Chapter Eighteen

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Eighteen

With Carlisle gone and Felix and Emmett removing Edward’s body, they were ready to go and hunt the supposed ‘Hunter’.

“You go on ahead; I need to have a little chat with my wife,” Peter informed, never tearing his eyes away from his love.

Jasper and Rosalie bother quickly hauled Emmett out the second Emmett stepped back into warehouse, they did not want to be here for whatever chat Peter and Bella were going to have. It could go two ways, they chat and then fight before they fuck, or, they just get straight to the fucking.

“Don’t want to hunt Hunter?” Bella asked coyly, her skin prickled with gooseflesh as her husband began to stalk around her.

“Oh no Suga’, you’ve been taunting me with those sinful jeans and it’s been too long,” Peter growled before Bella found herself pinned to the warehouse wall, her husband’s body pressed flush against hers while he held her arms above her head.

A devilish smirk pulled at her lips. “But Pete, you only saw me the oth… mmph!”

Peter had cut off her teasing words as he pushed her roughly against the wall once more with his body as his tongue delved into her mouth, kissing her hard. A moan escaped from both of them at the feel, the sensation and the utter desire that burned through the both of them.

A growl replaced the moan as Bella wrapped her legs around Peter and ground her hips against his groin. The hand holding her wrists dropped to her hip with the other and clenched tightly in response. Her arms dropped around his neck and shivered in pleasure as another growl escaped his lips, his own hips bucking against her core.

“Yer playin’ with fire Darlin’, you wouldn’t wanna get burned now,” Peter drawled the second he broke the kiss.

“But what… if… I… oh god… want to?” She breathed out as he nipped and sucked along her jaw and down her neck.

Peter let out a dark chuckle and pulled away from her neck, smirking as she whimpered. The whimper turned into a moan as he slowly trailed his hand up her side, along her neck and to the dangling rope above her, something that had caught his eye the moment he had set foot in the warehouse. “Do you still want to play?” The possibilities were endless.

Blinking the haze away, Bella cast a look to what Peter was gesturing to, her heart skipping a beat as heat flooded her once more. “Yes,” She replied, pulling her arms from around his neck and crossing her wrists above her head.

Peter moaned, pleased as he helped her onto her feet once more to push her gently against the wall again. He then used the rope to tie it around her wrists. Tight enough that he knew she wasn’t going to escape, but loose enough that it wouldn’t harm her and then to the conveniently placed bar at her wrists.

When he was satisfied with the end result, he pulled her into another searing kiss and greedily swallowed the moan that escaped her lips as his hands ghosted down her body. A chuckle escaped his lips when his mouth left hers. He was beyond aroused, but he wanted to admire his handiwork, how pretty she looked all tied up, dangling from the bar. Sooner or later, he was going to have to wrap her legs around him to avoid injury but for now, he wanted to savour the flushed skin, the hooded eyes and swollen lips of his hot wife.

Before Bella could recover, Peter began to nip and lick along her jaw and down her throat once more, his teeth nipping at her shoulder with a growl as she wrapped her legs around him and ground against him.

“Oh Christ…” She breathed out, her head falling back against the wall as he sucked at the base of her throat. She sucked in a sharp breath as his hand slid under the hem of her shirt and cupped her breast, his thumb brushing against her hardened nipple making her whimper.

“Other clothes?” He rumbled against the base of her throat, pausing for a second. She wasn’t wearing a bra and the thought of her not wearing anything else under her clothing made him all the more eager.

A whimper left her lips as he stopped. “Got another pair… foresa… Peter!”

It took Peter a mere three seconds for him to tear away the blouse she wore, letting the tatters flutter to the ground and baring her flushed, heaving chest to his gaze. The sight of her bared rosy skin made his blood simmer to the nice kind of boiling point and for his dick to harden even more.

“Stunning,” he breathed as he continued to drink her in and oh how he could spend all night staring, enjoying the view of her body… but he needed her. “But still too much clothing.”

Bella let out a breathless laugh as he raked his hands down her body slowly, his nails scraping over her hardened nipples before stopping at the waistband of her jeans. She looked at him through hooded eyes to see a devilish smirk, a whimper escaping her lips as he slowly began to undo the buttons. She let out a moan as he thrust against her, sending a spark of pleasure to her very core, her legs loosening their hold on him as the need began to build; another whimper escaping.

“Do you want me to continue?” He let out an eager moan as her hooded eyes fluttered open. Her eyes were darkened with her pleasure and it pleased him greatly to see it.

“Do you need to ask?” She huffed out.

Peter chuckled as he slowly began to trail his nails lightly down her jean clad legs until he was kneeling between them before his hands trailed back up to her waist once more. His eyes never leaving her own as he peeled them off of her, he let them join the tatters of her shirt. He slowly pulled her right leg over his shoulder and began to leave heated kisses along her inner thigh, adding the other leg as she began to quiver and moan in ecstasy.

