Sequel Chapter Six

Author Note: *knocks* hello? *knocks again* Is uh, anyone still with me?


The whole damn Whitlock family hit the roof, Jasper groaning pained as if someone punched him, Charlotte staring at Bexie in horror and well Peter looked like he too got ran over by a mac truck. A mix of curses and death threats of Maria spilling from their lips as the Cullen’s murmured confused.

Of course I couldn’t really say much as my jaw was locked in a snarl, my eyes piercing Rosalie who was still standing too fucking close and venom decided to gather in the base of my throat and mouth, causing me to swallow quite frequently.

Yet, yet I knew I should be considerably pissed as everything was still in black and red with all the shades in between, the only thing really grounding me is Bexie’s hand upon my back and her Mates.

“I suggest you all calm the hell down, it’s taking Bexie a lot of effort to keep her still and not a raging bitch.” Anthony states blandly causing the others to become silent and their eyes locked on me.

Calm and lethargy slammed into me causing my coiled body to relax ever so slightly but still I would not fully relax until the god forsaken bitch moved the hell back!

“I’d move back Dollface.” Bexie grunts pressing her hand harder as Rosalie narrowed her eyes in a form of challenge.

“Rose!” Emmett hisses, jerking his mate back from me, from my niece.

“I am seriously considerin’ jus’ sayin’ fuck it and lettin’ her go from my power.” Bexie gruntsed out once more as a growl escaped my lips.

Finally, finally after a quick glance Rosalie backed down and away from me, hiding her frame behind Emmett’s massive one. I felt my beast purr in victory and relax from the protective coil it decided to stay in while Bexie slowly let up the pressure on my back, taking her power with it.

“I am curious, what your power is exactly.” Carlisle states softly and being the smart man he is, didn’t look towards us in any way.

“I don’t like to use it. It’s like Jasper’s but more touch base than anything else, except all it does is control one person. I push my will into the person, it shouldn’t have worked on Aunt Isa cause she is a shield but I am under it and I was able to. I simple kept her controlled.” Bexie states with a shrug, but I could tell it was more than that, but she didn’t want to explain properly.

I stood up and moved hesitantly away from my niece and into Peter’s arms, making sure Emmett and Rosalie was in my sights as Bexie stepped back into her own mates arms. His alarming red eyes flickered to me and his lips twitched.

“I like you, spunky.” Anthony chuckles out causing me to raise my brows while Bexie beamed. He just shot me a small grin before looking at my mate. “I called Makenna and Charles. Boris is coming as well.”

“Well, maybe.” Bexie corrects.

“I called Garrett but he was already on his way, his mate got a call from them.” Peter explains, jerking his head towards the Cullen’s.

“I got a hold of Mary, she and her mate will be making their way here as well.” Randall pipes up from the other side, stepping back into the open.

“Good, this is good; who did you get in contact with?” I ask Jasper causing him to frown slightly and cast a wary look at the others.

“I called Rich and Helene.” He sighs causing my mate to stiffen.

“You called that Dick why?” Charlotte demands furious as Randall held her back.

“Who are Rich and Helene?” I ask.

Charlotte snaps her head to mine. “Dick is a dick; he was an army buddy of ours who snuck out after us.”

Peter just snorted. “The man’s a flirt, that’s all with an ego to boot. He’s an Incubus and Helene is his sister, she keeps him under control… sometimes.”

My brows shot up as I cast a look towards Carlisle. “Did you call the Denali’s?” I ask causing Carlisle to nod. “Fantastic!” I grin.

“What’s got you all amused Darlin’?” Jasper asks, I shoot him a wicked grin.

“You called an Incubus, he called the succubi.” I state simply, innocently and watched as that information sunk in, causing a wide grin to spread across his face.

“Well he won’t be much of a dick then, usin’ his abilities on us. Not if there are succubi around who will gladly scratch that itch for him.” He drawls out simply before turning back to Carlisle.

“Who else did you call in?”

Carlisle frowns for a second before replying. “I called Siobhan and some other nomads I keep in contact with, if they come or not I do not know. I didn’t call the Volturi, if that’s what you are worried about.”

“No, but the wolves concern me.” Jasper replies causing me to stiffen this time, a growl escaping my lips.

“They hurt you, tried to kill us and me. They can fight their own battle in this, we won’t need them!” I hiss furious causing Jasper to send me calm and for Peter to growl.

“They’ll have newborns, we’ll have veteran soldiers, there is no point calling the mutts.” Peter murmurs sharply. “If they do train the newborns then they still won’t be a match. We need to find out where they are though, if they are close to us or not.”

“Peter’s right, what news do you have besides what the bitch told you?” Anthony asks with raised brows before snorting as no one answered. “So you dragged us to a war with information you got from Maria?”

“If what she said was true then I would have to believe her…” I whisper unable to voice it louder than that. “If Edward is indeed with Victoria then… they will come. He will never let anyone else have me and Victoria will want me for her mate’s death.”

Peter hisses, his arms tightening around me as I felt the growl vibrate through his chest. “You killed a vampire’s mate and not kill the other? Has this lifestyle made you soft and idiotic Major?”

Jasper shot Carlisle and the others a rueful stare. “They didn’t believe me when I told them she was his mate… they trusted what Fuckward told them. He said she was thinking about hunting and other thoughts, because you know that douche could read beyond surface thoughts and all.” Jasper finishes sarcastically.

I just blink and frown at the coven I called family as a muddied memory surfaced. “Edward told me he couldn’t read beyond the surface thoughts of the mind. It’s how Alice could outsmart him, how Jasper outsmarted him when they played chess. Thinking of something else on the surface, hiding the true thoughts.” I explain causing Carlisle to flinch and pale.

“I never knew that.” He murmurs ashamed.

“Of course you didn’t, you never saw beyond his golden child persona.” Emmett mutters bitterly, surprising everyone.

“Well, this is a warm welcome.” Drawled a voice, causing my brows to shoot up and turn in surprise.

“Gare?” I ask in disbelief.

“Well hullo there little one.” He grins, his orange eyes glinting in amusement.

Author Note: Well here you go everyone! You wanted an update you got one!


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  1. Yay! I wish Rose had got her ass kicked first, but oh well……. Can’t wait for more of this or anything besides LOTR, hahahahaha just kidding …….love you…. just missing my favorites. 🙂

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