Sequel Chapter Four

Author Note: WELL now I don’t know how this chapter is going to be, it’s either going to be well explained or sound like I’m blowing out of my ass but hey. Enjoy!



I gave him a tentative smile. “Hi Dad, can we come in?”

His smile was wide but I could see the wariness in his eyes as he looked in mine. My still red eyes and I knew he would miss the brown ones I had inherited from him. Not only that, I knew he was concerned in general about me and I hated the fact that because of Edward Cullen I dragged him into this fucking mess and unknowingly to his death bed if word got out he knew.

Or if word got out to the Volturi that he knew, I cast a worried glance up at Peter, relaxing slightly as he shook his head. Answering my unspoken question and quelling my fears.

“I’m sorry.” I blurt out causing him to shake his head.

“Baby girl, I knew sooner or later that you would be taken from me and I have been preparing for it but I didn’t think it would be this soon. So you must be Peter, you better take good care of my baby girl or I will torch your ass on fire.” He warns causing my eyes to bug out as I sputter at his swearing.

“Bloody hell old man, what?” I ask still spluttering causing him to roll his eyes as he moves towards the lounge, for once no game one the TV.

“Bella, you of all people know I swear like a sailor, hell you got your potty mouth from me.” He states with a small smile causing me to smile in return, it was true but still.

“Don’t worry sir, if I were to hurt Bella in any way I’d walk freely into that fire or well… she will kick my ass first and roast me slowly.”  Peter replies causing myself, Charlie and the others to crack up laughing.

“Okay, so I expected you and your husband and I know Jasper of course; Alice mentions you quite a lot but who is this pretty girl right here?” Charlie asks, gesturing to Char.

Char let out a wide grin and pulled my dad into a hug before shaking his hand. “My names Charlotte Whitlock, niece to these two buffoons and Bella’s left wing woman.” She drawls out proud and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I have much to explain but can… can you explain everything about Gran and well how you knew I was married?” I ask causing his smile to drop and instantly Dad looked old, like he had aged ten years as he moved to the bookshelf and pulled out a few books before grabbing one behind the others. I was surprised, but then I never touched the books near the TV they were Grans when she passed away dad placed them there.

It was an unspoken rule not to touch them.

“When your Gran got sick and she knew her final days were coming she gave me this.” He states before handing the book to Peter and I. I cast Peter a frown as the book seemed old and familiar.

“It’s Ma Whitlock’s family book she made for us. How did Bella’s gran get this?” Peter asked causing Charlie to smile.

“I remember when I was a boy my momma dragged me all the way to Texas for this estate sale and well this was the only thing she bought. I asked her why she bought it and she just smiled and said it will come in handy and I’ll understand when I was older. When Renee left taking Bella and she did the spell, the book was what she used; she showed me everything in it. You looked beautiful Bella; I wish I was there to walk you down the aisle.” He explained sadly, I felt my knees buckle as when Peter opened the first page it showed our wedding photos.

In fact it was me in my wedding dress, I remember being so surprised when Lilly announced she hired a photographer and I knew it was expensive. It was before I walked down the aisle and it took shorter than I expected but it was something I can barely remember.

The next few images were of the whole family under the old magnolia tree. I softly fingered the old faded yellowing black and white image when sadness and loss clenched me as I caught sight of my necklace.

“My necklace! My bracelet, they’re all gone!” I choke out in a wail.

“Peter, tell her!” Charlotte scolds causing me to look sharply at my relaxed husband for an explanation.

“I wanted it to be a surprise, but years ago I bought a house, I actually bought two. Henry and Lilly’s along with the Whitlock property. I went to buy Jasper’s home when I saw that Henry and Lilly’s were for sale as well, it was passed down to family to family but they couldn’t afford to maintain the two lands and well, I bought them both. At first I didn’t know why I had to buy the mansion, something deep down told me I needed to and when I spoke to the lawyer who was overseeing the sale he told me that the mansion hasn’t been lived in since the early 1900’s and everything was still in it.” He explained and I looked up at him in hope.

“Everything is still there Suga’, I haven’t been able to go inside for long but to maintain the house now and then. So we may or may not find all your old things there.” He explains and I felt the happiness explode from my chest.

“Momma was so proud of you Jasper.” I whisper as I look down to see her smiling face, her promise filtering through my mind like a whisper. “She told me to tell you that she was so proud of you when I told her you were alive and happy.” I choke out before laughing. “That strange old woman.”

“Thanks Bella’.” He rasped out, placing a hand on my shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Tell me about the wedding, who walked you down the aisle? Where were you married?” Dad asks as he moves closer, sitting on the table before us as he points to everything in the image.

I let out a chuckle, “Oh god, I was a wreck that morning. I wanted you to walk me down the aisle and Lilly – Jasper’s sister and Peter’s brothers wife – was crying with me in joy. Ma, Lilly and Mae were helping me get ready in Jasper’s old room on the Whitlock Farm, it was sunny and god, it was a beautiful day…”


Author Note: Well here is where I shall end it. *bows and runs*



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