Sequel Chapter Five

Author Note: Enjoy!


I grasped my father softly in an embrace, my throat burning but still I managed to hug him goodbye with promises to see him soon before disappearing out into the early morning. I didn’t want to leave, happily to tell him and Jasper stories of the family I loved but Peter said we needed to go.

It was important and if we didn’t leave then something bad would happen.

“What’s happening?” Jasper asks – orders – my mate. Earning him a snarl in warning from my lips in return, causing him to smirk and send me waves of calm.

“Tony and Bex are nearly there, we need to hurry. Alice and Randall will understand but the others won’t.” Peter grunts out as he picks up his pace.

“Understand what?” I ask concerned.

“Tony still has the newborn smell to him, he never lost his newborn years besides the blood lust and it’s a very distinctive scent. With the scars and their fast approach the others will attack before asking questions and Anthony won’t risk his mate being hurt.” Char replies softly, only to cause my chest to twist in concern.

“And Bex won’t let her mate lose control of his monster for her, she can, her gift is hard to explain.” Peter replies softly, and as much as I am mad at the others, I didn’t want them to be harmed or harm someone who is here to help.

I shot past them, my ears picking up the footfalls of oncoming vampires and paused at the back of the house, sending debris to fly up. The others already waiting for the attack to come, stopping in shock as I hold up my hand for them to wait.

It didn’t take long for two vampires to step out, the male first and then… I couldn’t help but blink as I stared at the woman in slight surprise and horror.

“Auntie Bella?” Bexie’s soft voice draws me from the window to her worried eyes.

“We mean no harm.” The male rumbled, his hair falling down to cover his alarming red eyes slightly. But I took no notice of detail beyond that he smelt of ash and blood, and he had alarming red eyes.


“It’s okay, they’re here to help.” Peter’s voice finally floats across the yard but, god, can’t he see! How could he not know! There was no way to not notice the spark of age, the softness in her face and the soft cleft in her chin.

“Is she okay?” I heard someone ask but I ignored the voice and moved forward, why was it I who was noticing the Whitlock brood? Was it because I spent so long with them or because they were fresh in my mind… Oh, but Charlotte should know more than Jasper, Peter should know now too.

“You need to eat, you’ll get sick and if you get sick…” She trails off, her lip quivering with the thought.

“Step away from my mate.” The male warns, earning a growl of warning in return from Peter.

“I mean Bexie no harm.” I murmur honestly, raising my hand to touch her face.

“Anthony, my love, let her.” Bexie murmurs softly to her mate as he goes to grab me before leaning into my hand.

“Who?” I ask causing her to sigh softly, her eyes flickering to Jasper and back again, answering my question.

“Does he know?” I ask harder this time.

“No, only Maria knew.” She chokes out before collapsing in my arms; I let out a hiss of fury. Not because she fell into my arms but because I didn’t kill that bitch when I had a chance.

“Who else?” I had to ask, I just had to.

“No one, I was the last. She tried taking Isabelle but I stopped her.” I jerked my head back surprised and confused.


Her eyes burned up at me, darkening ever so slightly. “Lilly’s daughter.”

I felt my heart constrict before dropping to my knees, bringing Bexie with me before burring my head into her hair and choking back a sob.

“Will someone please explain to us what the fuck is going on?” The voice of Rosalie hissed darkly, causing me to spin on my feet, instantly placing Bexie behind me in protection before snarling.

Rosalie was too close, to close with a scowl on her face. Hostility… hostility… protect… protect…

“Step back!” I hiss, in warning.

“I would do as she says Rose. You are radiating a lot of hostility there in your impatience and she can sense that. She is protecting, she sees you as a threat. Everyone needs to step back in fact, her control on newborn emotions is wavering.” Jasper warns, moving Alice slowly behind him as he keeps his eyes locked on me.

My vision tints red, only holding on to reality more for the fact I could sense Peter near me, just out of view and Bexie’s comforting hand on my back. My fingers twitched with desire to shred through her pretty flesh and all those who seek… seek… protect…. hostility… protect… protect…

“She’s fine,” Rosalie scoffs causing me to snarl in fury. How dare she? Alice informed me that besides she and Jasper, Rosalie stayed by my side. This, this Rose is not what was described to me. This Rose was the one I remembered before I changed, and yet deep down I knew it was a defence mechanism but it still infuriated the fuck out of me.

“Em, move her away or she will be adding a scar to her neck.” I warn, my grip on Bexie’s hip tightening as I readied to spring. I felt my body stiffen more as an unfamiliar hand touched my shoulder only to relax as Ash and blood filled my senses.

Not a threat…

Yet, even with the warning Rosalie did not move from her spot. She was ten feet away, too close, too close. “I will not warn you again, step back from my niece Rosalie before I rip you to shreds.”

Silence… Silence and then Chaos…

Author Note: when I meant I’ll end it here, I meant the chapter NOT the story. Honestly Vicky and Eddie need to be taught a lesson still!

Also, for my ff people the images for Bexie and Anthony are on this chapter on my blog or in the folder in my group on FB.



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