Another shiver wracked through her body, her breath catching in her throat as his teeth nibbled against her inner thigh while the hand that didn’t hold her still found her hot, aching core. Peter moaned as he dragged the tips of his ever so slightly curled fingers over her soaking centre and, soon enough, Bella cried out his name. Her voice sounding like heaven as her body arched and strained against the binds. He replaced his fingers with his mouth and ran his tongue between her folds, the sensation making her thrust against his mouth.

The cry of his name turned into screams as he nipped and sucked at her clit before licking to soothe the sting. He didn’t stop, not until another orgasm rippled through her body once again and left her a shuddering mess.

He eased her legs from his shoulders and kept one hand firmly on her waist to support her as he got to his feet once again. He pulled her flush against him once more as she slowly continued to recover.

Bella hummed as she licked her lips, looking at him in a delirious state, appearing to look for the right words as she tried to steady her breathing. “Naked. Now. Fuck me.”

A smirk tugged at his lips at the command, “As th’ lady wishes.” He drawled and took a small step back, keeping one hand on her hip while his free hand went to his top button.


He ignored her demand and teasingly undid the top two of his shirt, the third was done quicker and his speed increased at the heated look he received with every inch of bare skin he revealed to her.

He let the dark material flutter to the floor with the others as his hands went to the buckle of his belt, pausing, he cast a heated look to his bound wife.

A growl escaped her throat in frustration. “Peter. Stop teasing and hurry the fuck up!”

The belt buckle clattered to the ground as he yanked it free from his jeans, before his fingers nimbly undid the button and zip freeing his aching member. His jeans barely made it to his thighs before her legs were firmly wrapped around his waist once more, his breath caught in his throat and ended in a strangled moan as her center brushed against his throbbing cock.

He caught her lips with his own, nibbling at her lower lip and swallowing the breathy moan as he began to tease her entrance. He could feel her arms straining to free themselves as he held her firmly against the wall and kept her from bucking forward once more.

“Peter,” she pleaded, her head jerking back against the metal as she broke the kiss. “Please… I need you…”

Oh he knew she needed him and as much as he wished to continue his teasing, Peter knew that he would not last much longer. He placed a soft kiss upon her shoulder as he slowly sank into her until he was completely buried. Her moan was a combination of impatient relief and pleasure, mixing with his own sound of pleasure at the sensation of her heat wrapped around him.

It had been too long since he felt her like this, it didn’t matter if the last was the other day, he could never get enough of her.

Bella thrust her hips impatiently, telling him to move, her head falling back against the cool metal behind her as Peter pulled out and oh so slowly thrust back in again. His lips trailed burning kisses down her neck as he kept a steady pace. She kept pace with him, her thrusts meeting each and every one of his own, but he could feel that she wanted more, that this slow tango needed to pick up a few paces.

Peter placed one hand against the wall to brace himself while the other clamped firmly around her hip as he picked up the pace. Her moans turned into screams as he pumped harder and faster, his name spilled from her lips like a prayer as her muscles spasmed around him. He was close, so close to the edge, he pumped harder and faster, his own cries of her name joining her own.

Peter!” She screamed, her head thrown back as another orgasm took hold of her.

A roar of her name escaped from his lips and echoed around the empty space as he followed her into bliss. His body quivered with the aftershocks of his own orgasm, his breaths came out in harsh pants in time with her own and it took all his strength to not let his legs collapse from beneath him.

The second he got his breathing under control and didn’t need to brace himself against the wall, he reached up and loosened the rope from his wife’s wrists, running his thumb soothingly over the red, irritated skin with a wince.

“I’m fine… more than fine,” She blissfully assured him, her arms dropping to rest against his shoulders, her head tilting forward to rest against his own. “I love you.”

“And I love you too Darlin’, god I’ve missed you.” He whispered. “Never again do ya hear me? It nearly killed me.”

“I know but it had to be done, he didn’t know me, no one but those who work for you and the Pack know who I am.” She explained, leaning back enough to look into his eyes. “That being said, and as much as I don’t want to… we have one more pest to deal with and I suspect the others are still waiting.”

Peter let out a harsh sigh, holding back the whimper as he pulled out from her and gently set her down on her feet. “You’ll have’ta wear my shirt until you get a fresh change of clothes Suga’.”

“Fine by me,” she replied with a laugh while pulling on the deep burgundy shirt. She let it hang open as they both pulled their jeans back on, a sly smirk pulling at her lips as her husband’s dark eyes roamed over her exposed flesh once again. “The quicker we deal with James, the quicker we can go home.”

It was the word home that struck a chord within Peter, hastening his actions before helping her button up the shirt. It had been years since they had been home, both of them getting their own apartments when they started this game to topple the ‘Cullen Empire’ so to speak, as it was too hard to be there without one another.

He pulled her in for one last searing kiss before giving her a devilish grin and holding out his hand for her to take. “It’s huntin’ season Suga’, let’s go hunt.”

She took his hand in her own, mirroring the smile. “With pleasure.”

Author Note: Well that’s all folks 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!



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