Chapter Twenty-Two

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Bella POV

I could feel, smell, hear and see and yet, yet I couldn’t register what was going on. My mind was a swirling mass of darkness that clouded everything, trying to process what was going on and trying to detach itself from this ever oh so agonizing numbness.

Depression… numbness… oh sweet cruelty….

Fate was a cruel mistress, such a cruel mistress and if I thought that she was cruel before my trip to the past… That was like stealing candy from a child than this… I’d rather have my leg broken, the burn happen again then this…

I could feel Jasper, literally feel him resounding in my body like the very venom he burned away my human life with and I didn’t know what to feel about that. My brother, my brother I respected oh so much and now I am cursed in this vampire hell with My Peter being a vampire and mated… he forgot about me.

But… he… no he promised… Isa breathes out brokenly in my mind.

He broke it!

The world around me seemed to shift as the familiar scent of wheat, magnolias and leather swirled around me like a blanket, bringing me back from the void to see him, he was there… next to her… his eyes… his face… he… he… he forgot!

The darkness consumed me like wild fire, pushing Bella back into a hole. All I could see was the world in black and red, with shades in between. I shoved the darkness outwards, pushing all those around me away as I charged for the fiery red vampire near my Peter.

“MINE!”I roar, my voice guttural as my beast took control.

Attack… Grab… snarls…




Wheat… snarl… MINE!

Restrained… no… What… kick…

“Suga’ it’s me!”

Mate… Magnolias… voices…

Confusion… rage… Bella…

Purr… buck… hisss….

Mine… mine… bite… leather… claim!


Free… find… there!

… attack…

Leather… desert… sire…



“She is not a threat, stop fighting, where is your mate?”

Blinking… what… mate… yard… how did I get to the yard?

Jasper’s arms were circled around me, restraining me as calm flooded my system pushing the darkness in my mind away, leeching the colours back into the world.

“Peter.” I breathe, my eyes locking onto his face, taking him in. He still looked the same, the very same as the day he left, except more… I could see his scars marring his flesh much like the very ones on Jasper and her…

“Here Suga’, I’m here now.” He replies, opening his arms for me to step into but… but I didn’t want to, no matter how much my body screamed to do so. I wouldn’t forgive yet.

“No.” I reply, shocking him and everyone around me. “You forgot. You forgot and you moved on! You broke your vows!” I snarl spitting venom as I did so.

His eyes darkened, sadness pulling down his features. “No Suga’, I may have forgotten but something always told me to never be with anyone. My sweet Isa, I never laid with another woman.” He replies softly causing me to shake my head and jerk my chin towards the woman.

“Isa, look at her, really look at her. Please, you’ll understand, just look.” He pleads causing my eyes to snap to the woman at his request.

I did look at her, her scars, the way her hair framed her face. The setting of her eyes, the way her left eye seemed to pull down ever so slowly… her lips… Oh…

“Aunt Bewwa!”… little chubby legs, wide blue eyes.

“Fuck… Jas, let me go.” I ask, my eyes never leaving Charlotte. He did as I ask, if not a little hesitantly. I could feel their eyes following me as I moved toward her, my hands tracing her face and my nose twitching as I breathed in her scent. It was more… mature now, the scent of lavender and cherries.

“Oh Charlotte, Lee must have gone crazy when he lost ya’.” I coo, pulling the woman in my arms tightly into a quick hug before letting her go; turning to Jasper and Peter who now stood side by side, one confused the other sad.

“Who changed her?” I ask causing Jasper to look down with a frown. “Well, it seems you have a knack for changing Whitlock’s, Jasper.” I hum, looking back to Charlotte and taking her hand in mine, needing that connection with the brother I will never see again.


“Well Major, Peter… I… we…” Charlotte mumbles out awkwardly.

“Uh, well… you see three days ago I went into this agonizing information overload and I remember my past, all of it. And when I woke three days later, seeing my Isa here before me I now know why but after you disappeared…” He trailed off looking towards me with pleading eyes. The very eyes he gave me when he was human and in trouble with Lilly.

“Jasper, Charlotte here is your Brother Lee’s daughter. She was a baby when I met her, adorable and well that asshole…” I trail off with a smirk, happy for once I could curse and not be looked at oddly. “Peter is your sister’s brother-in-law. When you died, she became a Bennett; Mrs Henry Bennett to be exact. They’re literally your family.” I explain, watching as his knees collapse, shock and horror flowing out from him.

“I changed my kin.” He croaks out causing Peter to sigh sadly.

“Yeah Major, you did and I reckon’ it was that she bitch who changed you’s plan. It’s why my gift told me to help you, to save Charlotte but not revealing why.” Peter explains softly, placing his hand on Jasper’s shoulder.

I cast Alice a smirk as she moved to comfort Jasper. “Well you always said I’d be your sister Ali, seems this way I literally am, after all I was adopted as a Whitlock, married as a Whitlock, changed as a Whitlock.” I laugh out, letting Lotte’s hand go and moving towards Jasper ignoring the rest of the family, only casting Rosalie a slight glare.

“Fate, Bella.” Alice chuckles softly. “It is always fate.”

A smirk pulled at my lips followed by a snort. “Ah yes, no matter how much of a cruel bitch she may be it seems, she always has a plan.”

Author Note: Short and sweet…




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