Chapter Twenty-Four

Author Note: HEHEHE

Peter POV

A week, it had been a week since my world was changed. A week since I had found my Isa and she had barely said a few words at me, barely even cast a look my way and when she did it was full of hurt and anger, a deep sadness.

She got along with Char like bees to honey and it made both myself and Jas happy to see them getting along. Yet, I could see she was slightly distant from the Cullen’s, mainly the parentals and then Emmett. Alice the little Doll didn’t get that, she just shoved herself right in the middle of her and Char without letting Isa pull away. Jasper though, she was torn with.

Speaking of, my hand shot out, my fist connecting with Jasper which in turn sent him spiralling from the branch we rested in, straight into Emmett and Carlisle. Randall seeing my move took two steps away and missing being caught up in the limbs of the others.

“What the fuck, Peter!” Jasper drawls confused, furious.

What the fuck? He should have felt my emotional shift the second it began to form as I thought about everything she told me; blinking back a flash of memory of her eyes when she told me of them.

“What the fuck! YOU ABANDONED HER FOR MONTHS! MONTHS!” I roar, my fist flinging out into a tree, shattering it on impact. “You have no idea how much pain she was in when she told me! The way her eyes were haunted! I suffered from Nightmares of War and she knew how to cope with the depression! No one that young should have to feel that aching pain and it wasn’t because that fuckward left her in the woods after telling her she was worthless. NO! It was because her FAMILY, the very people she had come to love like her own, parents, sisters and brothers abandoning her with no goodbye!” I snarl out, shaking my head as the world began to tint red; I couldn’t let the Captain out but the more I spoke the more he began to win, shoving the image of Isa the night I woke her from the nightmare.

“Fuck…” I heard someone mutter before I felt my knees beginning to weaken as calm consumed me.

“Calm down Captain!” Major orders, pumping more calm into me causing me to snarl.

“…Because of you she won’t speak to me… she hates me…” I choke out, falling to my knees.

“I don’ hate you Pete.” Isa’s voice states sadly, causing my head to whip up to see her kneeling before me.

“Then why are you ignoring me, us?” I ask, watching as Jasper stills for a moment, causing Isa to sigh and sit before me, intertwining her legs with mine.

“I just woke up not long ago Peter in a time that… I lost another family Peter, for you it would have been a long time but for me it was only a week ago. I spent nearly two years with you and Lilly… Charlotte reminds me so much of Lea…” she trails of in a sigh before casting a look back over her shoulder to Jasper.

“I don’t blame Jasper either but it hurts, it hurts a lot to see Lilly in his face, to see Ma, to feel that agony that he caused when he left.” She explains and instantly Jasper was at our side, his eyes and mine reflecting the pain in her words.

“Oh Darlin’ why didn’t you tell me that? We could have had a memorial to remember our family. We could have dealt with the pain together.” He croons, pulling the both of us in an awkward hug.

“JASPER!” Alice’s scream caused all of our heads to whip up, panic leaking out of Jasper as he shot up.

I watched as her little body flew from the trees, colliding into my maker, brother with such force it knocked him back.

Maria… coming… Maria… Maria… Horror filled my very being, my hand flinging to Isa in comfort as Alice blurted out what I already knew.

“Maria! She’s coming, no time to run! We need to get to the house!” She rushes out, already running towards the Cullen home, the rest of us on her heels. I could feel the Captain rattling the cages screaming to be let free and for once I let him.

The change was instant, my body straightening, my vision tinting shades of red. Everything was sharp, calculations of fight or flight rushing through my brain as the Captains eyes looked at every point of direction as we reached the house.

I could see the others bare their necks as the three of us stepped from the lines, it was then The Captain noticed his mate, Isa, her eyes black with burning fire. Her skin and ours shimmering a faint blue, even in our rage we could see the power’s colour.

“No one utter a word when she arrives, let me and The Captain deal with the Puta.” The Major orders, before casting a look at Charlotte. “You and your mate will protect them, if it comes to a fight, run, I am not risking my coven any more. I will not make the same mistake as I once did.”

When his eyes flickered to my mate, I felt her stiffen, my teeth bearing in warning as he analysed her. “Go to the others.” He ordered causing her to snarl.

“No. I will not follow you. Maker or not my place is by my mate’s side. I will fight if need be, I will stay in this place.” She hissed causing the Major to snarl, only to buckle slightly as my mate stared him down.

“So be it.” He conceded shocking me, the captain and all that knew the Major.

Soon… she will be here sooon…. There… “She will come from there.” I state, pointing to the section of trees at the very back of the yard.

We waited, the air tense and full of fear. Everyone knew of Maria due to us, the Major especially; everyone knew her ways. What I wanted to know was why she left her territory, why is she coming for us?

As the sun began to set, sounds of footfalls reached our ears, approximately eight in total.

“Something isn’t right, she only brought eight.” I inform causing The Major to nod sharply as he stood attention, waiting for any form of surprise attack.

“Mi amor, it is so good to see you.” Maria purred causing Alice to snarl, a foolish mistake on her part as Maria cast her eyes onto the seer with interest.

“State your business and then leave.” The Major barked out causing the she-bitch to smirk and stride forward, her hips swaying.

“Still the same I see mi amor.” She purred, trailing her hands down his chest.

“I come to deliver some news, I had a lovely visitor come to me for my aid, requesting help to eradicate a coven in the north you see. But, I have a new pet, Mitch, who can see the outcome and if I helped I would lose and I like my wars too much.” She purred causing my mate to stiffen.

“Who?” She demands, causing Maria to cast her eyes upon my mate and then my hand upon her hip.

“He called himself, Edward Cullen.”

Author Note: Well, surprise!




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