Sequel Chapter Eight

Author Note: Look an update! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Peter POV

I pulled my mate to sit on my lap and buried my face into her neck, inhaling her scent. I was pissed, beyond pissed really at all that has transpired in the last six hours. Rebecca, little Bex had been in the wars with us. God that bloody shrew of a woman…

“Peter.” Bella rumbled softly, oh how he was glad to have his wife but now that he was a vampire all the instincts were flaring up, too many people touching her and it didn’t help that Eleazer was staring at her intently or the fact that Dick was coming, succubi here or not.

“Eleazer, I suggest you stop staring.” Jasper drawled as he walked in the room, Alice dancing behind him. “Peter’s been on edge since Maria’s visit and his instincts are flarin’ up, you either need to explain or stop.”

I sent my brother a dose of gratitude as the ex Volturi leader blinked and nodded.

“I can’t read her.” Was all he said, causing those that didn’t know to look at my mate, a growl ripping out past my lips.

“I’m a shield.” Bella explained with a shrug before purring softly, he knew she didn’t understand vampire ways well as some of the things she did were instinctual, like purring, the way she protected Bexie, when she rubbed her face into his chest when he held her marking him as hers. “Don’t take offence, Edward couldn’t read me either.”

“Now stop yer lookin’, you’re making Peter and I both as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.” My wife drawled out, her fingers twitching.

“Now ye sound like Aunt Isa.” Bexie chuckled. “It’s weird hearing you without your drawl.”

Besides him Anthony was also on edge and I knew that Bexie had her power over him, her hand clutched tightly in his.

“Peter, do you know when Dick and Helene will be here?” Jasper asked and I shot him a glare as I lifted my head from my mate’s neck. Why couldn’t he ask his damn seer of a wife?

“Few hours, earlier than expected.” I reply blandly, cocking my head to the side. Tanya and Dick will get on like a house on fire. I opened my mouth to tell him we should meet them outside but snapped it shut as my eyes glanced over the Cullen’s and their home. It’ll serve them right to have a few Knick-knacks ruined and a few walls torn down, too many windows in here.

Jasper raised his brows in question as he felt my amusement and Alice chuckled hysterically, covering her mouth with both her hands to muffle the sound. I felt my body relax instantly as all eyes were off my wife and onto the giggling pixie, if she were human she’d be red in the face or crying in laughter.

“What’s funny Darlin’?” Jasper asked with raised brows, only to cause her to laugh harder. I felt my wife begin to shake, her body swerving to bury her head into my neck as she too began to laugh, I knew she didn’t know what was so funny but hell seeing his maker and brother go into slight fits as his mates humour started to affect him was funny as fuck.

Alice took a deep breath before steadying herself once more. “Nothing, you’ll see Jazzy.”

Bella snorted and I had to burry my face back into her hair as I held in my laughter. Oh how I know Jasper hated that name with a passion and would never utter a word to his mate about it because he was a smart man and knew an unhappy mate was a world of trouble.

Didn’t mean I like to rub it in. “Yeah Jazzy, you’ll see.” I chuckle out, grinning as he cast me a glare when his mate was not looking.

“I’m hungry.” His wife stated suddenly and the humour disappeared like water in the desert. I jerked my wife back and blinked when I saw onyx eyes staring back at me instead of rubies. The profanity that left my lips caused many to do a double take as I hauled my mate up and dragged her to the kitchen with the Whitlock brood on my ass.

“When was the last time you fed?” Anthony rumbled unhappily from the doorway, his body positioned in a way that he could attack any form of danger from the window or the door.

“Uh, a day or so ago?” Bella replied with an unsure shrug causing Jasper, Randall, Charlotte and I to curse up a storm of no tomorrow.

A loud crack filled the air and suddenly I find my ass out the window with a mighty sore jaw. I blink up at the window and see a furious Garrett glaring out and it was then that I noticed Jasper and Randal were with me while the Patriots mate and my niece lectured Charlotte and Alice. Anthony was the one that was looking after my wife.

“That hurt Garrett.” Randall whined causing the patriot to smirk and snort.

“Baby, I wasn’t even the one that hit you.” He chuckled, giving his mate a fond look before glaring at Jasper and I. “But I am pissed, you’re her mate and you’re her sire. It is your job and duty to make sure your mate and underling is fed, and people think you’re the toughest, scariest S.O.B’s in our race, pfft.”

I was — honestly shocked.

