Sequel Chapter Seven

Author Note: Well, it seems I can write another bit of APAT for you all, no matter if it’s a little short right… right? It’s still an update.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Twilight related.


I couldn’t help but laugh as I rushed over and pulled him into a hug, for once causing him to groan.

“You’re a little stronger then me now Little One.” He grunts out before gasping as I let him go.

“Well now you know how I felt you bastard.” I tease, smirking as he bent over and clutched his ribs with a wince. “But now I know the truth about you and everything!”

“Can someone tell me how you two know each other? You said you only knew Carlisle from the Cullen Coven.” The blonde next to him asks as she eyed me up and down warily. There was no jealousy in her eyes just wariness as she helped Garrett stand back up.

I cast a smile at Garrett before turning back to the blonde, his mate. “Well you see, Garrett and I met at a strip club back down in…”

“Isa!” Garrett gasps horrified as he whipped his head between his mate and I. “Kate, she’s lying!”

“No, Garrett used to keep me company at the library back when my mom went out on dates. He was the one who taught me how to read and whatnot; of course his history lessons were a little biased now that I know the truth, you bastard.” I explain, throwing the old nickname at him once again. “He kept in contact with me every now and then, but I haven’t heard from you since I moved to Forks.”

The woman – Kate – just laughed as she pulled me into a hug. “Well I am Kate Denali, the unfortunate victim who is now forever stuck with him.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the scandalised look upon my old friends face. “Stuck with me? Woman, you’re a succubus! My dick’s gonna fall off before…” He trails off with a forced cough as everyone burst out into laughter.

“It’s good to see you again Garrett, now that I know your connection with Isa I won’t have to rip your arms off.” Peter chuckles as he moved to my side, Jasper and Randall on the other while Charlotte simply wrapped her arms around me.

“And I should mention I’m not in the Cullen Coven.” I pipe up, ignoring the soft gasp behind me. “Married a Whitlock and was changed by a Whitlock.”

Garrett raised his brows in amusement before looking at the whole coven of Whitlock’s that surrounded me. “And which poor unfortunate soul is stuck with you? And why the hell wasn’t I invited to your wedding? Wait, when did you get married and how long have you been a vampire!”

“That’ll be him.” I chuckle while jerking my thumb to Peter. “And to answer that question, Edward attacked me and while I was changing… I somehow got sent back into the past. I married Peter in 1886 on the Whitlock ranch… I woke up not long ago.”

The Denali Coven along with Anthony just stared at me in shock, some even opening and closing their mouths to form words on my explanation, but it was then that I noticed there was one missing.

“Where is Irena?” Jasper asks as if he too picked up my thought patterns.

The male besides Garrett of the coven sighs and looks down. “Irena went with Edward, she knows about Laurent.”

The others as one groaned and sighed in a near perfect sympathy of indignation, it was amusing to say the least but I couldn’t be fussed too much, just another bitch to kill on my list after all her ‘mate’ did try to kill me.

Both the Denali and Cullen’s began to discuss what would happen to her when they found out, the Denali’s of course didn’t want to kill their sister though the only one who truly didn’t want to was the coven leader and the ones I now know as Eleazer and Carmen.

“What are you thinking about Suga’?” Char whispers softly in my ear as she burrowed her face deeper into my hair.

“Just wonderin’ when the Incubus is arriving.” I drawl out softly causing her to gwaffaw.

“What are you two laughing about?” Peter asked amused, his eyes glittering, lip twitching. Oh he knew exactly what we were talking about.

“Oh, this and that. But tell me my husband, what do you know?” I ask, smirking up at him.

A full blown grin stretched across his face. “That if we’re human, we’d need popcorn.”

“Oh it’ll be fantastic but the yard will be bigger afterwards.” Alice giggles out as she danced to our side and into her mate’s arms.

“Do you have a rough estimation?” I ask her simply, trying not to rouse interest in our conversation from the group that was discussing Edward and Irena.

“They’ll be here tonight, some of them anyway. Oh, Randall you’ll be pleased to know that Boris is coming.” Alice informs causing the old war veteran to grin wide and for Charlotte to groan.

“Great, that’ll be a good show then yeah? It’s been a while since I’ve seen the bastard; he owes me a drink or four.” He chuckles out smirking wider at his Mates dismay.

“Wait, who the hell is Boris and what am I missing?” I demand, whatever the story was I needed to know because that reaction alone told me it would be hilarious.

Peter and Jasper both stiffened the latter stopping mid-sentence and just glared at Randall while Peter doubled over in laughter. Oh now I really needed to know.

No.” Jasper growls sharply. “The answer is no.”

“I would have to agree with the Major.” Anthony pipes up while Bex just giggles.

“Oh Boris is coming then?” Kate asks smirking over at her sister who just rolled her eyes.

“Who the hell is Boris?” Emmett asks annoyed as he too flicks between looking at everyone.

“Boris is just a little shit who likes to drink a little too much and pull pranks while doing it. Last time I saw him was when I was with these assholes for a visit in the 80’s and the bastard died my hair orange and tied naked to a horse.” Jasper hisses furious.

I couldn’t help but just stare at him in confusion. “How did you end up tied to a horse naked? You’re a vampire, how does one manage that?”

“It was also the same time when he replaced ALL my clothes with either A: Clown Clothes or B: the exact replica of my clothing a size too small.” Char hisses just as furious as Jasper.

“Again, how?” I ask.

“I can explain, Boris has a unique gift… it’s like persuasion.” Eleazer explains from his spot beside Carlisle.

“He’s like a modern day hypnotist.” Bex supplies for me when I just cast the man a confused look.

Oh this was just too good. “…are you telling me that he didn’t do anything and you all did it yourselves?” I ask slowly, holding back the laughter that wished to rise up and burst free. Though that was a hard task and I didn’t bother as Jasper, Anthony and Charlotte just scowled at the ground.

Peter was now on the ground and I bet if he had the ability to cry my darling husband would be doing that right now. Hell, I wish I could still cry of laughter but least I didn’t have to breathe now as I gasp for laughter.

I can’t wait to meet him.

Author Note: Meh, this chapter is Meh…


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