Sequel Chapter Nine

Author Note: Look an update! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY AFTER!

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The house— was a mess. That was putting it bluntly, windows were shattered and furniture in splinters, hell even half the walls had holes or dints in them. Though the Cullen’s were pissed and many were unsettled even though they were currently occupied, I on the other hand couldn’t help but laugh my ass off.

“It ain’t funny suga’!” Char snapped annoyed from her spot in the corner on top of the bookshelf while I sat atop the small gap in the wall that was made from Randall being thrown.

“It sure is, look at this mess. The place needed to be remodelled, now that I’m a vampire this place screams vulnerable. It’s too light, too open.” I explain while trying to ignore the grunts and moans.

Boris and his sister had come not long ago and I threw up my shield around the four that was closest to me, which were Char, Kate, Peter and Laura. Because that fucker came in took one look at Tanya the succubi and flipped the fuck out, those in his path got hit with his power and well…

Several vampiric couples, the women mostly got hit and the only way to get out of a succubi or incubus’s love hit was to fuck, and fuck a lot. The downside to this was that Char and I got stuck in the room with the most fucking overprotective assholes there were and…

“If I have to keep watching my brother fuck I’m going to scream.” Peter muttered from below me, his form pressed into the wall and door.

I had to agree, Jasper and Alice had not stopped since she got hit with the bloody incubus love zap and we cannot move from the damn room without getting bitten or hurt. Hell, even the other couples were stuck in random parts of the house like Garrett on top of the balcony’s staircase, balancing like a bloody bird.

“You know I’m glad that I’m a vampire.” Boris uttered bored as he hung upside down from the railing, he took a tumble when Emmett burst past him with Rosalie and managed to catch his foot. “Otherwise I’d be passed out by now.”

“I feel like my dick is going to burst.” Garrett whimpered as he shifted slightly.

Though, now I was getting bored and my legs had that sudden stiffness that I could remember having while human. “How many hours has it been now?”

“Eight.” Everyone replied instantly causing me to sigh, my eyes locking onto my Makers naked form and willed myself to not look away as I tried to shove out my shield. It was a struggle to not look away, to even push out my shield when I’m not under duress but so help me I will… why?

Though I managed to slam my shield up when the incubus got here, for the life of me I couldn’t push out a new bubble over Jasper.

Because everyone in the house is near fucking with an empath in the damn house!

“Isa don’t.” Peter warned in horror, his head snapping up as his gift decided to kick in.

I just smirked down at him. “Don’t be so worried Pete, I’ll be fine.”

With a hum I shifted my weight so I was balancing on the balls of my feet; Peter I could see went to grab me but froze as a growl escaped Jasper’s lips. Where I was subtle, Peter was quick in his movements. Stretching the muscles in my neck, I shook myself before grinning and shoving all my boredom at Jasper before pouncing.

My body collided with his, sending the both of us tumbling through the wall and window till we reached outside. I held back a cry as Jasper’s teeth locked into my arm, his venom burning but I would not let go of him, only wrapping my legs and arms tighter around his frame and flooded him with everything I could to negate the Lust.

Even when my body quivered in agony from his venom, from his bite, even when my instincts screamed that he was dangerous than I and my Maker… I still did not let go.

“Jasper stop!” I snarl into his ear, jerking my arm tighter around his neck as he snarled back in turn.

“STOP!” The command left my lips harshly and finally, finally, my shield slammed down over him.

The second it engulfed him, his body went lax and his teeth hastily removed from my forearm. “That’s gonna leave a mark.”

“Bella?” Jasper asked confused before jerking back, his head connecting with my face and causing me to instinctively let go to clutch my nose and jaw moaning. “Bella! I’m sorry Darlin’ I didn’t think, what the hell prompted you to attack during a mating?”

I shot my Maker a look as I rolled away from him, one arm still clutching his wrist as I glared up at him before averting my eyes away and standing, I didn’t want to be face level to his dick but damn, Alice is lucky.

“Because the fucking Incubus shot near all females in the house with love juice and YOU kept reproducing it like rabbit and mice breeding machine on fertility drugs.” I snapped back while clenching my hand tighter till I felt something crack under my hand. “I was sick of watching you and Alice fuck dammit.”

“Thank the lord!” Someone cried out as a wall of calm and lethargy roared past me and slammed into every one of the house. I like a few others let out a huff of laughter before escaping the house, well those who were not affected by the crazy lust.

“Here.” Peter said dryly as he chucked a pair of jeans at Jasper before rushing forward and yanking me away, hissing when he saw the wound on my arm. “You need to bathe it with your venom. If I do it, it’ll be a worse scar, it’ll taste like shit though and it’ll have a slight bite to the tastebuds but you need to bathe it.”

“You do it, I don’t care about the scar, and I’d rather not taste venom.” I confess, watching as something lightened in my mates eyes as he cradled my arm gently before bathing my wound with his tongue.

Though it stung, it was slightly erotic. I couldn’t help but frown and shudder in slight pleasure as my mate began to purr.

“That’s natural.” A new voice called out and catching my interest.

Ah the incubus. “What is?”

“You allowed your mate to look after you, accepting the healing makes the venom hurt less and pleasurable.” Randall explained, catching onto what was being said. I cast my eye to Charlotte who just nodded with a wide grin and a shrug.

“Right then, Richard yes?” I ask, completely ignoring the slight coughs of Dick.

The incubus snorted and cast me a wide grin. “Aye, that be me.”

“Well that’s great, but can you not throw a bloody lust induced haze on people with Jasper in the vicinity. If I didn’t do what I did, then I’m sure we’d be there all night.” I inform him.

Peter paused and hummed. “More like four but yeah, you dick.”

The incubus let out a rich laugh and smiled wider, pulling a very satisfied and rumpled Tanya into his arms. “So who’s going to explain why my handsome self and my sister were called?”

Author Note: Well shit, I’m lacking in the idea department atm. The Plot has also gotten away from me.


7 thoughts on “Sequel Chapter Nine

  1. The chapter was kind of funny. I’m sad that Peter and Bella didn’t get to have sex though. 😦 Too bad they had to watch naked Alice…gross!! —shudders— Jasper wouldn’t be so bad. LOL

  2. I hope you can continue this story some time, I really like it!and this chapter is really funny. I hope everything is going great and read you soon

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