“Gare.” Bella warned her bright red eyes staring out at them. “They’ve had their hands full, not all their fault, its mine too.”

“Ah no Spitfire, it’s their job. You’re a newborn and you’ll forget till you’re close to starvation and madness. The hunger wears off and then it’ll come back like a mack truck.” Anthony supplied. “Bexie has to remind me every few weeks, I don’t feel the thirst like a newborn but I don’t have that thirst or desire to eat like normal vampires.”

Well shit, I didn’t know that and by the looks of it neither did our little rag tag group that knew the fucker.

“He’s right Sug’ we’re the ones who should be making sure you eat every few hours. But I’m mighty proud you lasted a day and have good control.” I state as I hauled myself up from the ground, pulling up Randal and Jasper with me.

“Me to Bells, it doesn’t surprise me, you’re and extraordinary person so it makes sense you’d be one as a vampire too Darlin’.” Jasper chuckled while we all made our way back into the house, the rest of the Denali’s and Cullen’s standing just inside the doorway but in the hall.

They could sense it was a family moment. Well they better because if they step one foot in the kitchen Anthony and a few others were going to lose their shit.

“Aww you guys are adorable.” I let out a laugh as Jasper and a few others let out a groan.

“Perfect timing Boris, who’s this lovely lady with ya?” I chuckle out, my eyes snapping warily to the tiny slip of a woman in his arms. How he snuck up on us I’ll never knew but I had a feeling it was to do with the girl.

“This is my mate Laura, she’s a gifted.” He explained as he saw curious shocked eyes. Laura elbowed her mate causing him to grunt and bend at the waist causing me to smirk as I pull Isabella close.

“Laura Bennett, I just have a knack to hide people, only myself and one other.” The slip of a woman stated, giving us all a shrug.

“You’re fucking with us right?” My wife groaned her eyes to the ceiling.

“Excuse me?” Laura asked with furrowed brows.

“You don’t have family that came from Texas did’cha? Or changed by a demonic bitch from the south?” My wife asked and then my body along with Bexie and Charlotte’s stiffened.

Boris glanced at us before pulling his mate closer to his body. “No, I changed her about ten years ago when I found her in a ditch on the side of the road. She hit a moose of all things.”

That relaxed me some but the last name was mighty big in your face. We had the Whitlock brood in here since my wife and my memories came back but my brother had three–four kids. If she was one of his decedents I’ll curse every god I know.

“Ahh no, my family came over from Sweden a long time ago. They were given the name Bennett, why?” She explained causing all of us to relax and give a sigh of relief.

“Well, Jasper, Charlotte and Bexie are related by blood.” Bella explained, pointing to the three of them. “Char and Bex are cousins and Jasper their uncle. Peter and I were adopted by the Whitlocks, Peter’s brother was married to Jasper’s little sister and I married him, changed by him.” She explained, jerking her thumb to me and then to Jasper.

“My brother had four kids, Whitlock-Bennett’s; we just wanted to make sure is all.” I continue causing the two newcomers eyes to widen and look at all our faces. Boris knew us the longest and kept opening and closing his mouth a few times.

“Since when!?” He asked causing Randall to laugh.

“When the others get here, we’ll explain all at once. Garrett’s been dying to hear it too mate.” Randall explained.

He won’t be able to use his power… mate shield… I cock my head to the side and cast the silver tongued fucker a sharp grin. “Don’t bother, my mate’s a shield.”

Boris spluttered before snapping his mouth closed and I couldn’t help but laugh as the others sighed in relief and thanked the gods.

“Now remember this before you piss me off in the future. Now, you two need to tell me everything about you, I have a feeling we’ll be good friends.” My wife explained while she looped her arms through Laura’s and Boris’s before leading them to the lounge.

I cast everyone a wide-eyed glance before following after my mate, the others hot on my heels.

Author Note: there you go! Who’s happy for an update?


6 thoughts on “Sequel Chapter Eight

  1. I love it. Bella getting distracted from hunting once more….. hmmmm I wish Jasper felt comfortable enough with his wife to tell her he hates that name. That is sad to me.

  2. Yeah!!! I am now trying to catch up to the backlog of stories! This is awesome, though I am sorry that so many of the Whitlocks have been changed. Nice use of Ian though!!!!!!!!

  3. Yay! I can’t wait for more please keep updating!!! I love this book, I feel as if it would have made a better movie than Twilight! Please continue with this amazing story! You’re such a great writer. 🙂 ❤

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