Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

The office was tense; everyone seemed to be walking on eggshells. Everything about it set Jasper on edge, his eyes swept for what would be the cause and he frowned when he saw his Chief pace back and forth in his office. He made his way over to his desk, coffee and sandwiches in hand. It was going to be a long day of chasing down leads and filling out paperwork that should have been done two days ago from the failed drug bust.

“What’s happened?” He asked immediately when he saw the stiff shoulders of his partner and the rarely seen clenched jaw that gave away how angry he was. He quickly put the food and coffee down before he asked the next question. “Bella?”

A hiss escaped Emmett’s lips as he heard his sister’s name, his dark eyes flicking up to his partner. “Yes, you heard about the shooting yesterday morning near Tent City?”

He remembered a text from Newton about some kind of shooting and that it could be connected to one of their cases, two wounded and one dead with men stuck in the middle… why did… It hit him like lightning when everything clicked together… fire trucks get called to gun shootings. Oh god, he hoped it wasn’t something to do with his past. “Are they alright?”

“Yes, they are but the Chief is on the phone with Chief M. Volturi, has been for the last half hour. It was during shift change but the response wasn’t quick enough and Firehouse 10 was caught in the crossfire. No one was hurt but Bell’s truck has got a few new holes in it.” Emmett explained with gritted teeth. “Someone fucked up, and with the deaths of all the Firemen and women lately we still don’t know if it was intentional or not.”

Ice settled in Jasper’s veins at that, his hands clenching tightly as he fell back into the chair. “I thought it was all just extremely bad luck, that’s the gossip around here.”

“No,” Emmett said with the shake of his head. “Each death is just too convenient and we, I mean those working on this case, myself and Chief think that there must be someone on the inside. We suspect corruption in the police force, so we keep it as gossip only.”

Jasper ran his fingers through his hair as all thoughts of his brother and what could happen on the job sprung forth, then added things that could happen off the job because of someone with a grudge against the Firehouses or those associated closely with them. Then a certain she-devil of a woman who had sent his world upside down with her sinful lips and sharp wit joined his thoughts and it made him queasy. God, if that puta found them…

“I didn’t hear about this, Peter didn’t tell me a thing.” Jasper said while pulling out his phone, the last messages were from his brother and Bella a few hours ago but nothing about what happened, mainly Peter making sure the leftovers in the fridge would be thrown out and a generic Okay from Bella. With nimble fingers he quickly sent a text to his brother.

You and I are going to have a long talk when you get home…

“Whitlock, Swan, my office now!” Chief Volturi called out.

Jasper and Emmett shared a look as they took in the displeased look upon their Chief’s face. Were they in trouble or were they the ones about to cause trouble? Either way, it wasn’t going to be fun for either of them.

“You wanted to see us, Chief?” Emmett asked as they both stepped into his office.

With a nod he gestured for the boys to close the door and sit down. “I just got off the phone with my brother, as you can imagine he is not happy and an unhappy Marcus means an unhappy life for me. I know that it’s a far reach but I am handing over the Firehouse death cases to you two, I know that it’ll be personal and I know unlike some that will make the two of you work harder to see if they are indeed connected.”

Emmett and Jasper took the files handed to them and began to look through them; the latest was the Ly’s. The photos were ghastly, blood smattered all over the car mixing in with the shattered glass. Emmett knew of the Ly’s, his sister and friends mentioning them in passing, he was glad for that when he flipped the page to see the images of the bodies.

“This was more than a robbery; in fact the robbery was an afterthought, perhaps to cover the true crime up.” He mentioned as he took in the list that was taken, both wedding rings, wallets, a purse… they left the stereo in the car as well as the diamond earrings and necklace. “This was overkill, driven by anger and madness.”

Mrs Ly was shot six times, five to the body and one to the head. It was Henri who took the brunt of the damage. He had been beaten and shot four times to the face that left him unrecognizable, he had to be identified by markings and blood tests. It was horrifying; it always was to him when he came across these kinds of cases, what drives a person to be this brutal?

“Then what do you wish for us to do?” Emmett asked, snapping the file shut.

“I want you to go over the scene for the Ly’s with fresh eyes, go through all the files for Fisher and Stephens. Make sure no one knows what you are doing exactly; we can’t have the mole in the precinct – if there is one – catch wind of this.”

Both Emmett and Jasper nodded as they got to their feet, giving their Chief their assurances that they’d do their best before making their way out of the office and through the precinct. They had much to do, many files to look over and cross-reference but first they had to check out the scene of the Ly’s.

So far it was a trail of dead ends. The scene of the Ly’s had nothing new, nothing that could connect it to the other killings of the Firehouses beyond the fact they all knew each other. Jasper couldn’t help but grunt as he tossed the files angrily on the desk and cast a tired look at his partner who was close to losing his patience at it all as well.

“Well, pulling an all-nighter suits you so well, now you look and sound like a caveman.” A saccharine voice calls out, jolting both Emmett and Jasper.

“Bells!” Emmett boomed happily while closing the files on the desk, giving Jasper a pointed look to do the same. “What are you doing here, aren’t you still on shift?”

Bella chuckled and embraced her brother tightly. “I am, I’ve got the radio on me but Rose gave me a call and said you were pulling a late shift and might need some food. I got you some chilli fries and subs from Jade’s.”

“You, Bells, are my favourite sister.” Emmett praised as he kissed her cheek and yanked the bag out of her hand before rummaging through it.

“Emmett, I’m your only sister.” Bella said with a cocked brow before turning her eyes upon Jasper, heart hammering in her chest. She did all she could not to smile brilliantly at him or undress him with her eyes because damn, he was even better looking in uniform and if the look she was receiving was to go by then he was having the same problem.

So she held the extra bag up, ignoring her brother’s moans of pleasure as he ate. “I brought you dinner as well.”

“Well, thanks Darlin’, I appreciate that, ya sure are generous.” Jasper replied honestly before his face shifted into a blank mask. “Tell my brother that he can’t hide from me forever.”

Bella raised her brow, unamused besides the glitter in her eyes. “Not your messenger, jackass.”

A startled laugh escaped Jasper’s lips as she turned with a wink and began to walk away, he watched her hips swing and it took all his will not to get up and pull her back to him. Bella, sensing his gaze, paused and cast him a smirk. “Take a picture, it lasts longer.”

Emmett snorted as he inhaled the last of his food, raising his brows as Jasper let out a long laugh as he read a message on his phone. A shake of his head and a fond smile later Jasper dug into his food and ignored Emmett’s curious gaze.

“Let me eat and we can get back to work.” Jasper said with a wide smile, the image of Bella’s ass clad in uniform still burned into his mind.

What a woman.

Author Note: *more drama* *more sass*



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