Chapter Eight

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Eight

It took Lauren a good ten minutes to show Bella around Wild Things, the order of drinks and then introduced her to the bartender and the other staff before disappearing onto the floor to serve those in her own section.

The inside was done in nice rustic colours, sandy earth hues, reds and blacks. Couches sat in sections with rough cut timber backing them to give them a sense of privacy but all booths were facing the bar and the VIP section above that which was connected to the bosses’ offices.

Each private couch section had wrought iron and wood tables with a light hanging softly above them.

It was not what Bella was expecting, but she loved it.

The bar itself was made from old fencing timber and wrought iron, it wrapped up the sides and the poles of the balcony above like ivy…

“It’s beautiful is it not?” A soft, slightly accented voice asked, startling Bella from her inspection.

“It is not what I was expecting at all— oh, sorry Ma’am.” She stammered out as she realised who exactly she was speaking to, turning to give Maria Whitlock her full attention.

Maria Whitlock was a stunning woman, olive complexion and long dark hair that curled down her shoulders and back. Her eyes were as dark as her hair with the capacity to peer through to your very soul.

“It is of no matter Guapa, it pleases me to see people admire my work. You are the new waitress that is starting tonight am I correct?” She asked, waving off the apology.

Bella nodded, keeping her mouth shut and allowed Maria Whitlock to look her over. A smile pulled at the Hispanic woman’s lips as she took in the new waitress, amusement sparkled deep in her brown eyes.

“Revealing but modest, enough to have the clients interested but not enough to give them a full show. You’ll be well watched.” All Mischief vanished in a blink and the Maria of legend returned. “If any of the customers harass you, you tell me, Charlotte or Randall. Understood?”

“Understood,” She replied without hesitation and a question at the tip of her tongue.

“You have a question guapa?” Maria asked, her brow rising as she watched her new waitress open her mouth and snap it shut just as quick.

“Will I get in trouble if I punch whoever smacked my ass or etc?” Bella asked, waiting with a baited breath.

Everything seemed to still as rich laughter cracked across the area, drowning out the soft playing music and draw attention towards where the two of them stood. It was a rare sight to see and hear Maria Whitlock laughing and all wanted to see the view and what caused her to do so.

“You have spunk, Guapa. Yes, if they warrant it then give them hell we’ll just deal with what is left.” Maria explained with dying chuckles. “Now get to work, if you’re good at what you do then we’ll figure out the rest of your shifts.”

Bella nodded and began to do her rounds, over the next few hours when the business picked up she found herself rushing back and forth with full trays and empty glasses, orders in her hand for Nahuel to fill. She took a five minute break every now and then to rest her feet and calm her rage but so far no one had gotten handsy and nothing she couldn’t handle with sass and sarcasm.

She did this all the while keeping her ears open and trained on the conversations around her. Many shady deals were being made – nothing related to the Whitlock’s – and a couple of business men, a barrister and even one high up politician were cheating on their wives. Nothing as of yet that would be useful to her or the operation.

“It seems you have caught the Boss’s attention Is.” Nahuel stated, jerking his chin to the back corner, his teak eyes sparkling. “I wonder why he’s sitting at the back tonight instead of above.”

Boss? He? Bella asked herself before turning her head, her body stilling as brown eyes caught grey.

Peter Whitlock sat in the back corner, the seat that overlooked the dance floor and bar area, as well as her own. He sat alone, no women, kin or employee sat with him as he stared her down with a dark gleam.

Heat pooled deep within her belly as she found herself caught in his intense gaze.

She couldn’t help but notice the slight stubble to his strong jaw, and even from here she could see the long scar that started from his right ear and tapered off at the corner of his mouth. Somehow it suited him and made him all the more sexy in her eyes.

But then again she always was a sucker for bad boys…

“Better get back to work Is before you get in trouble, them’s some vibes you’re throwing off and the Miss Charlotte don’t take too kind of people eyeing her brother.” Nahuel stated softly, nudging her out of her thoughts.

Shaking her head clear she shot Nahuel a thankful smile before making the rounds once more, asking if anyone needed another drink while she cleaned their tables. Though as she cast her eyes around her area once more she could see a new face, hidden off to the side but with a good advantage view of the bar.

The man had an olive complexion with greying black hair, thin lips that were pulled down into a sneer and dark eyes that made her uneasy. He wore baggy wrinkled pleated pants and a hoodie; though he wore dress shoes they were old and worn. She knew that this customer would be trouble just by the looks of him and she wondered how he even got in through the door.

The closer she got the more she could smell the stench of stale alcohol clinging to him.

“Is there anything I can get you?” She asked, giving the man a strained smile.

“A whisky on the rocks,” He demanded, his voice deep and slightly accented in a way that reminded her of Nahuel’s own South American lit. It took all her training for her not to frown and keep the smile in place as his eyes roamed over her hungrily.

“I’ll get that for you right now,” She replied before pivoting on her foot and calmly as possible made her way back to the bar. Oh she wasn’t frightened, years of training under Jade made sure she was able to handle any body shape or size but she really did not want to deal with a jackass tonight and blow her cover or risk getting fired.

Oh, Bella knew that Maria gave the go ahead to hit whoever she wanted if they deserved it, but she wasn’t going to risk it.

“I need a whisky on the rocks.” She called before taking a deep breath and steeling herself.

Nahuel cast the new waitress a concerning glance. “Trouble?”

“Not yet, but might be. I’ll let Randall know if that changes any time soon.” She replied before giving her thanks and making her way back to the table.

She knew better than to tempt fate, for the second she placed the drink down and turned to leave her wrist was caught in a vice grip, her body spinning as the customer pulled her into his lap. Her whole body tensed as his lips brushed up against her ear, his rank breath fanning across her cheek.

“Perhaps you can keep me entertained, beautiful. I’ll pay well.” He crooned before licking the shell of her ear.

Get your hands off of me or I will remove them!” She hissed louder than intended as the sudden din of the place dropped, the sound of scraping chairs was heard and in what seemed like a blink of an eye she found herself removed firmly from the sleaze’s vice grip and into a sturdy embrace while Randall hauled the man away.

A deep chuckle in her ear caused a shiver of pleasure to run down her spine as leather, tobacco and something sharp filled her senses. “You attract trouble don’t you, Darlin’?”

Turning her head to the side, she cast Peter Whitlock a smirk. “All the time.”

Author Note: *grins* that chemistry!



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