Chapter One

FAGE 10: Reborn

Title: Burning Embers
Written for: Cullen Cousin
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar
Beta by: Tammy!
Rating: M
Prompt used: Firefighter/cop
Summary: There will always be a rivalry between them until that day where everything nearly burnt down around them.

Author Note: Yeah I don’t know how this is gonna turn out but there will be swearing…

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Third Point of View

It was a usual day in Seattle, the skies dark with the foreboding look of oncoming rain, police sirens blaring along the busy streets after criminals, stores being robbed, fires burning and people getting hurt

Such as today.

Such as now.

The alarm rang out through the station, stilling all those that occupied it as they waited for the information to come.

Accident, multiple injuries, truck 91, engine 86, squad 5, ambulance 61

Fourth Avenue South Bridge

The moment the call for the engines was made those in Station 10 were up and out the door to the trucks, shedding shoes, jumpers, and other clothing items in their wake that would hinder them in any way. The trucks and ambulance hauled ass away from the firehouse and towards the destination.

Is anyone else starving?” A voice crackles over the radio, drawing smirks and laughter from those that were listening.

“Lahote, you are a bottomless pit.” Lt. Swan chuckled over the radio in reply.

“Nah, we got a call before I could take a bite to eat.” Paul’s reply came in quick response followed by agreements. “You think it’ll last till we get back?”

A snort escaped from the passenger seat. “My lasagne will last till then Lahote; just have to heat it up.”

“Ugh, but reheated lasagne just doesn’t taste the same as fresh out of the oven. Perhaps you should make another.” Felix’s voice groaned from the back, a grin pulling at his lips as Lt. Swan turned around and glared at him.

“DeLuca, when are you taking your big lug of a cousin off my hands?” She asked dryly over the radio.

In another three weeks Bells, unfortunately,” was Demetri’s instant reply that had everyone in Engine 86 laughing their ass off.

Felix spluttered and huffed at his cousins’ reply but the smile that twitched at his lips gave away his amusement over it all. They were all a family at Firehouse 10, practically a good chunk was related in any case. Demetri and Felix were cousins and were related to the Chief, Jane and Alec of Ambulance 61 were twins and were, of course, related to Demetri, Felix, and the Chief.

The amusement didn’t last for long when they turned the corner to see a standstill of cars and the accident in the middle of the bridge. The police were already on scene and making sure people stayed in their cars while a couple directed them through.

Fuck,” Isa muttered under her breath as she took in the truck and then the car that was pinned between it and the guardrail, five other cars piled in around them. “Fuck!”

Her feet hit the ground before the truck even came to a full stop, her eyes flickering to the damage around her with a quick eye. Two people pinned, one needing medical attention that Alec and Jane were racing to which was good. “Felix, you and the candidate check the last few cars, see if we can get some of them around the truck to be moved for DeLuca.”

Demetri was already over to the pinned car, his face serene but she could see the anger and worry in his eyes. A loud crack had everyone stilling for a split second before a groan of metal filled the air, the car pinned between the guardrail and the truck began to shift as the rail crumbled beneath the pressure. Isabella rushed forward with Eleazar, Paul, and Ben to help hold the car down.

“She’s going! She’s going! Stabilizers! Cribbing! Let’s go.” She ordered with a grunt. Sam, Ben, and Afton hurried away under her order while Paul and Ben joined them to hold the car. The second they did, Isabella let go and moved towards the edge of the bridge to see inside the car, cursing when she saw the driver and signs of a child in the crushed car.

“We need to hurry; there are signs of a child and the driver’s unconscious.” She called out over her shoulder before hopping low on the ground to see if there was any more danger underneath. Thankfully by some miracle, the gas tank was still intact but the guardrail was the main support of the back end of the car.

“GET THIS CAR STABILIZED NOW!” Demetri roared as the car groaned and shifted once again.

Sam returned with rope dropping the main bulk before racing to tie it to a section of the car and used the truck as an anchor. Its weight could take the weight of the car without moving an inch which was, thankfully, great in Isa’s opinion.

Ben shuffled next to her with the cribbing, shoving the battered blocks carefully in strategic locations under the side of the car and the concrete of the bridge.

“Give us ten more seconds, boys.” She heard Sam yell and though ten seconds went quickly most times, right now was not one of them. Not when she could see the driver gaining consciousness and begin to panic.

“Oh god… what…” the driver muttered, his hand coming up to touch what was on his face before his eyes snapped open in panic.

Bella saw all this happening and she didn’t hesitate but to call for a harness and someone to belay her while she tried to gain the motorist’s attention. “Sir, Sir! My name is Lieutenant Swan; you’ve been in a bad accident and we’re doing everything we can to get you out but you need to stay calm and still, can you do that for me?”

