneath my fingertips.

“That fucker!” Rosalie seethed the first one to break the silence while Alice rushed towards her mate. “We should have burnt him to ashes!” She screeched out, her dark eyes locking onto her maker.

“I am ashamed of his actions, I regret many things you know this Rosalie but if he has forsaken us and deem us to be exterminated then we must fight back. Alice, can you see anything?” Carlisle sighs out, but I could see the fury in his and Esme’s eyes.

Shaking her head she continued to rub her scent on Jasper. “No, I can’t, you know he can elude my visions.”

“What do we do then?” Emmett asks, grasping his wife tighter.

I snort causing all of them to look at me; I had come to see things in a new perspective since my time in Texas and waking a vampire. It seems that my brothers, my family of the vegetarian ways are a little lacking in vampiric ways.

“You call help… A war, and an army? You should be asking Jasper, Peter, ‘Lotte and Randall than Carlisle. They are the ones, who have the experience, but common sense will say to call reinforcements.” I spit out frustrated.

“So far the only ones whom have taught me anything are them, honestly, no offence Carlisle but I had thought you being the coven leader would teach your coven and those who had wished to join mainly me the rules and the vampire ways. Cause in all honesty if I had known that I would feel everything Jasper was and have a sense of being chained to him like property and having to follow his commands then I would have said fuck this.” I state blandly, raising my brows in a mocking way.

“All I knew about you was that you could have talents, the thirst, you glitter in the sun like a disco ball, do not to expose us to anyone rule and as of recently the Volturi. But there was oh so much more, the fact about true mates! Charlotte and Randall are true mates, myself and Peter along with Jasper and Alice but you and Esme aren’t and neither are Rosalie and Emmett. What about the fact of animal drinking dulls the senses trust me a day on that horrendous crap I felt weak.” I snarl out, fully fucking agitated right now.

“Isa, suga’ calm down.” Peter’s voice sooths me, pulling me from the darkness of my wrath. “It’s okay.”

I let out a roar in frustration, whirling on my mate. “No! It is not okay, everything about this is not okay! Fuck, yes I gained you but I lost my father, the ability to speak to him without having a mental fucking break down that I may just go all newborn and rip open his throat like the blood sack you all feed me and drink his ambrosia.” I snarl before punching the tree, my fist shattering the poor oak like glass.

A wave of calm rolled over me and I let it come, I let it because it was needed. “I need to go, Peter lets go and bring a phone so you can call your merry men into action. We’ll be back later when I can face you all.” I grunt out before yanking my mate towards the direction of the cliff face.

Author Note: I was going to update this on the weekend but my birthday was on the 17th! So Yay happy birthday to me, also the updates will be commencing once again after FAGE for FanficAholics Anon is placed.




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