Sequel Chapter Three

Author Note: Okay, so I finally finished my NaNoWriMo, I won! Also, I have had the plot bunnies bite me in the ass with multiple stories, a canon no less and a Bella/Hawkeye. Also I finished my FAGE pieces my Spirk and Johnlock.



I felt my body twitch and jerk as I paced, we had moved far away from the others, mainly I moved Peter and I far away from my, our maker.

How could I be so stupid? To consider this life without knowing the full truth, god I missed my father. Not only that I missed the Whitlock’s, what happened to me in that time line? Was I buried with Peter or did I just vanish in their arms?

“We’ll find out Suga’, we will I promise.” Peter whispers, stopping my pacing with a tender caress.

“Is this what you felt like when you were changed?” I ask causing him to sigh and shake his head.

“Honestly Suga what you’re going through is a mere cakewalk compared to me. I woke in the wars with no memory of whom I was and with a gift that whispered things in my head. On top of that, I was with the Major whom was under decades of Maria’s control. It was a lot worse, thankfully that feeling of Majors emotions lasted a year like yours will.” He explains pained, tracing across the scars on his bare arms with his fingers.

I literally could see every little scar he and the others had and yet I felt nothing but love. They didn’t make me fear them, respect them yes, fear them no. We were family.

“I should probably stop being mad at Jasper huh?” I ask causing him to shake his head no.

“Well yes, but no in the same sense. He should have known better than to change you without the full knowledge but I would like to know what caused you to go back in time. Maybe one day we will get an explanation for that. But you have every right to be pissed at Jasper at all of us for a little while after everything. ” He explains sadly before pulling back and dialling a number.

“Peter, it must be something serious if you are calling me.” A deep voice mutters causing me to hiss at the disrespect. “And who was just hissing?”

Peter sighs softly, pulling me close in comfort and soothing my beast. “That would be my mate; she’s only a few weeks old and is a little touchy at things like your hiss.” He explains neutrally casting me an apologetic look.

“YOU HAVE A MATE!” A woman’s voice screams over the phone causing me to frown at the twang.

“Yeah B, but this isn’t why I called. Char, Randall and I are with Jasper; the bitch paid us a visit and we’re calling in the cavalry. Look Anthony, you need to get here and bring your mate too.” He sighs out harshly the biting tone of the captain in his voice.

“Aye, Aye Cap’n. Give us your location and we will be there within a day.” The man snarks before hanging up, Peter pulled his phone back and scowls.

“Fucker, Anthony is a good guy bit spiteful for changing him and what not but he grows on you, you will love his mate Bex she’s a spitfire.” He chuckles before dialling another number, letting it ring twice before hanging up.

I raised my brows as he hit redial after waiting three seconds, this time the phone answering on the first ring.

“Peter, I am on my way. I found my mate and she got a call from Carlisle.” The voice causes me to frown as I tried to recall why it was familiar.

“Okay Garrett, Anthony and Bex are on their way.” He warns causing Garrett to sigh.

Great, see you soon.”

I bit my lip before looking up at my mate, the urge to call my father strong.

“Can I borrow your phone?” I ask causing him to smile softly and hand it to me, already ringing. My phone number flashing across the screen. My stomach churned and looped as the Charlie answered the phone, his voice rough and tired.


Holding back a sob I reply, “Dad.”

“Bella? Oh god my baby girl, I miss you so much. They wouldn’t tell me anything and Billy won’t utter a word about what happened. I thought, I thought you were gone.” He chokes out and I felt the tears pool in my eyes. Charlie wasn’t an emotional man but hearing him now made my heart clench.

“I’m okay dad, I… I have so much to explain and tell you…” I choke out, a sob escaping. Peter pulled me close to his body and began to purr softly, soothing my rattled nerves.  

“I can’t wait to hear it all Bells, I have all night to hear it.” He whispers and I could hear that he was moving to sit down in the kitchen.

“I’m married.” I blurt out, after several seconds. I wait for the explosion only to hear Peter’s name fall from his lips.

You found him then, it worked.” He breathes out happily, relieved.

“What?” I ask causing him to chuckle.

“Baby girl, you know my mother was different than the others, she was special, our family line is special and well she was the last of the Witches in our line. Seeing my heart break over the loss of your mother and the way Renee treated you she put a spell, a spell to find your true love no matter the year and time. Bella, I think it’s best for you to come see me, it’s okay baby girl, I trust you.”  He hung up and I cast a surprised look at Peter who frowned deeply before nodding.

“We’ll need Charlotte and Jasper to come as well, they are family.” He explains before taking my hand and racing back towards the others. Jasper and Lotte were already waiting with Alice standing in the background, casting me a smile as I looked over at her worried.

“You’ll be fine Bella, you need to go, and I can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner. Go.” She explains lightly gesturing us to run.

I didn’t wait, I took off towards home my nose crinkling as I smelt the wolves markings around as we grew close. I made sure to take in some of the rancid air as my home came into view only stopping to wait for the others.

Peter took my hand in comfort while Charlotte took the other, Jasper flushing me with satisfaction to make me feel full before Peter raised his hand and knocked. I could hear Charlie’s heart beating, his blood pumping it caused a slight burn but I was determined to not eat him.

“Bella.” He breathes as he opens the door, taking me in.

I gave him a tentative smile. “Hi dad, can we come in?”


Author Note: OHHHHH *barricades self behind bomb proof glass from the rage about to come*





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