Chapter Twenty-Three

Author Note: I want to thank every single one of you for the support you are giving me; it truly means a lot when there isn’t much in RL. I know I’m not alone in this, I know that and I thank you all. There is really no other way or no fewer amounts to thank you.

I know it’s been a few days, but things seem to be getting better, not where I’d like but better. So as a thank you, here is a chapter. A short one, but one none the less.

Edward POV

One second I had my hands around my pet then the vision…. The vision of my pet in the arms of another man, being a vampire and oh, I couldn’t allow that, if she couldn’t be mine then she couldn’t be anyone’s. I wouldn’t let anyone have a taste of her sweet ambrosia blood.

But then that pathetic major the monster of the family, the sympathy adoption, attacked me, tore me from my pet and her blood, tearing me into pieces. He would pay for his insolence.

The stupid human… She should have just stayed away…

Bella…my sister… I hope you’re in pain you fucker…

I can’t believe I have to carry your ass all the way to Denali… Esme is pissed…

Poor Jasper… I wonder how Bella is…. I wonder if the change has stated yet?

I let out a silent snarl, they changed her? They changed my pet before I could get one last taste of her blood? How dare they she is mine! They had no right to take what is mine and only mine, she was made for me! Her blood was made for me!

They would suffer, they would. They betrayed me; I am the head of that coven no matter what Carlisle believed. I am, he asks me for my opinions, my input, on what we should do! I am the rightful leader and they betrayed me for a fucking pitiful pet.

“Rosalie? Emmett?” Tanya’s voice croons softly, causing me to purr ever so slightly.

“Tanya, we’ve come for a favor. May we speak to you and the others?” Emmett asks.

I can smell Edward but where is he? What are they carrying?

I could see that I was placed in two duffle bags; they put me in my own bags?

Emmett, Rosalie? Something must have happened… oh… oh Edward, what have you done this time you foolish boy? Eleazer’s thoughts hit me, a tint of disgust in his mind causing me to sneer.

Oh Eddie, such a foolish man you are… I take it they saw you for who you truly are hmm? Kate… oh I hated that woman; she was the only one besides Eleazer and Carmen to see through my disguise.

“What has happened?” Eleazer asks, “I can see it has something to do with Edward.”

I let out another silent snarl as I felt my body hit the ground carelessly, the image of Emmett and Rosalie throwing me at their feet flashing in my mind.

“I am sure you know about Bella? Well it seems she is not his mate, seems she belongs to another and when Edward saw it in Alice’s vision he… Well he almost killed her, throwing her through the windows. He set the Major in action and well… Esme and Carlisle hoped you could help set him straight with the vampire rules and teach him some manners.” Emmett explains, causing me to use what was left of my energy to jerk the bag in anger.

“And the bags?” Carmen asks, a slight tone of amusement running through her mind.

“Esme, she wouldn’t let us reattach him.” Rosalie sniffed.

I would kill them all, family be dammed, they were beneath me. Rosalie was nothing but a harlot, in life and the vampire life with her fucking Neanderthal of a mate. Alice would be mine, her gift to precious to waste but I would rip her head from her body and burn her mate.

But first I needed to plot, I need to make Tanya or Irena to believe I love them, sleep with them, before convicting them to join me. I could use Laurent as leverage, after all it was the wolves that killed them and blame it all on my little pet, and she will be punished of course.

How dare she change, how dare she be in another man’s arms. I will teach her she is mine and only mine.

But, I need power. I can’t go to the kings they are weaklings, friends of Carlisle and I didn’t wish to perish yet. Victoria is still on the loose, oh, I could appeal to her. Her and oh… oh…

A smirk tugs at my lips as a name popped into my mind. She would help me of course, I know for a fact she would be very pleased at the information I hold and will give me anything to get it. An army for vengeance, an army for the major.


Author Note: Well here, a short chapter but Edward is hard to write



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