Chapter Twenty

Author Note: Okay, so I know I said a while but hell…

Disclaimer: Not mine Mkay

Peter POV

I felt the shift in the air, the breeze seeming to wrap around me with a familiar scent that I could not recall, yet it reminded me of home; of a small cabin near a creek with daisies in the window. Even now as I stood on the wintery mountain of Colorado I could smell the desert of Texas.

“Peter?” Charlotte’s voice calls, concern lacing her voice.

“Hm?” I ask, my eyes never leaving the starry sky.

“It’s been a day, what is wrong?” She asks, entwining her hand in mine. I couldn’t help but smile down at her eyes, her wide doe like eyes that flashed a slight blue before going back to red. She had been my sister so to speak since I laid my eyes upon her changing form. My gift telling me not to let her die for she was important, thus where our ‘relationship’ came in. Everyone believed we were together when we were nothing but good friends, kin of venom.

“Somethin’s comin’, Char. I can feel it, that sense of hollowness that sat in my chest since my change is fluctuatin’ and I know that we will need to head to Washington but I don’t know why! Curse this gift of mine!” I snarl out, throwing my hands in the air in frustration.

I grasped my head in pain as it seemed to explode with information, sounds and smells with words of I love yous and laughter. Laughter that caused my chest to clench and fear to consume me that I had forgotten, I had forgotten her! Her is who, who is her?


“Then I would like that Isabella, goodnight.”

“Shh Peter, you are safe.”

“It’s nice today; would you like to accompany me to the gardens?”

“Peter! What’s happening?” Charlotte’s voice screamed as I collapsed clutching my head, images of a woman flashing in my head.

She was by the roses, she was always beautiful, even now as the sun shone down reflecting the gold in her hair.

“Oh! Peter, I am so glad you decided to join me!” She states with a soft smile, her eyes glinting….

“Well ma’am my momma would whoop my behind if I were to upset or disappoint a lady…”

Broken eyes… “He hurt me, he broke me… They were like family….”

“What if I wish to court you?… You are worth everything, even with fractures…. I would be glad to court you Peter Whitlock…” her voice like fire…

“I’d never hurt her…”I whisper.

Lee standing in the doorway, face set sternly. “Good… that girl has been through far too much pain.”

“Don’t hurt her Peter…”

“Would… would you court me I mean?” I stammer out causing her to laugh.

Blinding smile. “Of course I would court you Peter.”

Fire light flickered across her face, her eyes downcast to the blonde haired babe in her arms. “She seems to have taken a liking to you Suga’.”

Warmth as I carry her to bed, she was at peace. “Peter…” She mumbled my name….

Laughter, she squealed as I caught her around the waist and spun her into my arms, her eyes twinkling with joy as I pull her against me. My lips brushing against hers in our first kiss.

Nerves… the ring box heavy in my hand as I spoke.”…I was wonderin’, wonderin’ if you would become my wife?”

Her eyes pooled with tears… “YES!”

Kisses, fiery passion kisses…

“I love you Peter…”

“…I love you too Isa…”

“I want to stay a Whitlock…”

Ma’s eyes glinting with a knowing spark. “We wish to take the Whitlock name when we Wed.” I blurt out.

My breath hitched as the violins began, the sun beaming through the Mongolia tree as petals dropped. Isa stepped out from the trees, a man no my brother, by her side. She was beautiful…

“I, Peter take you, Isabella to be my Wife….” Blinding smile, pooling eyes of tears.

Love and devotion… how did I ever get so lucky…. “I, Isabella take you, Peter to be my husband….”

“We’re married!” She breathes out, her eyes wide as she stared up at me.

“Yes we are!” I cheer, swooping her up in my arms laughing before dancing.

Smooth skin… embrace… moans… scratches… Isabella…

“PETER!” my name tumbling from her lips, hips bucking, nails scratching bringing me to the edge.

She was mine, mine wife… forever…

“Peter!” Fear, my smile dropping as panic registers.

Feet smacking against the earth as I ran towards the house… soldiors… a cry…

“PETER!” My brother, my wife in his arms unconscious….

Loss… I had to leave… can’t leave her… I won’t return….

“I love tyou Peter, my husband; don’t forget me.” She whispers, her eyes filled with tears. It broke me, I couldn’t break. A smile… a sad smile towards my wife as I whisper a promise I knew I would break.


My eyes snapped open with a scream, my chest exploding with agony as all the memories came back. My life, my name, my family. Isabella, my love oh god, I forgot her!

“No!” I wail, my eyes burning with venom as I smash the walls around me down. I could hear Charlotte screaming, Randall’s scent filling me before nothing.

Darkness, familiar agony of my head removed… limbs… my wife… oh god, she was the love of my life… she is gone, gone from my grasp.

“AHHH!” I roar as I felt the vocal chords attach once again. Blinking back the light to the familiar view of my home, of what was left of my home.

“Peter, you gonna be calm now mate?” Randall’s voice asks sternly, his red eyes coming into view.

“Yes.” I rasp out, letting the pain and loss consume me till it became a numbing ache.

Charlotte came into view, a few new bites upon her flesh. “Oh god Char.” I croak out, my niece… she was my niece and I had put her though horror. She had suffered pain at my hands in the wars.

“What happened Peter?” She whispers, sitting by my side, her hand resting on my arm.

“I remember my life… my family… my wife.” I whisper out, breaking at the words. “She would have been my mate in this life, I am sure. She was my soul, my beating heart when I was human. I forgot her, I promised I wouldn’t and I did. I am so sorry Char, my little Lotte’.” I finish at the end, looking up into the youthful face before me. She had been changed at 18, taken from her home in Texas by Maria’s hand and changed by Jasper.

“I don’t understand?” She whispers causing me to chuckle brokenly.

“We’re really related to the fucker. He’s my brother, your uncle as am I. You are Charlotte Whitlock, the daughter to Lee Whitlock.” I chuckle out blandly causing her to gasp.

“We need to go to Jasper!” She states, her hand clutching her mates. “I… He needs to know…”

I close my eyes and nod, she was right. All Jasper ever wanted was to know his kin, but for all he knew they were gone by Maria but now… Now I guess it isn’t so.

“Yes, we need to go.” I whisper automatically, much like the way my voice turned out when my gift took too much of a control. Something called for me in the distance, something singing my name like a siren.

Author Note: Well look! LOOOK! All has been explained so help me! Charlotte was NEVER with Peter only assumed to be, she is with Randall!




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