“Oh god…” The man stated but stopped his moving, his eyes blearily cast a look around to see the damage. “I just dropped my son off at daycare… I was driving to work…”

Relief flooded many who heard it, an accident was bad but one that involved a child were the worst calls to go to. Many had seen the death of a child, one of them had even seen the death of a relative’s young one and it haunted them all, thankfully today was not the day to add another name to their hearts.

“We need to get this truck moved back a little,” Demetri grunted as his men secured the car and began to find ways of getting in.

Bella nodded. “We won’t be able to pull the car; the railings jammed under it. Make sure that the truck only moves back enough for us to get in and out, it can’t move too far or the rope will snap.”

“We need to get this truck back enough for us to fit in!” Demetri ordered, watching as Eleazar nodded and went to Engine 86 for the hoist. “Felix! Have those cars been cleared of people?”

“Yes and on their way to the hospital!” Felix yelled back as he and their new candidate hurried over, the candidate helping Eleazer and Paul as they began to secure the winch to the back of the truck.

Isa hissed as the car tipped some more and muttered a curse as Lady Luck took back her graces, fuel beginning to leak steadily from the now pierced tank. “STOP!”

The sound of moving metal came to a complete halt as the boys stopped the winch, the truck was pulled back away from the car by two inches and nothing more but it wasn’t enough to fit in. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be able to continue to move it any further unless they risked a spark.

“We need to pop the hood!” Isa explained harshly as she jumped to her feet and traded positions with Jane so she could keep the driver calm while the others worked around them and Alec stood on standby to be ready to jump in and move the drivers. “Fuel is leaking; we won’t be able to risk more movement.”

“I need the jaws!” Demetri ordered while moving forward. “Make sure the driver is covered!”

Jane hopped up on the car bonnet carefully, her slim figure not even making a dent in the already bent metal, and quickly covered the driver with her jacket, all the while keeping up a conversation to keep him calm. Demetri took to one side as Eleazar took to the other and began to carefully cut the car pillars while Sam, Paul, Ben, and Felix peel back the roof.

She could hear people talking but right now Bella was focusing on the fuel that was leaking to make sure that it didn’t spark while the rest of her team got around to being ready for a fire or moving back the cars that blocked the path for the ambulance to get closer.

When the car roof was finally peeled back and cut away, she hopped in to join Jane and Alec to aid them in getting the victim from the car safely. His leg was a mangled mess and twisted at such an odd angle that it was a surprise to see him still conscious. “Peter, help Alec!”

With the neck brace on and the seat laying down so the board can be slipped in under him, the twins lifted him out and rushed the victim away and Bella and her crew got to work about stopping the leaking fuel and cleaning it up from the accident. All in all, it took a couple of hours to clean up and make sure fuel wasn’t leaking everywhere and that the structure was secure before moving on.

“Fire Swan!” The nickname rung out in a familiar boom as she went to hop into the truck before making her way back to the house to eat and reset equipment for the next call.

“You know I hate that nickname!” She hissed while turning around to face her brother in his traitor cop uniform.

Emmett chuckled and gave his sister a mock punch. “We still all good for tomorrow? Rosie was able to get a sitter for Henry.”

“Oh, is this for the annual game night slash booze fest at Jade’s?” Felix asked, half hanging out the door while the rest of the firehouse was gathered around pretending to pack away their gear or adjust something and Bella couldn’t help but sigh out in exasperation.

“Yes, and since you’re all eavesdroppers and I’ll never hear the end of it you’d better come along, the more the merrier.” Bella explained with a snort, “Not like you need it as Demetri will be there since it is his missus’ place and you come every game night. I honestly don’t know why I have to keep inviting you assholes.

Demetri muttered a curse. “Jade’s going to have my hide or kiss me for all this business.”

Laughter escaped all their lips and Emmett slapped Deluca on the back. “She’ll kick your ass and then kiss it better, well I’d better get back to work, good job guys.”

“I still can’t believe you’re twins.” Paul chuckled as he closed the hatch for the hoses. “Or the fact we willingly hang out with a cop, considering the rivalry and all.”

“Oh, you don’t need to tell me twice, the only firefighter in the family and two cops.” Bella groaned as she hopped into the passenger seat of the truck. “The Swan family gatherings are just wonderful.”

The others chuckled at her sarcasm and suffering before getting in their own respective trucks and making their way back to base.

Author Note: Okay, here we go… it’s been a while since I wrote anything fluffy… So, enjoy?

Also a huge, HUGE Thank you to Tammy for Beta’ing this!


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